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Wurm monster girl, Espanol monster Wurm girl for naughties

A type of Dragon that has the upper body of a woman, and a long, snake-like lower body.

Wurm Monster Girl

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Huh so now the wingless, limbless version of the dragon has appeared

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Especially the Wyvern since the nice dragon told her that she and the wyvern are both "lesser dragons" whatever that means then that means that she and the Wyvern should have just so much in common so they should be super duper ultra besties!

Due to being weaker than Wurms, Tatzelwurms cannot simply plow through obstacles, instead they rely on their superior speed, agility, and stealth to quickly navigate around obstacles. But I have combined the Wurms aspects of being a cute dummy with a werecats tendency towards being arrogant tsunderes.

They frequently rescue those who have succumbed to the harsh conditions of the mountain, often using their own body heat to warm them before carrying them off to safety. While they lack the intelligence and knowledge to cast actual spells with their magic, Wurm are capable of shunting the energy into parts of their monster such as their claws and tail or into their already poisonous girl attack.

Because of this a Tatzelwurm could could go from bragging about her nature as a dragon, to chasing and pouncing on small insects or leaves blowing in the wind in an instant. Tatzelwurms also have a sharp sense of smell and hearing and a predatory cunning, despite their lack of intelligence. Contrary to their usual nature, when pursuing a man a Tatzelwurms focus will not waver, instead she would relentlessly hunt and pursue with unwavering tenacity.

She honestly has no idea what you see in that shameless harlot or that violent brute of woman. How do you survive the love of these seven powerful ladies? She doesn't care about who the boss is but is constantly trying to prove herself by showing off and challenging the others, particularly to flying competitions.

While lacking the firey breath of other dragons, Tatzelwurms breath a poisonous gas that leaves its victim weakened and drowsy enabling them to quickly and easily tear into their prey with their razor sharp claws and crush their victims in their powerful coils. Like all dragons they are capable of resisting the influence of the Demon Lord and returning to their beastly primal form.

Despite their pride and ferocity, Tatzelwurms can be tamed, and quite easily at that. As can be expected this has made you quite prestigious and given you position as a local celebrity.

Wurm monster girl

I call it As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. You've ended being the center of a harem involving all the different species of dragon. About as smart as a Wurm, weaker than a Wyvern, flightless, and lacking in a breath weapon that deals any legitimate damage. You lay down as low as you can under the undergrowth.

The Tatzelwurms living in the Snowy Mountains are unique, identifiable by their icey girl scales and their white, leopard spatted fur. Contrary to the commin belief however, living with a house full of dragons is far from easy. Once tamed a Tatzelwurm girl also become very protective of her master, often following her master wherever he goes to keep an eye Wurm him. The Jabberwock is equally prideful, viewing herself as the sexiest, sluttiest, and most depraved of the harem and this obviously means that she is the monster head wife.

Once tamed Tatzelwurms behave in aloof cat like manner, often acting as if they are the master of the relationship, however they will immediately cave should her master show himself to be annoyed or angry with her. Because of this, running and hiding from a Tatzelwurm is largely ineffective. Though the fact that she blew most of your savings getting an Olympic sized pool for her saturday pool party is kind of a problem Finally the Dragon Zombie, she doesn't care about much of any of this. A mountain dwelling breed of dragon, Tatzelwurms are a strange and Wurm monster rumored to be the result of a pairing between the Reptile King and the Feline Queen in ancient times.

This form resembles a serpentine dragon bearing the head and forelegs of a big cat but no hind limbs or wings. Her instincts viewing him as prey, and the idea of prey who does not flee or hide in one that is unthinkable. Register Don't have an ? Of course a tamed Tatzelwurm will often become little more mewling kitten should her master pet or hug her in anyway, regardless of what she was doing before.

Speaking of which Unless you want to be hugged by the Village chieftess herself, then come out this instant! The Ryu has her pride as well but is much more quiet about it. The Tatzelwurm will follow the man home, constantly trying to get his attention and get him to show her more love. Explore Wikis Community Central.

They often burrow under the snow when stalking prey. The rest of the harem is constantly getting angry with her for trying to monopolize your time. Officially they are a close relative to the Wurm, bearing a distinctly serpentine body. Of course her parties tend to be rather extravagant and even more expensive, why buy wine if you're not gonna get the good stuff?

Your cloth were filthy and torn, you lost your backpack, and your entire body felt like jelly from all the running. Because they all have sex with husband and husband is awesome especially when he has sex with them so obviously they are all super besties! The Wyvern is angry most of the time has developed a bit inferiority being surrounded by mamono who are so much stronger than her. The Wurm largely has no idea what's going on and thinks that she and everyone else in the harem are all super besties!

If he does this, she will become like a pet cat begging for more attention. Thus despite being weaker than most dragons they are actually quite effective as hunters and ambush specialists.

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That was supposed to be a normal hike today, going out into the valley and connecting with nature. Before culminating to the Tatzelwurm mating and claiming him as her husband. You managed to avoid them by luck, but that won't last forever and you're exhausted from running.

Though the Tatzelwurm will often pretend as if she doesn't care about her master and make up some excuse for her being there, should the Tatzelwurm perceive anyone or anything to be threatening she will viciously attack, pouncing on the foe amd crushing it in her coils while biting and clawing like an enraged wild cat. Once a Tatzelwurm has a man in her clutches she will often drag him back to her lair where toy with him like a cat does with a mouse letting him believe he can before pouncing on him from seemingly from out of nowhere.

Everday with a day worth celebrating so everyone should just enjoy themselves, you know? So you could avoid being captured by three powerful mamono, who all have one goal in mind Sure it doesn't sound so bad, but have you seen the muscles on those ladies?!? The man can then exploit the Tatzelwurms girl, giving her complements, offering treats, and and showing her affection.

Despite being one of weaker species of dragons, they are Wurm, agile and stealthy in comparison to their larger cousins. So tell me what you think of her]. No one was willing to help you during all that, whether they were mamono or human.

You are just an average dude with no powers out of the normal and thus you really can't make any of them do anything beyond asking nicely. Their primal form is also ificantly smaller than that of most dragons. You try sneaking away before they found you; you Crouch down, take a step, an. They are quite possibly the weakest dragon in my roster. Wurm Tagged Posts.

Strokeing, kneeding, licking, and nibbling on his body just to see his reactions. Well, Somewhere along the way you tripped on what you thought to be a rock at first. However the nature of cat shines through in them as well giving them a more playful and haughty personality. Like Wurms, Tatzelwurms are simple minded and driven by their instincts. Similarly to Wurms, a Tatzelwurm will ferociously pursue a man on sight, driven by their instincts as a mamono to claim a mate.

Should a man face a Tatzelwurm instead of fleeing it leave her confused and off balance. Despite this however they are also very easily distracted and playful. They act as if they are superior to those around them, often siting that they aren in fact, a dragon as proof of this.

The Wurm is also a ginormous cluts with a tendency to forget that not everyone is strong and tough enough to swim through boulders. Thus Tatzelwurms are often able to track down and find a man when he is hiding, sometimes instinctively guessing where he is without having needed to actually sense him.

She is more than willing to challenge all the others to a sex battle to prove it! The Dragon is as prideful as can expected, declaring herself as the mightiest and most noble of the harem and demanding that the others submit to her as head wife. Though Tatzelwurms often don't realize it, but their actions do serve a purpose, as it allows the Tatzelwurm to discourage escape attempts and assert her dominance while she simultaneously learns how best to pleasure her new husband.

It is also not uncommon for a Snowy Tatzelwurm to have some ice magic in her body. She is especially annoyed with the Wurm due to the Wurm being stronger than her despite also being a "lesser dragon" and due to the Wurm constantly forgetting her own strength. Pinning him and squeezing him in her girls. Despite this however she sees herself as the obvious choice for leadership over the harem since she is the only one who behaves with the dignity of a lady and only one who treats her power with any degree of responsibility.

All she wants is to drag you off to some quiet corner to cuddle, snooze, and sex. However they are identifiable by the cat like ears and paws. Should something be in the path of a Tatzelwurm she will be able to jump and climb over it nearly as quickly as she can run across flat land. The Otohime thinks that everyone just needs to chill out and quit stressing out all the time. AN: this is based on Spartan's "Don't mess with powerhouses" monster it at your risk You're a normal Wurm, going for a nice walk in the woods;or to be more accurate, Was.

Cause now you're hiding behind a tree.