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Wolverine mate fanfiction, Elitesingles baby fanfiction guy to wolverine

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Wolverine Mate Fanfiction

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Hope For Tomorrow by KymberlyBlack reviews Roslyn Hawthorne is a mutant, a feral, trying to find her e thinks the answers lie with her absent father, but when the search for him becomes more than she bargained for, will she accept the help of new friends, or shun them for someone darker?

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Notes: A short humor fic centering around Rogue and Wolverine. Notes: Just a silly and slightly dirty one-shot, but it kept me in stitches. Fanfiction: Outside Looking In. They meet in a lab and their story unfolds through different perspectives. Notes: A day in the life of Rogue and Wolverine, where they meet under different circumstances than in the movie. She wished she had a mutation that was more suited to helping than hurting.

Fanfiction: Whatever it Takes. Fanfiction: Sleeping Beauty. Notes: Very dark, very smutty, very good. Fanfiction: Journeys. Author: blueincandescence. Notes: After years away from the X-Men, Rogue returns for what is hers. Verse: Evo. Notes: Ficlit where Logan ponders his feelings for Rogue.

A flawed Logan and some wonderfully crafted OCs inhabit this story. They are both experimented on and create a bond as unbreakable as their adamantium. Notes: Logan returns back to the mansion just in time to find Rogue returning to her childhood home to deal with a family tragedy.

Fanfiction: Memory is a Wound. Fanfiction: Young.

Fanfiction: The Sexual Revolution. In her debut of skin showing though, a strut goes wrong and zippers save the day. Fanfiction: Dark Side of the Moon. Author: alexmonalisa. Author: Dark Ferret. Notes: Talk of murder and smut.

Author: aranenumenesse. Fanfiction: Ensnare. Notes: Starts out similarly to X1, but Rogue is older and with a more complicated back-story. Author: alcimines. Notes: Wolvie gets sick for the first time ever, and takes it about as well as most men do.

Take, take, take. Fanfiction: Mommy Dearest. Author: Dancing Raven. Author: Charon.

It felt selfish. Author: Alexmonalisa. Mischievous Marie. Fanfiction: Not all on the Sunny Side. Seeing a second chance, she takes it, hoping for the life she always wanted. Author: autoschediastic.

Fanfiction: Lessons Before Bedtime. Notes: Well done, short fic which is a mix of fluff and smut. Short, sweet, and sad. Fanfiction: Feral in Me. Author: Darksidedown. Notes: In the distant future, Rogue feels that she might have made a mistake when she hooked up with Wolverine. Nothing especially original or well-written here, to be honest, but hopefully a fun little read. And a school-room of mutants getting more education than anybody was expecting. Verse: Movie. Fanfiction: Smoky Zippers.

Author: Brianna Aisling. Author: Cytisus. Fanfiction: Touching Innocence. Like if she could give away her own life force with a touch, rather than just steal others. Was meant to be a whole heap shorter, sorry! Author: Artemis I say we set this someplace warmer.

Author: ataventure. That was the thing she hated about her mutation. Author: DayDreamN. Notes: Who says a story can be silly and smutty at the same time? A little angst and a lot fluff. Fanfiction: Hey, Pythagoras. Author: butterflybrain.

Fanfiction: Sass and Sparks. But will it be enough? Returning to the home she was thrown out of, Rogue receives new trauma, that neither she nor Logan know how to cope with.

Notes: A very engaging alternative version of X1, much more of a departure from the original than most Movie AUs. The writing style is a bit funky sometimes, but that might just be me. A funny, fluffy short fic.

The wolverine-logan's mate.

A tear-jerking story about family. Author: Beth. Years later, Logan is sought out by the XMen who have started collecting mutants together. Author: DarkSeptember.

Author: Carefree Quill. Logan has answers. A funny little series with rogan and light romy notes to it. I need the best. Horny Logan.

Fanfiction: The Dangers of Holding Hands. Author: Deep Salt Water. Fanfiction: The Legend. Notes: A young Rogue is captured by Stryker at the same time Logan originally is.

Fanfiction: The Burning Red. Author: Deby. Notes: Logan and Marie meet a little later in life, in a world without superheroes. Fanfiction: Right Said Logan. Verse: Movie AU. No matter what the cost. Notes: Rogue tries to gain control over her mutation and tries to work out her feelings for Logan. Fanfiction: Different Sort of Day.

Author: cloudyailin. Author: atmd.