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Wolverine and rogue fan fiction, And woman fan wolverine to fiction

It could have been on the old WRFA, which is down right now.

Wolverine And Rogue Fan Fiction

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We're in the process of moving old stories to the new archive, so bear with us. This site is for stories that revolve mainly around the relationship between the characters of Wolverine and Rogue, as friends, teammates, or romantic partners. Please read the Submission Guidelines and our Terms of Service before you begin. At that time s were created for authors already in the archive, and their stories were added.

Name: Donnie
Age: 45
Where am I from: I'm german
Iris tone: I’ve got lustrous green eyes
I can speak: English, Greek
What is my figure type: My figure type is quite overweight
Hobbies: Doing puzzles
Body tattoos: None

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Logan mused at the thought of the ship listening and taking commands better. Was this even possible? It was just him, Marie and the aftershock of rape. It seemed as if she was talking to a steel ship hull. Marie lowered herself beside him. Nobody deserved this! He damn near collapsed at the side of her bed. He sat on the edge of her hospital bed, which had been completely soaked from her perspiration. Alarms were rising within his senses.

She felt around with arms that seized almost uncontrollably and felt small tubes attaches to syringes in her arms. Some horrific nightmare that I had to eventually wake from. He noticed a frustrated Marie trying to talk some sense into a new student who arrived. He knew Rogue was able to gain powers and thoughts from others, but someone ripped her powers away while raping her!

It was made mandatory that all staff and students take some time off and get rest and enjoy themselves for the time being before the new session of school. Most of the new arrivals of students were already unpacked and settled into their new rooms.

Nearly dropping the trash bin to examine her finger, she suddenly felt uneasy. This one and the lot he came from.

Marie leaned onto his shoulder and closed her eyes for a moment, relishing the peace and quiet she rarely seemed to get these days. So break yourself against my stones And spit your pity in my soul You never needed any help You sold me out to save yourself. What the hell happened? Behaving like this is not going to help the situation!

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Just lay still! Logan pondered this as several students and fellow mutants, including him, unloaded various crates of cargo off the landing platform.

Sunlight was quickly fading and changing into a blanket of hazy night and that was all she saw before feeling a blunt force smack to the back of her skull. Her conscience faded to black as with the night.

Not much shocked Logan anymore. Damnshe cursed herself. A piece of shrapnel must have slid out and cut her. They all seem to have minds of their own. They were once again, trying to rebuild the school. It was an expected move, but a warm and comfortable one. He took two, popped the tops off both and offered one to Marie. Having burnt out teachers and students would do future classes and training sessions no good.

Taking the garbage to the dumpsters and sweeping up the remnants of a busy, exhausting day. Post X Consider yourself warned. He jammed his claws into the nearest wall. Hmm…she was around here a few minutes ago. Logan sensed someone behind and half expected to see Rogue, but instead it was a timid new student.

He knew something. For what? He scurried towards the ICU until he found her. Rogue is the one who is in pain and is the one that is going to need help.

Time was turning quickly as the various students and volunteers hurried about, getting organized, grabbing cargo, and unloading their own personal belongings. Then he finally reached the medical ward, running past people, nearly shoving over nurses and doctors. Nothing happened. Screaming, she reached to yank out the tubes connected to her person when a piercing light from the opening door nearly blinded her.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Logan and hand full of other mutants were finishing the last little bit of detail. Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again. She reached back to touch the throbbing at the back of her head, only to discover it had been wrapped in bandages. She felt nauseous!

To strip her powers? We have already given her a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. This was too much for him to take. How could someone do something so despicable? We are keeping fluids in her through the IVs. She has no broken bones, but deep contusions. The unspoiled rays of the pending sunset was starting to splash amongst the landing p, changing their color from light grey to brilliant colors of orange, red and gold.

What is the abbreviation for wolverine & rogue fanfiction archive?

Logan ran a hand over his face. A maelstrom of emotions whirled in his heart. I never claimed to be a saint Ooh, my own was banished long ago It took the death of hope to let you go. Her body quivered to the point of breaking, shooting her to sit up right.

Wrfa means wolverine & rogue fanfiction archive

The medication pushed through her system, dragging her senses back under. Marie, not paying attention to the trash bin she was dumping into the back dumpster in the lot, felt a sharp pain flame up her hand.

Marie wanted things done one way, the new student repeatedly disagreed and made several attempts to do things his own way. Rogue was hurt. Even with calming and meditation techniques, most the staff and students were past the point of exhaustion. This has to be a dream. Marie cocked an eye brow. Nothing was right! Where the fuck was Hank?

She looked around her settings. As my favorite pair attempts to enjoy some well-deserved time off, and explore a possible relationship, an assailant brutalizes Marie. We would have picked that up immediately.

Mentally is something else. As frustrating as it seemed to Marie, Logan found her bouts of yelling towards to student quite humorous. Everything was dark and she was not in familiar surrounds. He knew this before he was summoned to the medical wing of the mansion.

Celebrating the x-men's resident ass-kicking southern belle & the important people in her life.

She better take the advantage of being off duty and having fun while she still had the opportunity. Logan waved to another student that was pulling a cart of beverages for the thirsty crews. She had never seen such a wave of concern and panic. Some kids found her unconscious by the dumpsters. What he saw made him stop dead in his tracks. Marie shook her head in responds. Wolverine listen, whoever did this is able to extract powers from other mutants. Counseling is also recommended. Logan stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. What the heck happened? His eyes franticly searched for any of blue fur amongst the hustle and bustle.