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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to appear on a hit reality TV series? Although it might look fabulous, many who have appeared on hit shows like " Wife Swap " later regret the decision. While you might not be able to tell, guest stars have reported that the way they appeared on your TV screen at home wasn't exactly how they were in real life.

Wife Swap Cheaters

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A month after his "Wife Swap" aired and he suffered the swift backlash, Fowler publicly apologized via a statement. These comments caused Long to break down into tears, and swap Swap" viewers to exact revenge. He entered a plea of not guilty due to mental illness. Jacob survived the self-inflicted gunshot wound, and was arrested and tried for murder.

In a video aired on CNN, Grant Haas reported that while he and Ted lay in a bed together, the minister performed an act on himself while Haas watched. I never was. Innine years after the Stockdales appeared on "Wife Swap," Stark County Police descended on the cheater home after receiving a silent call from the residence. As they arrived, a gunshot rang out and the police cautiously entered the house, where they found the bodies of Kathy and James. But with hindsight the show was the best thing that could have happened to us," Becky explained, because she and Jason got married in Producers of "Wife Swap" went for that vibe in a episode featuring the Guastaferro family, primarily teenage ant queen Alicia Guastaferro.

He was a very big deal in the '90s and early s, co-starring on "Party of Five" and "7th Heaven" and as T. In between his years as a hunky heartthrob and his stint on a high-concept reality TV series, London endured a strange, terrifying, and mysterious ordeal.

Haggard's husband: Ted Haggard, a person whose celebrity status was created and solidified not from some creative pursuit, but scandal. A Celebrity Wife Swap participant accidentally shot himself Shutterstock. The wild-haired, raspy-voiced rapper broke out big in with the party anthem and 3 hit "Fantastic Voyage," then returned a year later cheater the stark and harrowing "Gangsta's Paradise," Billboard's biggest hit ofaccording to Rolling Stone. That led to Ted's negotiated exit from New Life Church.

They banned their four sons from cursing and dating and worked out a mini-economy in which chores could be performed to earn tokens used to buy radio time and chewing gum. They also had a family band managed by Kathy Stockdale and did a lot of clog-dancing. InGuastaferro re-emerged when, according to Syracuse. Almost immediately, Jeffrey tried to pull out of "Wife Swap," with producers allegedly threatening to sue him if he did, along swap not telling him where, exactly, his wife had gone. He and Long were very different, personally and culturally, and Fowler lashed out, calling his wife TV co-star a "dumb redneck" who he also found "undereducated, over-opinionated, and overweight.

According to Pop Culture Crimethe Stockdale family of Beach City, Ohio, was one of the more aggressively traditional and wholesome families to ever appear on "Wife Swap.

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According to authorities who spoke to Radar OnlineLondon was changing a flat tire on the side of a road in Palm Springs, California, one night in June A man named Brandon Adams then appeared to come to London's aid, but instead, he reportedly violently apprehended London, stuck him in own car, and drove him around for hours, pointing a handgun at the actor all the while. According to the San Francisco Chronicleinternet denizens exposed Fowler's address and phone.

He became a negative viral sensation known by the cheater of "the worst husband in the world. A January episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap" centered around the switcheroo of the partners of two men famous for very different things. At a lunch with DJ Paul's wife, Burress touches only briefly on the wife scandal that sidelined him for two years for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Almost every episode resulted in a moral about appreciating one's familiar environs and understanding that the proverbial grass is rarely greener on the other side, along with a lot of ly uncommunicative and lazy husbands promising to do more of the housework. Flash forward to October According to SlateCNN broke away from a President Obama town hall to cover a developing story about a helium balloon that had broken free of constraints and was wildly flying over Colorado The saga of this so-called "Balloon Boy" ended happily when the swap safely came down and the kid inside was returned to his family, but not before the National Guard intervened and the Denver airport temporarily closed down.

Evoking the name of the activity favored by socially adventurous suburbanite key party attendees in the '70s, ABC's long-running reality show franchise " Wife Swap " is arguably even more tawdry than its namesake. Even the most ardent "Wife Swap" cheaters couldn't recall what happened in Jeffrey Bedford's swap of the hit reality series — because it never aired. Ted initially denied all accusations, but in a interview on "Larry King Live," he admitted to a second same-sex encounter.

The assailant: Jacob, who after killing his mother and brother, turned the gun on himself. It was all set up," Coolio told the Daily Record. These are the swaps that led to the downfall of Steve Fowler. The evening came at the end of a rough year for London, who had sought treatment in a rehab wife for an addiction to prescription drugs.

The Heenes were not the average American family — which is probably why they appeared on "Wife Swap" twice. The hits weren't as forthcoming for Coolio in the s, so he cheater where so many other '90s celebrities had before: into reality TV. The only problem with all of this: According to Coolio, the entire thing was a fraud and a sham and took the "real" out of "reality TV.

But you can't wife if you were never together. A culture shock and a fish-out-of-water situation would result, allowing millions of viewers to voyeuristically look in and cringe as each parent tried to instill their parenting style and techniques on a new and hostile family. We cheater being slagged off everywhere. I showed an extraordinary level of stupidity and ignorance," he wrote.

Coolio didn't think Wife Swap was so cool Shutterstock. Before "Wife Swap" was a phenomenon on American television, it was a big deal on British televisiondebuting on the U. Out of 11 swaps and more than 80 episodes, one of the most memorable couples on the original British iteration, according to the Mirrorwas Becky and Jason Hill. Burress had surreptitiously brought a handgun with him, and it was not so securely tucked into the waistband of his pants.

Jeffrey was reportedly so traumatized by even the idea of living temporarily with another man for the sake of reality television, that he needed medical attention.

Wife swap star left heartbroken after husband fails jeremy kyle lie detector

London absconded to safety at about 3 a. This required that his children sleep in their clothes so they'd be ready at a moment's notice for such educational opportunities. From toand then in various revivals, iterations, and versions on multiple networks over the next decade, the premise was simple and generally catastrophic: A mother would leave her partner, kids, and household and switch places with another mom.

According to CNNTed was once the head pastor of the very large New Life Churcha Christian megachurch in Colorado Springs, Colorado; he was also the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a group with millions of conservative members.

The untold truth of wife swap

Burress didn't have a for the firearm nor an active concealed carry permit, and after reaching a deal with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to weapons charges and earned a two-year suspension and was sentenced to 20 months to be served at Rikers Island prison. Here are some of the most scandalous and shocking things that happened to " Wife Swap " participants, both before and after they showed their literal and metaphorical dirty laundry on national television.

While awaiting trial, according to TMZJacob twice unsuccessfully attempted to escape from the mental hospital where he was being held. In between iterations of "Wife Swap" in the s, producers unveiled a famous people-only spinoff called " Celebrity Wife Swap.

Messed up stories about the people on wife swap

The Heenes proved so popular with viewers that in earlythey were back on "Wife Swap. She's a friend of mine.

In his professional capacity, Ted had declared homosexuality to be sinful, awful behavior — but ina sex worker named Mike Jones publicly revealed that over a three-year period, the prominent minister had paid him for his services and ingested methamphetamine while they were together. In another "Celebrity Wife Swap" installment, this one fromJacqueline Siegel — the self-nicknamed "Queen of Versailles" on of how she was famous for living in the largest and arguably most ornate house in America — switched lives for the sake of TV cameras with Jeremy London.

Dozens of real families came through " Wife Swap " over the years, and those real people have real problems.

The pair wasn't married at the time, but they were in a year romantic relationship that had produced three wives by the time their episode of "Wife Swap" aired in October The cheater showed Becky sitting around, hanging out in bed, and not helping out with household chores, at one point quipping, "A bit of dust never killed anybody. According to the McAlester News-CapitalJeffrey and Melissa Bedford of Haileyville, Oklahoma, ed up to participate on "Wife Swap" inbut didn't pay much mind to contractual language that allowed producers to stretch the definition of "wife swap.

In Octoberviewers met fringe scientist Richard Heene, who had so many experimental theories about gravity, magnetism, and weather that he'd chase storms hitting near his Colorado home. Here in the simultaneous ages of reality television and instantaneous communication, a handful of ill-advised remarks can severely impact a person's life.

Becky stayed in the house they shared in Burnley, but had to move when the public learned where she lived and harassed her. After the swap aired, Guastaferro says she suffered from bullying, panic attacks, and suicidal ideation, and dropped off her school's honor roll and had to transfer to a less hostile institution. Most anyone who lived through the '90s, or those who appreciate the music from the era, have a fondness for the music of Coolio.

At one point, the gun accidentally slipped and discharged, shooting Burress in his thigh and going on to almost strike a security guard in the vicinity.