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What happened between matt and pat, Happened would what date femme between matts and

Even thought the Zaibatsu have their funny moments, there's always sad moments lying beneath the surface.

What Happened Between Matt And Pat

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After nine years of creating zany YouTube videos, podcasts, and other gaming-related media, the creators of the Super Best Friends Play team have parted ways, ending their partnership and shutting down the brand. Kowalewski and Boivin who met thanks to their mutual friendship with Madden began as contributors to Machinima, which hosted their Two Best Friends Play series that started them on their rise to popularity. He has also launched a new podcast called Woolie Will Figure it Out. For his part, Boivin plans on focusing on his Twitch channelwhere he streams games with his girlfriend Paige and their cat, Elmo. The Super Best Friends leave behind a huge trove of videos and podcasts, as well as innumerable memes.

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Sorry if I just seem defensive, because I just see people from other places being happy where everyone is now that's not to say you still get one or two people who drum up shit whenever Matt or Liam gets brought up but from what I see it's a very vocal minority. That's it. Jul 27, NoonmanR. He almost got his whole career and livelihood ruined by his former coworkers who colluded with each other to ruin him. The tired cat Fluffy angel of death kiwifarms.

Click to expand Sorry for doublepost, but i am attempting to make it through the KOTOR lp for the second time, and man.

Matt patricia

Last edited: Apr 13, So is this thread just to shit on Matt or something? Pat is a full time streamer now and from the looks of it, is content with that format. Tanner Glass kiwifarms. I hope to have a fix from XF soon.

Forums New posts Search forums. Tell me more about this, cause the vibe I get is more that he fell in with the nastyass tranny crowd. Close Menu. The tired cat said:.

Add in how he was acting in the last few podcasts he was on, and it added to the assumption that Matt was the one who refused to work with Pat. SteelPlatedHeart said:. Because breaking them up means everyone will follow Pat or Woolie. It does not save disk space on the server because we use an image proxy to protect your IP address and to ensure people do not rely on bad third party services like Imgur for image hosting. Tahoma said:.

Kicking Pat out of the team? .

Watching the Weeb Wars saga with Vic Mignogna and seeing newfriend's posts reminded me that Matt is part of the whole KickVic movement. The [img] should essentially never be used outside of chat. He's also one of those weirdos trying to brainwash people into thinking trap is a slur. Forums Off-Topic Games.

Bachelor matt james ‘refuses to speak’ to winner after he ‘blindsided & dumped her’ as show execs ‘got in his head’

What kinda bothers me about Matt supposedly being the one to break it up is "Why? He never wanted to do the podcast and no longer wanted to work with Pat and it was no longer fun. It became an archive ground, maybe he makes money off of repeat views but that's sustainable enough for a living I'd assume, considering YT has been fucky with content creators lately.

Because so far from what it looks like, everytime Matt gets brought up it's just to crap on anything he does, then bring up how Pat and Woolie are working together. If anything, if the narrative is him being greedy, wouldn't him trying to make sure the band stays together the better solution?

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Tahoma kiwifarms. I'm just gonna leave this here. Search titles only.

Liam has mentioned on his stream since someone pointed out his low views that he's fine with the niche following he has from his streams. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You are using an out of date browser. I am sure someone has said this Spoiler But the fact that there will be no more Shit Storms hurts my heart. He seems like a nice guy outside of whatever gay drama he and Pat have. New posts.

How tall is pat from super best friends?

That would make more sense, but he didn't, he didn't even keep the channel and repurposed it to his main one. I actually like Liam even though his gf has turned him from a hunty boi to a cucky boi.

Log in. Violence Jack Infinite Jack Modo Shitposter said:. There is a bug with the post editor. Similar thre. He had a weird meltdown during his Darksiders 3 video where he said he'll ban anyone making fun of the game or the main character's appearance. Install the app. Woolie is the only one who kept the LP routine and brings in different people since he was always a very sociable guy, his collabs with Pat seems to be rare and about as "regular" as you would Liam and Matt.

BuckBumble kiwifarms. Log in Register. Problem is there's a Basically anyone who was against Vic so vehemently has egg on their face, and they're about to have even more egg on their face. Matt is a hit or miss with content but he seems more engaged now with scripted content, his Wha Happuh, despite whatever people feel about it I think his scripted tone could use work but its informative in a casual way is surprisingly pulling in the s. Prev 1 … Go to. What's new Featured content New posts Latest activity.

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This speculation makes no sense considering he's the least popular of the three. Its not like his Flophouse channel is beating the main channel before the breakup so it really doesn't line up.

Tragic accident

TopCat Jul 12, Games 2. None of them seems to be "secretly plotting" any bad things against one another, they all seemed to have moved on, name drops happen here and there without any ill-will. BuckBumble said:. I wanna say this was "beating up a dead horse" but by this point I'm pretty sure this is using necromancy to summon said's horses ghost and then just fucking it. Next Highlight.

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Members Current visitors. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Please manually save the image, it to the site, and then insert it as a thumbnail instead if you experience this. Tanner Glass said:. If you're not watching that whole drama I'll give you a tl;dr: Vic Mignogna is a super popular anime voice actor who got slandered. First Prev 34 of Go to. Marco Fucko said:. He's the most popular with the Twitch s and that pays the bills, thankfully. Again, sorry for being defensive, I just it sucks seeing people try and slice it up now that even old LP's are "downplayed" because the person they disliked is there.