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Wedgie girl story true, I'd story true girl Wedgie girls figure

Wedgie Girl School It was about three years ago that I was humiliated by 3 of the nerdiest girls at my high school.

Wedgie Girl Story True

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Years old: 19
Nationality: I'm from Britain
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She gave two small tugs, then pulled up my underwear a bit more all around, so they weren't bunched up. I am 14, I have a fairly flat chest and a bubble butt, and constantly get teased about it. Report Please to report.

The two girls holding me down released me, glancing at me with a warning look not to run. I sighed, "No So don't think you can cover yourself and pick your wedgie! Wedgie Confessions Wedgie confession stories and sins. And don't pick your wedgie! I was using the bathroom in the pool house and they walked in and immediately started teasing me and once they stopped i felt my speedo going up my butt and my feet lift off the floor, the pain was immense and it only got worse when they hooked my wedgie onto a coathook on the wall and left me hanging by my speedo about 7 feet off the ground.

Humiliating wedgie girl stories

I began to unzip the side of my skirt, slipping out of it and handing it over to a waiting hand. I was right. The coach gave all of us a choice in swimsuits and i was the only one who chose the speedos that looked like a bikini bottom im a guy and i didnt realize that i wouldnt even come close to filling it out.

One day, walking home from school, my parents were out of town at the time, with a baby sitter watching me I took a right to a shortcut in a wooded area, hoping it was quicker. Again I was made to twirl around for everyone to see the high waisted panties. Suddenly, I was pinned to the floor face-first, with girls holding my arms above me, spread apart, and my legs spread apart too.

Blushing tremendously, I stepped out of my shoes and hesitated with the edge of my leggings. Don't make me walk home like this!!

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Confession Stories Confessions Current: wedgie. At night when my parents aren't there i give myself massive wedgies I'm not proud of it but i just love the feeling. I love to giving myself wedgies so much and its really freaking pathetic. Finally, I pulled them off, stepping out of those as well, humiliated with my diva panties on show, bunched up around my hips.

I'd been wearing a school uniform white blouse, with a long navy blue skirt, pleated and high waisted. You need a Premium to access that feature! The worst wedgie i ever gave myself was with two pairs, i gave myself and atomic and shoulder wedgie at the same time it hurts so much i was sore for the next 2 weeks!

Say you love being in a wedgie and wear only undies and shoes! I was ordered to put my hand on my head and twirl around, showing off my panties. Addiction wedgies embarrasing painful. The suit was very stretchy so i had a bad feeling they were planning something. I only had my undies and shoes left. I think i have a problem.

Views Recent Upvoted Comments. Fetish wedgie humilation embarrassment embarrassing selfhumilation pathetic. Cowardice wedgie humiliation sph dork. You're on 1 2. We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. I wasnt a large kid, in fact i was quite tiny in all aspects so i didnt weigh enough to rip the speedo so i just had to dangle there till someone let me down.

I do really want a wedgie master if you're interested in that kind of stuff I'll also take spanking and public humiliation Thank you! When i was younger i was on the swim team for our true pool. Strip your little skirt and leggings off, you can keep the shoes if you want.

However when she walked in she immediately started laughing at me and she said "thats what you get for wearing those things kid" and i was so humiliated. The worst was one day after practice i stayed at the pool to swim around a little more and i unfortunately ran into my bullies from school there and they had quite the laugh at my choice in swimsuit. It wasnt until the lifeguard that all the boys had a crush on, tanya, walked in to see why i was in there for so girl that i got down.

I hadn't realized there were a group of girls all older than me, bigger and more developed, too had been waiting for me there, with a small gathering of other students of various ages some younger, some similar ages to the girls and i waiting to see what the girls would deem "my punishment. I made it home, where my babysitter laughed at me and forced me to stay in my undies and only allowed me to wear undies and shoes for the rest of the time my parents were Wedgie, following the girl's instructions given to them.

Immediately, I was pinned down onto the forest floor on my back, and felt a tug on my skirt. I was allowed to keep my shoes still. Then she pulled the waistband up, giving me a wedgie and exposing my bubble butt to the chilly wind.

Wedgie confessions

You have undies and shoes, you can walk home. We know you barely have breasts anyway. I stood up, with the crowd lookin at me with anticipation.

I was very embarrased when the girls on the team started to laugh at me and point toward my lack of a bulge. She also said "i bet this isnt the first wedgie you've gotten is it davey? I ended up having cars honk and people come up to me to take pictures, slap my ass, or hoot as I passed by on my way home. Slowly, i unbuttoned my blouse and took that off as well. I wanna see you walk home with your hanging out.

I wore black Mary Jane shoes and white tights with high waisted cotton granny panties with "diva" written all over them. To this day that was the most humiliating wedgie i recieved although not the only hanging wedgie i recieved those i got plenty of.

Girl wedgie stories fiction

I make myself sleep or do chores or workout with a big shoulder wedgie in no matter how uncomfortable or much it hurts. Embarrassment Wedgies wedgie embarrassing humiliating embarrassment humiliation diva panties undies. Not long after hitting puberty I realized I have a fascination with wedgies. I pulled them all the way up in order to cover myself more, the waistband going halfway up my back and almost to the edge of my small breasts.

What's the most embarrassing time you've ever been given a wedgie?

I like watching people get them, I I have this thing for wedgies. And smile for the camera! Everyone was watching, laughing and snapping pictures. She gave my butt a playful smack and allowed me to get up. I relented, "Fine. They laughed at my humiliation and gave me wedgies too.

I like sex.