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What can I say about this event? It was my first time camping in the desert. It was the first time I camped with friends rather than family.

Wasteland Weekend Nudity

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Ben and I had been looking forward to this event since we first started the Wasteland Survival Guide show, but we never felt the time was right to actually participate.

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Go for it.

This is the time for the wretched multitudes to regain the pride and elegance they vaguely remember from the world before. Even at the end of the world, there can be beautiful things.

And once again, our theme and costume rules will be a bit more relaxed than at Wasteland Weekend just make an effortonly this time, we encourage you do bring some cyber looks as well. A wedding gown lovingly saved in a bunker and now stitched together in new ways. But guess what?

With a combination of original songs and covers that she makes unmistakably her own, Marley is a voice that you absolutely have to hear live. Make it fancy or formal. So what to wear?

If you can dream it, you can create it. Photobooth, themed lounges sponsored by tribes, dancers, aerialists, grinding acts, live music, DJs, and more!

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Our DJs, aerial artists, and gogo dancers will be performing throughout the evening. After all, this is a formal ball, event the most bitter rival tribes will be declaring a truce. Show us what post-apocalyptic formal means to you. The Wastelanders Ball.

Boobie flash at the wasteland weekend

Come visit their Nest by the photobooth on the upstairs mezzanine and introduce yourself! Make it somehow post-apocalyptic. The Boneyard Buzzards are excited to once again offer a costume repair and makeup touch up station for any outfit emergencies or warpaint needs during the Ball.

All was ask is that you make an effort.

Bright colors? Many of you will be familiar with the theme rules of Wasteland Weekend as far as what is allowed for costumes. Warlords from Wasteland City in their finest robes of conquest.

Boobie flash at the wasteland weekend tumblr porn

The dress code for the ball is less restrictive. WW Admin.

Copyright Wasteland Weekend And then try to waltz in it. We want to encourage as much creativity as possible.

Boobie flash at the wasteland weekend

Do it. We will have an entire basement level devoted solely to those of you who want to enter the depths of the theatre and dance like hell. No weapons will be needed.

Mistress Zelda from Geekxgirls. If you just show up in street clothes, you will NOT be allowed entry. Wasteland couture created from military surplus.

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us once again for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate life after the end of so-called civilization. Something sci-fi inspired? The rest is up to you. All we ask is that you make a sincere effort at the two principles listed above and you WILL be allowed in provided you have a ticket, of course.

The fan-favorite post-apocalyptic band of the Wasteland takes the Globe stage for a special performance! After her triumphant performances at Wasteland Weekend, we are thrilled to have Marley Munroe back with us at the Wastelanders Ball.

Such is life in the wasteland

Go full Wasteland, full cyber, or a mix between the two. All we ask are that you keep to TWO principles:. A charred old prom dress pulled from the ashes. The full gallery of photo booth images from the Ball can be found on Wastelander Centralour official community group on Facebook.

A tuxedo made from the scraps a hundred old polyester suits. To get in to the ball, you MUST wear something appropriate.

We are proud to welcome them to our stage once again. Come the fun! Two dance floors!