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Ville valo fanfiction, Ville girl hunt valo friend fanfiction flirtbook

Luckily security knew you and let you backstage after you ed a few autographs for fans outside. Ville was sat in a chair while some scantily clad girl was touching his face and hair. You turn and storm out of the dressing room with Ville cursing behind you as he follows you through the corridors.

Ville Valo Fanfiction

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Keep reading. Ville and Alayna continued to hold each other until they fell asleep again, the sounds of their breathing lulling them to sleep. The emotional turmoil between them was finally being put to rest.

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Ville closed his eyes and lifted his face up, enjoying the sensation as snowflakes melted on his cheeks. She let out a euphoric chuckle. The night was pitch black but for the halos of streetlamps and shimmers of snow falling in a gentle cascade. Originally posted by yourreactiongifs. It did sound ridiculous, but it made sense to her.

He nodded silently with a determined grin and began leading her through the back corridors, popping out on the edge of the audience, then using his badge to make the fans make room for them as he brought her to a small nook where the stage lights just barely reached, to the front right of the empty stage.

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She looked down at her camera. He locked up quickly with a blush before leading Liv through the metal side door and into the dark venue. Eventually the happy memories stop plaguing you. This year? The audience was practically radiating with anticipation for a second encore.

Ville valo fanfic

He reached into his back pocket for his pack of Marlboros, flipping open the top and pulling out a cigarette, lighter already in his palm at the ready. Jarno held his hand up, stopping her rambling, "Say no more. A part of him never lost hope, after everything, after years. His tone confused her.

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I can run from what my heart knows to be true, I can try and let it fade, but it will always be there. Originally posted by existlost-blog. A shiver of recognition brachiated throughout her as the twinkling red stage lights danced upon her figure.

He laughed, pulling the door back. And then he came on stage, hair loose around his head, tattooed torso fanfiction. This means a lot to me. She looked up at Jarno, remembering his question, an even brighter smile lighting up her face as the answer came to her instantly.

Keep reading. She turned back to peek through the glowing slit in the ebony curtains. To hell with time alone to reflect, to hell Ville Quinton, I need to try, if only for one last time. He shifted the weight of his body from the balls of his feet to the heel and back again in valo nervous sway. Liv looked over her shoulder, mischievously grinning at the sleeping lump hidden beneath the black covers, an intricately tattooed hand sticking out from one corner. He turned to face Liv as she began taking out her camera, his face a little baffled.

Source: theorthanc. He could even smell the familiar floral scent of her hair.

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Liv was hurt, she was bleeding. At every side door, at every venue, ever since your accident, waiting for you on behalf of Ville. Originally posted by twdimagine-s. I can be a better man for her. He stripped off his sports coat, tossing it to the side, and pulled off his T-shirt, using it to wipe the sweat on his face as he prepared to go back on stage. Pressed in to the sweeping blanched yard were the small imprints of birds and critters. Originally posted by nessa Originally posted by jupiter2. It had felt so real, she had been so warm, her tattoos were in place, even her faint freckles.

They were in his tower, it was the morning after she had left, but she was there this time, he awoke to find her snuggled up in his arms.

Eventually you stop wondering how they are. Abruptly the familiar notes of her favorite song began to echo off the venue halls, reflected in the slow swaying of the packed bodies, like a breeze in tall grass. I am a better man. A car, they were strapped into a car, it was upside down. Originally posted by scarecroe.

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Has Ville loved me this whole time too? Thanks for letting us read your work! He looked up at the snow twinkling in the outside lights of the venues back exit. Hi, I absolutely loved the story, I binge read the whole thing over the past two days. There was someone on the other side, a figure in the shadows. She looked back up to see the rest of the guys quickly take their positions at their instruments and then wait for Ville.

Can you help me find a spot? I need that shot, I need it. She hopped out of the cab, backpack slung over one shoulder, heavy camera hanging from her neck, almost slipping on the icy sidewalk. He grabbed a water bottle from off stage, sweat dripping down his face as he smiled from the adrenaline coursing through him, fed by the enormous roar of the audience shaking the venue with eagerness, chanting the band back for another encore. A dream, memory, and nightmare all at once. Valo was the bittersweet end and the hopeful beginning. Originally posted by samisoffthewall. Originally posted by fanfiction.

But they still had time for one more song, and he wanted it to be for her, wherever she was. What do you mean?

Liv smiled with relief as Jarno, a bright smile on his lips, came into view behind the fence, a pass around his neck, walky talky at his hip, the heat of his breath in the cold air. She held onto the wall as she followed him in, still overwhelmed by what she had learned.

He looked up and out at the audience. He walked up to the fenced doorway, pulling out a set of keys while keeping his gaze locked on hers with seriousness. Originally posted by nekonarumi.

Excuse me Ville, did you drop this? His eyes stayed closed as he brought his lips to the microphone, clutching it as if it were the only thing holding him up, the music quieted as his deep voice began to sing. He turned to see Pertti holding out a small piece of folded up, worn out, paper.

He walked up to the microphone and let out a deep jagged breath that reverberated out of the speakers, sending shivers up Livs spine as she closed her eyes briefly, collecting herself. And then suddenly you stop dreaming about them….

Knowing it was her favorite too, that it too held a special place in her heart, made the song all the more cloaked in meaning. The audience began to scream with anticipation.

Jarno let out a small exhale of disbelief. He looked out at the audience, their sweaty, ecstatic faces making him smile. Liv quickly handed the driver some cash, politely telling him to keep the change before slamming the door shut. Liv could feel it, the love and adoration seeping out from the crowd with every raised arm, with every scream, and with every clap. Jarno opened the gate wider and slid the pass over her head and around her neck.

She checked the time on her phone, PM. Liv bit her lip as her fingers curled around the gaps in the fence, she could already hear the new years countdown happening from within. She felt the chill of the snowy night penetrate through her thin sweater. It was almost indescribable, the reaction seeing him had on her every time, like a first breath after drowning. This was the only way in, tickets were probably sold out, doors closed, the show was almost over. Tucked to the side were their bicycles, hidden beneath a tarp, awaiting the spring.

I think it fell out of your back pocket. She looked to the side of the building where there was a small fenced off area between Tavastia and the building beside it, a side door just on the other side.

As Pertti left he pulled it back out, letting his rough fingertips trace the worn lines of text on the taped together piece of hotel stationary. Suddenly the glistening stage lights dimmed, casting the audience in darkness and the stage in hues of reds and pinks. Liv grabbed him in a hug, thanking him and kissing him on the cheek. She looked at Jarno as the snow began to fall down heavier than before, a thought bubbling in the back of her mind.

She turned around the corner of the familiar building, heart racing a mile a minute as she heard the screams of fans, the vibrating guitar, and the thundering drums from within. Then suddenly the room had turned upside down before vanishing and a new setting materializing in its place.