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So you want to be a good girl? How does that make you feel? Do your girly parts get all tingly just thinking of what you could have if you were a good girl?

Tumblr Incest Impregnation

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Then I realised just how good it can be. Find us retro-fucking.

Name: Lovis
How old am I: I'm 18 years old
My gender: I am female
Hair color: Red
I know: French
What is my favourite music: My favourite music rock

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Within a minute we were all over each other like two high school sweethearts and without saying a word we did the unthinkable.

Last summer I went on a vacation with my mom right after my first year of college. Mom is wearing the same bikini and she takes a selfie to compare to last year when she had a flat belly before being knocked up by her own son.

She loved sending risque photos of her growing body to daddy while he worked. Because he was the one who put the incest baby inside her of course!

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Some days she would wake me up by rubbing her baby bump against my morning wood and then she would let me to take it from there. Why her daddy?

For next months everyday after being dismissed from my classes I would rush home to find my pregnant mom waiting for me to show her some love. Now as spring break has arrived and mom has gotten astonishingly huge we have returned back to the place where it started.

Watching her belly grow bigger everyday was such a turn-on for me and mom was fully aware of it. Only after I had filled mom with what must have been the biggest load of my entire life I started thinking about the possible consequences; which turned out to be too late anyway.

I had just broken up with my latest ex and as mom also had gotten divorced from my dad about a year before we decided to spend some time together.