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Supergirl fanfiction kara raises kal, Fanfiction looking up kal that like Supergirl

It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. It would be really interesting to see how a young teenager with superpowers manages to look after a baby while hiding from the government s and learning how to live on Earth.

Supergirl Fanfiction Kara Raises Kal

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The last daughter of Krypton of her universe. This Kara Zor-El ulike her counterpart Kara Danvers was not raised by humans on the contrary she was captured by the U.

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Shabby, not so chic. Winn zips his mouth. Snapper takes a finger and sticks it in his teeth, not a care in the world.

Alex gazes down at it over his shoulder. Superman and Supergirl walk up to him cautiously. Kara shakes her hand in a sideways motion. Do we, John? Metallo grabs Clark by the collar and lifts him closer, only to repeatedly punch him. The driver reverses the car, only to collide with Superman. Kara turns to Clark. I got to look cool last time.

Supergirl sighs. Her fist makes a clunking sound as it hits his jaw, as if she were hitting metal. Which, look, I did that! The sound of a large computer shutting down echoes throughout the building.

Suddenly, the lights in the DEO flicker and turn off. That would give her boss a new reason to accept her. He picks her up and flies her to the DEO. Alex sees Kara holding onto Clark generously, limping and doubling over, and runs over to her. It was…Well, it won the Pulitzer. Cat waves at Clark with a finger, giving him a seductive look.

Teach her well. She nods to her assistant who presses a button, electrocuting him awake. They pull the triggers, but when the bullets connect with them, they drop delicately, reflecting off their suits. He keeps his hands in his pockets and scrunches his face at her hand.

Kara continues to drive it forward, and when it reaches Metallo, he braces his own body against it, pushing in the opposite direction.

She groans at the Kryptonite exposure. Kara sidles up to the building and blows her freeze breath, extinguishing the fire. He screams with alarm and his eyes bulge.

Last hope of krypton

Clark looks at him angrily and grabs him by the collar, lifting him above his head. The Kryptonians tried to kill you. He grabs hold of the remote the assistant holds and destroys it, never wanting to feel that pain again. He groans against its power. She looks at Snapper as he leaves. Clark stands still, waiting.

A stout man with a bald head comes inside, hands in his pockets. We salvaged you, modified you, and resurrected you. It propels a charge of energy toward Clark, throwing him 20 feet behind Kara. The next day at CatCo, Clark and Kara walk out of the elevator, toting identical glasses as usual.

Snapper Carr, meet Kara Danvers. We were just leaving to catch the Kigori. Winn gets up from his seat and jogs over to them with his tablet in hand.

Her face scrunches at him through the glass, puzzled. Kara turns sharply to the TV and listens. Clark looks over at her with worry in his eyes. The robber hurls his fist against his cheek, the bones in his hand shatter, and he pulls away grimacing. Alex stares at the two of them and turns to her other agents. Almost killed me. He holds up his hand and the heat melts the skin, revealing a metal skeleton. A helicopter image shows a man standing on the railing, police cars behind him, lit up in spotlights.

He stops when Kara gets on top of the hood, looking down at him. Metallo stands over her. Kara steps in front of him and takes a swing at his face, only for him to stand unmoving. Clark looks down at Kara, quivering with pain. Kara follows her to the front of her desk. Cat continues rambling, taking a seat behind her desk.

Kara tenses her body and moves slightly closer to Alex, putting her arm in front of her. Cat saves her.

In Cadmus, Lillian Luthor turns on a light above a broken Corben, eyes closed. He drops Clark who hits the ground roughly, and Kara stops in amazement at what Corben has become. He throws his arm up and knocks her into a nearby lamppost, wavering her in a flush of pain.

Supergirl fanfiction kara upset stomach

His screams are the last thing they hear. He turns to Kara. He launches a bolt at her chest and she is knocked off the car, her face erupting in green veins. The fire department is called after a blazing inferno erupts from a skyscraper. Winn looks at him for more context. KryptoniteKara realizes. They arrive on the bridge and land behind the man, his body bright from the spotlight. And he has the apparel to match. The agents roll their eyes at the heroes and walk back to the weapon room to take off their gear.

She turns to face him. She begins to push it towards Metallo, while he gives bolt after bolt at the moving car. At that very moment, the DEO goes black. He jumps off the railing and unleashes another bolt of energy, hitting Superman again. Winn watches in amusement at the conversation unfolding.

The last children of krypton (s02 e02)

Every computer around the roundtable flickers to an image of a mannequin, its eyes glazed black. She smiles at him. The connection is continuously interrupted, flashing lines of color through the screen. She turns to Corben.

Kara zor-el (earth-1)

So how would you like to explain what just happened out there? He breaks out of the straps that hold him to the metal shelf he is laying on, jumping to the ground. Firefighters desperately try to calm the situation, but nothing is working. Clark gives a slight nod and a shallow wave before leaving. From inside the infirmary, the man who fell from the sky is still unconscious. Until they show up. Kara stands and directs her heat vision at Metallo. Two robbers breaking into a building jump into a black convertible, stepping on the gas.

She takes a few deep breaths in, trying to regain the air that was knocked out of her lungs. The current stops and he takes deep breaths, looking around. They blast off into the sky. Kara looks at him shamefully. His cells are absorbing the electrical energy and converting them into chemical energy. One of them walks up to Clark, giving it his best shot. After traveling 5 feet, the car crashes, right into Supergirl.

Clark flies circles around the cloud, evaporating it.

A bolt of Kryptonite energy he for Kara, but she dives behind an abandoned car. Well, whenever they get here, I am ready for action. Cars crash from falling scaffolding, and the scene is a madhouse.