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Stretches for autofellatio, I'm seeking autofellatio that stretches for

Every time you try to suck your penis, You might have thought that is it really possible to suck your penis?

Stretches For Autofellatio

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I do these stretches, plus a couple of others before actually attempting Autofellatio. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie.

Name: Luise
My age: I am 18
Tone of my eyes: Huge gray-green eyes
What is my hair: I've golden hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Libra
Other hobbies: Mountain climbing
Tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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After rubbing the penis erect, lie on the back on a bed.

The head should be a foot or so away from the headboard or wall. Let gravity work!

The neck and spine especially need to be working at their flexible peak. Some guys are naturally more flexible than others, so many dudes need to exercise in order to achieve a higher degree of flexibility. The lower back should always be supported by the arms.

Losing that spare tire not only makes mouth-to-penis contact more likely, it also is healthier in general. But to successfully perform autofellatio, most men need to take proper preparation steps. Officially called autofellatio, self-administered oral sex certainly requires that a man practice good penis health — after all, unlike partners performing oral sex, with autofellatio the fellator knows exactly where that penis has been!

Many men achieve success if they keep at it. So men who are serious about autofellatio should be prepared to work at it for a while before achieving success. Because self-administered oral sex involves bending the neck and spine so that the lips meet the penis, the fewer obstacles in the way, the better.

Translation: a big gut is going to make things more difficult. Some men also discover a new appreciation for those who give them oral sex — and for how important penis care is.

Body requirements to perform autofellatio:

Although having an exceptionally long penis can certainly make the act easier, more modestly endowed men are going to need to be limber. While some men can autofellate while standing or sitting, most have an easier time doing it while lying down. Lift the legs over the head until the feet are pressed against the wall. And keep the bedroom warm throughout. It may also help to take a nice, warm bath beforehand.

Do some good stretching exercises that get the body limber and in shape. If possible, move the bowels and urinate during that period in order to keep the stomach empty and more receptive to the bending and twisting that is coming. As with any skill, it requires that a guy practice and get in shape.

The autofellatio stretches

Eat and drink sufficiently throughout the day, but stop about two hours before starting the autofellatio attempt. Finding some reputable videos or taking some yoga classes can be helpful. Slowly walk the feet down the wall, letting the crotch drop closer and closer to the mouth. There are many yoga exercises such as the cobra, the plow and downward facing dog which focus on lengthening the neck and spine and giving a man greater flexibility in these areas.