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Steve and natasha fanfiction endgame, I would fanfiction steve for and who natasha turks

Steve and Natasha landed on Vormir with their mission in mind. Get the Soul Stone. Simple enough.

Steve And Natasha Fanfiction Endgame

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It describes Captain America traveling to each time period to return the Infinity Stones, and with each trip he is progressively undergoing Heroic Fatigue. His time-travel trip also revisits characters from each time and place and shows how the time heist affected these timelines as well, including the Ancient OneAlexander PierceFriggaand Red Skull now known as "the guide".

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It was clear that Sif had a soft spot for the God of Thunder and Odin blesses their potential union whilst urging his son to forget about Jane Foster. By Leah Flavell Published Jan 04, Share Share Tweet 0. Although Captain America and Black Widow were just friends, many fans interpreted their relationship as having romantic undertones.

However, the theory was disproved in Age Of Ultron with the introduction of Hawkeye's family.

All 61 marvel movies ranked, including 'shang-chi'

There are several power couples in the MCUsuch as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, and Scarlet Witch and Vision, as well as other pairings who are perfect for each other - but haven't gotten together yet. One of the most popular fanfiction pairings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes which many fans have dubbed 'Stucky.

Yondu meets a tearful demise at the end of the film, though if he had survived then a potential romance with the adopted daughter of Thanos could have happened. Despite this, they share several similarities that include their young age, superior intelligence, and dedication to protecting their people. Captain Marvel and Valkyrie teamed up in Avengers: Endgame and featured in a fan-pleasing scene that saw the female heroes of the MCU devastate Thanos' army.

Leah Flavell is a freelance writer from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. This a brief moment in the film but still highlights Yondu's respect for Nebula. The two characters have a lot in common and a possible romance could still happen in the future.

Many characters in the MCU share undeniable chemistry that has led fans to speculate about potential romance. Steve and Bucky meet again in The Winter Soldier.

However, with Natasha's solo film debuting ina cameo appearance from Bucky Barnes that gives their relationship closure could still happen. Many fans speculated that Clint and Natasha were romantically involved after The Avengers as the two share a romance in the comics.

Endgame romanogers fanfic

There is some evidence in the comic books that supports this relationship. If Spider-Man and Shuri ever meet in a future film then their similarities could draw them to each other.

In the comics, Thanos attempts to woo Lady Death, a character who shares several similarities with Hela. There are countless iconic and beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universesome of whom feature in some of the franchise's most popular romantic relationships.

Steve and Natasha shared a unique rapport and understood each other more personally than the other Avengers and a love story would have been believable. Here are ten couples from the MCU who would make a lot of sense but haven't gotten together Fans have been vocal about wanting a female love interest for the new Queen of Asgaard and actors Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson have added their support for a potential Captain Marvel and Valkyrie love story in the future.

A brainwashed Bucky attempts to kill Captain America but is instead saved by Steve who encourages him to remember his former life. Sif understood Thor more than Jane did and he cared for and respected her greatly. For many reasons, these pairings remain platonic currently in the MCUthough future films could change that. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks through the countryside with her dogs and reading fantasy books.

All 61 marvel movies ranked, including 'shang-chi'

Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff have been romantically involved in the comic books and the foundation for a romantic angle in the MCU has been laid. Thor and Sif were powerful forces who fought side by side on the battlefield. Thanos and Hela were devastating villains in their own right and, together, would be unstoppable. Both characters are young, smart and determined and would make an impressive power couple. Thor's long-time love interest Jane Foster was missing from Thor: Ragnarok. Yondu and Nebula are two characters who are very different people, yet they still shared a spark of chemistry during their interactions in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.

After Nebula reconciles with Gamora, she wires her cybernetic arm to the ship and endures agonizing pain whilst powering the ship's weapons, which impresses Yondu.

Thor and Valkyrie's friendship was a comedic bromance that could have been interpreted romantically.