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Star trek beyond fanfiction, I fanfiction friend that Star trek

L ove LAP? Perhaps the fact that Chakotay and Janeway never kissed broke your heart. Of course, fanfiction goes beyond just romances, but romance is nothing to look down our noses at.

Star Trek Beyond Fanfiction

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You will probably cry. Pyromania is And it shows some of the cultural differences between vulcans and humans, too, which is pretty interesting.

Name: Malissa
Age: I'm 32 years old
Ethnic: Slovak
What I like to drink: My favourite drink champagne
I have tattoo: None

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As an editor, I edit.

Sarek receives news that Spock was seriously injured at Yorktown. I also edit for plot and character continuity. I am an artist.

This story is about the consequences of Spock whump. The following are additional missing scenes I wrote after the novel was published. That might sound self-evident but I want to be clear. I want strong characterization, strong emotion and strong writing.

Star trek fanfiction oc from our world

These scenes refer to situations which happen in my novel but not onscreen. You can write Steve pre-serum or post-serum.

My mind is open as far as time period in which you write. This is a gen hurt comfort novel where Spock was more seriously injured that he believed and the effort his friends go to in order to save his life. Spock is injured far worse than he realizes when he helps Kirk and McCoy escape a bounty hunter.

Chapter 1 is up and I am working on chapter 2.

I work in oils and pencil. Spock experiences a memory that is not his own.

This scene did not appear in the movie or the novel I wrote. Recently Liked.

That basically means that I expect your characters to resemble those in the movies. Deadline is, tentatively, November 10, Alayne alayne inetworld.

Stucky zine looking for submissions! An Intrusion of Privacy by Doctor Beth.

I just felt there was more to say. The following stories are unrelated to the novel, but are Spock hurt comfort stories:.