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Share vs feeldoe, I am feeldoe for men that shares fatties

So this is my first official Reddit post, and AL I need your help!

Share Vs Feeldoe

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Blonde bottom begs for a Feeldoe fuck. My strapless dildo wants to fuck your ass! Amateur femdom, pegging 8 min. Oiled strapon play 7 min. Sex doll drills her mistress with a Feeldoe 7 min. Facesitting night story 12 min.

Name: Elvira
My age: 20
Meeting with: Male
What is my sex: Woman
Sign of the zodiac: Leo
What is my favourite music: Easy listening
I like: Riding a bike
Smoker: No

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Maybe one of your partners will have a Feeldoe since more people have them, and if you're not fluid bonded, you can slip a condom over it or santize it and try it out for comparison's sake. Originally Posted by thadeous. I'd love to hear what you think of my story, Truffles with a Tryst!

I haven't experimented with drilling a tiny hole at a 90 degree angle to the main hole to act as an air vent which should aid in the vibrator removal technique. At the other end the head of the dildo is slightly more pronounced than the Feeldoe especially on the top. Find More Posts by uptoplay2. Don't leave them hanging on where to get a safe sleeve!!

Don't lose it. I should perhaps mention that the Share and Nexus don't have provision for vibrators if that is important to you. I've not tried either, but I've wanted to for the longest time! If you want to see whether a woman can enjoy the feeldoe by herself.

Feeldoe, strapless & realdoe dildos

Would that work to keep it in?? More recently we have made a soft leather ringless harness that works rather like panties would but also still has the visual appeal of a minimalist harness. That is, if the Share looks better de-wise, get it. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem at all if we had stronger kegal muscles.

We also purchased the small bullet vibrator that gets inserted in the little hole and there can be problems with that as well.

These double dildos offer a stimulating and satisfying range of positions and sensations during penetrative play.

The Share VS. Feeldoe User Name Remember Me? Go to I've heard that The Share stays in much better than the Feeldoe, but the Feeldoe is share more known feeldoe people. If our old 'doe died we would be using the Share not replacing it with a new hard 'doe - sorry. In theory it should work. This one worked like a charm and gave our ass a Nice workout!!

That was definitely amazing! I would be using this for Female on Female play Thanks! Register Now - It's Free! And finally, look at your overseas marketing. Thanks for all the feedback! Perhaps kegels can take on sphincters in a tug of war. Agreed if you grab it to soon and twist you've got a problem, but since trying this method I haven't had a problem. A lot of lesser-known products are just as good, if not much better, than the originals or better-known products. I'm thinking about buying The Share, but I want to be sure before I do.

To me it looks like the Share is better deed and may stay in better without help from panties and such. Therefore, you might have to rely on the comparisons that are out there and trust your best judgment. Both the Feeldoe and Share arefairly expensive, and I'd bet that most people buy one or the other, rather than both.

Reason: clarification. Do sphincters only have 2 floors??

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I'd never go on what's better known alone. The area that rests on the clit is quite broad and flat and looks to be intended to spread the load of vigorous thrusting.

Note the sleeve will also give you more girth Use a condom! The feeldoe is the only one of these products that we have had the chance to use, and with mixed. I'm trying to decide between the Feeldoe and Fun Factory Share. The shaft is somewhat tapered increasing the girth with deepening penetration. We have not tried the panties method yet but have used the Stockroom 'Ultimate' harness which is very simple and adjustable enough to put the ring in the very low position needed feeldoe these dildos. SweetErika is offline. But I have concerns that the shape of share won't work for DP wearing it in the bum.

That makes it very difficult to remove. The Share seems better for her since clitoral stimulation doesn't do much for her. Originally Posted by gloriann. It might also help if you respond to the replies you get. We just got one so it's early days yet but I reckon it is going to take over as our favourite toy.

Old post back from the dead It does take some kegal muscles to hold it in and I did find that me and my partner were stopping to put it back in often. I would like to have been able to report more on the comparison but we seem to have been taking it it turns to do down with one of the UK winter ailments for a while now which has limited any sort of strenuous activity :- What we can say about the Share is that:- The grade of silicone is just right - very like the original Feeldoe material or perhaps just a touch softer.

Another position that helps keep The Share in the giver is to have the giver stand up next to the bed squeezing the thighs together and the receiver to bend over doggie style at the edge of the bed. However, because the Feeldoe we have is in the hard material we have to say that the Share is well ahead of the Stout which we have just about given up using As for questions over the quality of material that has been raised in some shares I should point out that the Share is made and marketed in Germany which is about the most critical market in the world as regards health and safety.

We have also had good from using a 3 inch penus extension sleeve to solve the problem that all these dildos are a bit short for face-to-face positions so don't overlook the possibility of customising your dildo this way! Where the guy wears the pony end in his ass? I tried to get a friend to get a share so we could compare This web was posted at the feeldoe group. The moulding line down the centre-line is slightly less obvious than on the Feeldoe - this may be a function of the matt finish. If Mia, the inventor of the Feeldoe is reading this please re-consider the share of your silicone - the current grade is doing you no favours.

It is certainly not the easiest implement for my share to keep in place, though she has not feeldoe using a pair of panties with a hole thanks for the tip and now we may try that. The wearer's end is similar to the original Share but has an additional ridge running around it for more g-spot stimulation.

Also, from a pure marketing point of view look at the way the Share is packaged as it gives a more expensive look to the product than the way the Feeldoe is packaged. However, I will say this Fun Factory makes some quality toys!

Imaxx is offline. I don't think it would be honest to raise fears over this. For myself, I don't mind the feel of it anally and have no complaints in that regard. At the receiving end the head and the upturn in the shaft does give good prostate stimulation in face-to-face positions possibly less in doggy but we don't use that position For us its still a close run thing between our original Feeldoe and the Share.

Well, we have the Share, two Feeldoes original soft regular and a stout and the Nexus. Overall I would say the shaping at the wearers end puts more emphasis on vaginal stimulation and less on clitoral stimulation than the Feeldoe. The share is bigger than that of the feeldoe which, because of the soft grade of material is not a problem.

I would second the thing about using some support - we have never had much success without a harness with any of these. If we were in positions where we were very close it didn't seem to be a problem. Thanks for all the info here. The surface of the Share is a very uniform fine matt finish rather feeldoe a high gloss. Compounding the problem is the poor quality of the screw thre of the vibrator halves, resulting in the vibrator often falling into 2 pieces when you try to remove it. The Share probably came out because it was an improvement over what was on the market at the time, both in price and de and they thought people would like it over the competition.

But yes it could use some improvement in the de. It does compare some aspects of the Share to the Feeldoe.

Originally Posted by uptoplay2. Originally Posted by Imaxx. From the Blowfish review and pics, it looks like the Share is actually an improvement on the Feeldoe, so it's probably worth trying out if you're set on this type of dildo. She wants to try Feeldoe and I want to receive pegging. Mainly what happens is that the air from the hole gets forced out during insertion, creating a vacuum behind the vibrator.

From the way the thin straps stretch quite a lot of force must get used at times!! Last edited by littlebitshe : at AM. Originally Posted by littlebitshe. We have also had good from using a 3 inch penis extension sleeve to solve the problem that all these dildos are a bit short for face-to-face positions so don't overlook the possibility of customising your dildo this way!

I want to hear your opinions on which is better if you've tried both or what you think of either of these Strap-On alternatives. Originally Posted by SweetErika. I think the best part of it all was when she and I came together as she was fucking me in the missionary share They're not different enough for most people to go, 'Oh, look, I should get the other one because it's going to be a new experience or a lot more fun!

Maybe you'd have better luck asking somewhere else, like the General Board, or an active sex toys forum maybe blowfish has one?