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Shane and carmen sex, And look sex lady that Shane champagne

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Shane And Carmen Sex

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Drew: Billie is so casually affirming and I find this scene really touching. IDK, I love it and I love them. Valerie: This got less exciting as time went on.

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I hate myself. For them and for us! Arizona Robbins. Valerie: I want to hate this because my college roommate used to have sex with her boyfriend when she thought I was asleep all the time, but also the puppy love aspect of it is too cute to be mad about it. Kayla: Cheating is bad… Bette getting topped is good. Conversations about how your dad died.

The line has been crossed. Carmen: Full Confession: I actually really like this scene and find it very hot, but I had to subtract a point because they were both thinking about someone else the entire time.

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A classic reality TV show move: introducing a sexy stranger to get it on with a lead cast member. Kayla: Sorry to say once again that I like sad sex. Some viewers like me consider this one of the rawest, most authentic sex scenes ever on television — what Tina conceives as possible has just been blown open by betrayal and uncertainty, and what Bette conceives as possible has just been blown open by the possibility of Tina leaving. Maybe it was the lighting. Natalie: Can they ever have sex without being interrupted?

Everything feels light and possible. Helena is crying and fucking and everything is too much. Natalie: Nope. Drew: This scene is so good because of Leisha Hailey. Kayla: I will just say that something very similar has happened to me. Public sex intercut with horse-racing footage, concluded with an orgasm and a ificant monetary loss.

Natalie: Short but adventurous. One thing they do say out loud, though? This girl and I must have watched this scene ten thousand times.

How We Ranked Them: I assembled a database of every L Word sex scene that involved queer characters in the main cast, and then invited the Autostraddle TV Team HeatherKaylaDrewNatalie and Carmen to as each scene a score ofas well as offer any commentary they felt compelled to offer. Natalie: Extra points for the public nature of it; THAT is how you endear yourself to the friend group.

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Carmen: Gave it a bonus point because damn I love a good post-sex mouth wipe. Drew: Another really tender and affirming sex scene between Max and Billie. How hungry they are, how well-fed they become. Pour one out for all the lesbians who gathered together to watch the first-ever lesbian-focused program on American television and got to see Jenny and Tim have sex not once but twice in the two-hour pilot episode!! Not only was this event fun for Nikki and Jenny, it was also fun for the horny PA who heard it all go down on his heet. Oddly-chosen furniture obscures our view, similarly oddly-chosen background noise obscures our ears.

Drew: This is a really shitty moment that starts off promising!

Valerie: I know that technically this is a terrible idea but also I fell pretty hard for some versions of Helena. Are you sensing a theme from me? Those are the rules! This scene might have been the very moment I realized that there was no escaping how gay I was. Perhaps it was the part just afterwards where Jenny wants to set up her writing station in the light and Marina informs her that sorry, her ly unmentioned long-term girlfriend is coming home today!

Because it gets so bad I sometimes forget how shockingly good some of this early Max stuff is. Kayla: Sorry I also like bathroom fucks. Natalie: Bette getting topped is everything I never knew I always wanted. Imagine Bette Porter bringing you back to her hotel room.

Kayla: Pretty sure knife-play is my brand. Who could ask for anything more?


Drew: Bette and Alice is my dream ship and while my dreams never fully came true in the original series, we did get this one beautiful moment. You know how much it counted. Only problem here is that nobody told Shane she was on a reality TV show. Valerie: Again, points for the pilot, and also just because I remember this scene so vividly from the first time I watched it from deep in the closet and under my college bedspread.

Valerie: Carmen and Shane! In return, Shane is softhearted and amused and along for the ride — until Phyllis shows up, of course. Drew: Imagine Bette Porter picking you up in a bar. Mark derives immediate gratification from his heinous decision to hang secret cameras all over the apartment he shares with two lesbians, one of whom he is obsessed with. The brand-new couple arrives a little early to the show and instead of picking up a six-pack and some Charleston Chews at the to pass the time, they fuck.

She is so lovely and so sad. Valerie: Love good sneaky bathroom sex but also maybe just break up with your boyfriend at this point. Jenny finds lust in the heartland with Max then-presenting as Moira, a butch lesbian and takes her new pal home with her only to be interrupted by her homophobic parents.

Wow, so weird how everybody on the team is wrong about this scene except me and therefore it ranked really low??? Shane cheated on Carmen, so Carmen went ahead and cheated on Shane, and Carmen would like to start again with a clean slate. The first thing she would like to do on that clean slate is have sex with Shane. Natalie: Bette getting topped is my favorite thing.

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But they sex on. Carmen: This is such a boss move and I love Helena for it. But the sex scene is… awkward.

Valerie: Two points for the sex, two points for Marina no breaking eye contact with Tim as she leaves. Ah, Harry Potter and his dashing maid are at it again! Natalie: You missed Sleater Kinney for this? Valerie: One single point because I understand the feeling of being confused by the feelings I was feeling about a woman and mistaking it for general horniness. Kayla: Hair salons are erotic, so.

At all!!!!! Natalie: You know what never le to sex? Kayla: Everyone is being extra hot in this scene. Which are the best L Word sex scenes? Gets points from me for being one of the few distinctly kinky sex scenes on this very long show.

Every l word sex scene, ranked

Kayla: Love to fuck on the clock. There are probably better ways to handle a breakup with a person who still lives with you than to invite your new lover over and then proceed to have food-related sex on the kitchen floor followed by kinky sex in your bedroom with the door open! No complaints here. Okay, ew! Tonya is the worst!!! Luckily, Molly negotiates their way into a shack of some sort and the scene is quiet — just breathing, no music, and Shane surrendering while not seeming entirely sure why.

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Bette does that thing to Tina, you know? Two queer actresses down to get completely naked and fuck in multiple positions: We love to see it. Kayla: Controversial, but I like pool sex. Our feeling about this L Word Sex Scene is…. Dan Foxworthy declared them incompatible and so they went straight into the parking garage and fucked. And fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck. Sucks that it involved her pressuring Lisa into getting a blow job!