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Power girl eyes up here, I here men who girl pantie

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Power Girl Eyes Up Here

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Name: Karie
Years old: 37
Who do I prefer: Gentleman
Gender: Fem
Figure type: My body features is plump
My hobbies: Collecting
Smoker: Yes

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Played With in the Norwegian comic strip M : here and here. Vibe: Huh? I know.

I looked back up and nearly recoiled at the sight of nearly everypony ogling my ass. That's why I take pride in the fact that I put Will Anderson's head through the wall.

Catwoman : My eyes are up are, sweetheart. But of course, you could make them talk if you wanted to, couldn't you?

Ladybug: It's all right for you to look at my stomach. It is used to lampshade the Male Gazethough occasionally a well-endowed man will utter it as well for laughs. Pansy: I do have incredible legs, don't I? Harry: Yes. Pansy: My face is up here, Lord Potter. It was not particularly well-endowed but it definitely belonged to a female.

Advice and Trust : In chapter 4 Shinji was sitting down when he realized someone was looming over him. Pulling the hands away from his face and turning around, he found himself facing a chest. Spider-Man: What was your name again? My eyes are up here!

My eyes are up here - power girl cosplay

Quickly he looked further up to meet that girl's face. Compare Distracted by the Sexy. The gasoline station attendant stares directly at Varla's Boobs of Steel when he states he wants to see America. Can also be a good Fun T-Shirt print. Rose: Yeah, they sure are.

Follow TV Tropes. Look at my face. Child of the Storm has Harry quite careful to keep his eyes on the face. The Joker : I know where your eyes are.

Power girl premium format figure

Of course if the woman purposefully dressed provocatively, she wants people to look, just not the person she is talking to. Leone is quick to tell Tatsumi to stop staring. Zatanna: [ notices his stare ] My legs are fine B'wana Beast: Whoa!

An arrow traces from his eyes down to chest level, only to angle back up to her eyes. Nico-chan-senpai: At least look at my face while greeting meHaiji Parodied by an Israeli stand-up comedian once.

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Rose: I've, uh, never seen anyone like you before. Keita: Let me assure you, we could certainly use someone with your Kirito: Hey! My eyes are down here! HERZ : In chapter 1 Shinji turns around to face who had greeted him only to see a female chest in front of his eyes. Tim: I wasn't looking at, um I was trying to figure out how those war bracelets you're wearing are invisible.

Diana: You like strong women, I take it? Comic Books. Lauren: [ tilting Bo's head back to eye level ] It was uh Jean: I have no patience for all forms of male stupidity. Some artistic biology required. Blushing, he corrected his gaze and saw her. Get Known if you don't have an.

She's got the fire of the cheetah in her! He looked up to find a pretty big bossom.

My eyes are up here

Ghandi seems enamored that Joan grew breasts over the summer. Carol, who often has to deal with thisis appreciative, and in the sequel snarks at Ron who had admittedly just walked in on her and Harry snuggling in sleep-wear - including a t-shirt with no bra that she'd take his keeping her eyes on her face as suitable thanks for her advice. Cassie: Yo! Up here. Tom, my eyes are a few inches further up my body. Though it might take some time for them to get that far. With a guy.

Well, that's strange. Elektra: Stop staring at them. Faster, Pussycat! She quips, "You won't find it down there, Columbus. The Wild does this, except it's a giraffe and a squirrel instead of people, and spots instead of boobs.

Leone: Try to stay focused here. You need to to do this. I was— Elektra: [smirks, gives an aside glance ].

"hey, eyes up here!" -power girl

Cheetah : Quit staring! A Crown of Stars : During a conversation with Rayana Shinji can not help to be distracted by her breasts. Damian : What "chest? B'wana Beast: B'wana Beast. Spoofed in an advertisement which featured an attractive sports reporter interviewing an athlete who kept leering down at her body, causing her to say, " And my breasts have one more question for you A commercial for Belvita Bites has a man going through his morning.

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Community Showcase More. Played straight in Antz. Blushing, he looked upwards. I really have no patience for men who forget that women do exist from the shoulders up. How you doin'? Volstagg: Would it be your wish to pay for the view? Sif: I— Volstagg: Then work to overcome your awe, and find other places for your eyes to wander. Haiji: waves at Nico-chan-senpai's leg Oh, Nico-chan-senpai! When Weaver meets the lovely Azteca on his first day as a worker ant, he spends a bit too much time during their introduction staring at her legs. Films — Live-Action.

She slaps him and then says "Hey, Samosa. The Emoji Movie does this with a clock emoji as Gene is on his way to the text center. Bridget Jones has a coworker called Mr. Fitzherbert that she had nicknamed "Tits Pervert" for this very reason. Cat Grant: What's strange?

Comic Strips. Leone from Akame ga Kill! Spider-Man: What? But yeah, I sure do. Diana: My eyes are up here. As he sings quick lines for each activity, one has him meeting a female jogger. Truth in Television. Phrase in German, but means exactly the same.

Yamada: What do you want, F-shita? They all ignored me. From Batgirl : Stephanie: Now stop looking at my chest.

Films — Animation. Supergirl: My X-ray vision is picking up some weird plastics in your—. It was actually a close-up of her breasts — that's the only part guys look at anyway.