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Pokemon yuri fanfic, Turks Pokemon pick fanfic especially yuri life

Relaxing in her seat aboard the plane to the Kanto Region, Serena smiled as she stared out the window, not only enjoying the beautiful scenery, but she was more excited as to where she was arriving and to whom she would meet. Taking a break from performing in the Sinnoh Region, Serena wanted to surprise Ash with a reunion, wanting to see the raven haired Trainer that had won her heart, wanting to not only thank him for all he had done for her, but how his encouragement allowed her to continue to go on with her performances, gaining many fans in the process, one of which was aboard the plane and hatching a plan to spend some 'quality time' with the honey blonde performer.

Pokemon Yuri Fanfic

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The Pokemon can be of any level, gender or typing Though fire types are seen very rarely for obvious reasons and officials most be notified if one is using a fire type Pokemon. The Rules are as follows:.

Name: Kati
Years old: 43
Ethnic: Swedish
What is my hair: Thick hair
What is my body features: My body type is quite overweight
Hobbies: Cooking

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May eagerly lapped up the juices that was running down Misty's legs. May flipped Misty over and clamped and gently bit her nipples.

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She took and pumped it into Misty's stinging ass, going faster with every shove. May shoved it up Misty's entrance and too, broke Misty's barrier. Oh May! Misty took the whip and began to spank May's ass with it.

She cummed again, but this time she cummed so hard it shot out everywhere, her boobs clashing around. They both interwined their legs together and rubbed their pussy together. Please read and review!!

May was grinding her body against Misty's as Misty began moaning. Juices ran down her legs and she began panting as Misty licked the juices up. Misty pulled a dildo out of her backpack and shoved it up May's entrance. By: Icey Queen10 Lemon in every chapter!

She began sucking and nibbling the right nipple as she tweaked the left.

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Misty and May stripped and continued to kiss and rub their bodies. Misty took the dildo and shoved it up May's redden ass, pumping furiously.

Please review and tell me! May spanked Misty's ass with her hand as Misty tweaked and pinched her nipples, both yelling in pleasure and pain. Misty lowered her had to May's pussy and stuck her tounge in into May's entrance.

May gasped in surprise as Misty took her tounge out of her ass, she turned Misty around and shoved her tounge up Misty's ass. May yelled out in pain since she her barrier was broken.

May moaned in pleasure as she rubbed Misty's huge D sized breasts. Misty too, started to pump it in and out into May's entrance, getting faster with every shove.

May lowered her head to her crotch and shoved her tounge into her entrance. They furiously rubbed their bodies and kissed each other. Soon the fell asleep in eachothers arm, with May on top of Misty.

Misty shoved her tounge up May's asshole and began to wiggle he tounge around. May cummed just as hard with her boobs clashing everywhere.

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May pulled a whip out of her backpack and began to spank Misty's ass with it. Misty pushed May down on the floor and started to rub May's huge D sized breast. Misty yelled as she soon stuck two fingers into her entrance and began to pump.

Misty's nipples hardened and she soon got very moist in her pussy. Misty whimpered in pain as May pumped it in and out, getting faster at each shove.