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Poems about stepdads, Poems girl look about friend to stepdads

Here are a few stepfather poems that one can use on the fathers day. Being a father is a challenging task, but being a stepfather is even more difficult. He has to make many sacrifices and accept someone else's child as his own.

Poems About Stepdads

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Father's day poem for stepdad

A Step Father can provide these things to. We didn't mean to make you, Have feelings of being wanted. It's Fathers Day today, And although you aren't our real Dad. To us, you've been a friend, We are so lucky and so glad. However, as time goes on you will see your Step Dad does care and love you. But second I say that I'm happy to state, You ended up being someone like thee.

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But all that waiting and hoping for those children to accept you, Has allowed you to finally get what you sought. So thank you for being someone so beaming, Every single friggen day! Short Poems. I suppose at the beginning you were really, Someone that was unwanted. We hope you will find words to express your feelings for your Step Dad in these poems. And, they are there in the bad times, when we need a shoulder to cry on, someone to pick us up and encourage us.

You've been a great father, never a bother, We can only hope you think so too! You amazed me with your attitude You amazed me with your smile You amazed me with your patience And your love was amazing to.

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Loving your mother and making her happy is one of the advantages of having a step dad. Step D are men who many times walk into a family and have to prove themselves.

But the years have past And what a contrast You have given support and love I now wonder if you were sent from above. Today we want to thank you, You've been a superstar.

Father's day poem for stepdad

You fought and you held out for happier times, And it took a little longer than you had first thought. And while a Step Dad will never replace your birth Father they are men who can have a positive influence in your life. You're a part of our family, we hope you are happy, It was tough, but you pulled through. So we are calling a truce, We hope we weren't that bad.

Thank you for the patience you had with me You are an example of what a family should be Loving, supportive, and encouraging too We love you and all you do! Respect and appreciate them!

A father is one who supports, encourages, and loves you. We need to express our thankfulness, For taking good care of our Mom. I know it sometimes felt like, You were living the war in Vietnam.


They are there in the good times, making you laugh and smile, sharing in your joy and happiness. Eventually, we gave in, And saw the man you are.

Now that I am older I can see how blessed we were To have a man like you Be part of our family. At first, it annoyed us, but now we enjoy, thus, Wanting to yell out hip, hip, hooray!