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Why not? I do all my housework nude. A certain natural modesty prevents that.

Nude At Home Stories

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At Home Nudist. One hot summer day I came home from work early. Business was really slow, and there was no point keeping the shop opened. At she was laying face down in the pool lounge featuring her incredible butt for my eyes to feast on. She had dozed off, so I took full advantage of this opportunity to check out my daughters backside, as well as her pussy as I was able to see it between her thighs.

Name: Janeta
Years: I am 49
Available to: Man
Eye tint: I’ve got big hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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Dan flipped the door closed with his fingertips and leaned his back against it. They managed to get the missing USB device back, but there are files on there that are password protected. I need you to crack the passwords on it so they can view the protected files. Dan was quiet and a bit shy, but still a very friendly guy. She basically answered the door nude once for the FedEx guy, why not for Dan? He'd never tell anyone and could handle it, she mused.

She had become a home nudist. But, there was just that little something about him that always made her feel nice when she was just talking to him. Her heart started to pound as she nervously went to the door. Usually, Jill would go into the office on Mondays and Fridays, working from home the rest of the week through an internet connection to her company's technology systems on her home computer. Though he didn't know it, Dan was the one who lifted her spirits the most during that time. Could it have been something more? When Dan started his internship, Jill's heart had just been broken.

The day passed and evening rolled in. They were both fans of bands like Gov't Mule, Derek Trucks, and Susan Tedeschi, which gave them a common ground to build their friendship. Jill's specialty was to investigate technology misuse using high-tech forensic tools for her company's clients.

Even though she had just turned 33, Jill still had a gorgeous body. There was a part of Jill that was intrigued by Dan. But her interest was never quite strong enough for her to break one of her rules -- never date a person you work with. I could get a jump start on it by connecting it to my computer and starting the password cracking programs on it overnight.

In the eight months since Jill began working from home three days a week, she found that it gave her more time to work out and save money on gas. Plus, was she really interested in him or just feeling flattered by his little glances? His face began to turn bright red, but couldn't take his eyes off of Jill's nude body.

She worked for an information security company and got to use all the cutting edge programs and tools to protect clients from security breaches. Send Dan by with it tonight. Frequently loaning each other CD's and trading music files. He started with the company a little over a year ago on a college internship. The ski machine shaped her story ass and toned her sexy long legs. As Dan walked through the open doorway, his eyes widened with surprise. Simple physical attraction? Not to mention he was 11 years younger than her.

After hanging up the phone, Jill thought about Dan. She remembered how home he was to be hired as a full-time employee to start is first real job. She peeked out the window to make sure it was Dan and he was alone. Less laundry and it was just plain comfortable to go nude. It also occurred to Jill that she should probably put on some clothes since Dan would be stopping by with the USB device.

Even a bit daringly sexy the few times there was an unexpected knock at her door. She realized that they had not eaten lunch together in at least two months and that she missed him. Jill was relaxing on the couch, watching the news when Dan knocked on the door.

She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she would regret this. Jill's long, thick black hair fell just below her shoulders. It was one of the drawbacks about her work schedule. It also helped that Jill found Dan quite cute. I think your place is on his way home. Jill grinned as she thought about Dan. She kind of missed seeing him everyday. There was something undeniably exhilarating when the FedEx man delivered a package and she had to nude try to hide her nudity behind the door while ing for the package.

Home nudist

But during this time when she was still hurting over her breakup, she especially appreciated Dan's little glances. But she also found that it saved her time and money from having to launder a week's worth of work clothes. The ring of the telephone pulled Jill away from her daydream.

But Jill was aware of his little glances.

I should have thought about this a little better. It's totally cool. Plus it's too late to get it to you tomorrow.

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She had an alluring, Eastern-European look. Gave the delivery man a thrill for the day and left Jill feeling unexpectedly excited. During work and lunch, Jill would occasionally catch Dan checking her out. In addition to being extremely intelligent, Jill was also very beautiful. His closely-cropped brown hair was combed forward, and he had a baby face with soft brown eyes.

Jill always liked him, probably because he helped to boost her ego when she needed it.

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Dan worked with Jill the most during his internship and they became friendly with each other. In the past, Jill was never offended when guys would check her out. He was a little thin, but still athletic looking -- probably from his regular jogs so he was in shape to run in the local park's annual trail race.

Frequently working from home gave Jill time to stay fit using the mini-gym she created in the basement of her modest little house. Her pretty face highlighted by her engaging grey eyes always made men take a second glance.

I was hoping you'd be able to come in an extra day this week to start on it. Then, Jill cracked the door open.

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She could never quite figure out what it was that she felt for him. He would always quickly avert his gaze, thinking that he hadn't been caught. She felt he was too young for her. I kinda have the habit of not getting dressed when I work from home. Those glances were usually met by her warm, inviting smile.

Naked at home stories

He was a 21 year old college senior on a work internship. Jill was a computer geek's wet dream. Not to mention, her ample round breasts that were just the perfect handful. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box.

Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Her belly was taught and firm from light weight work and the inclined sit-up board.

Dan's friendly smile in the morning was always a nice welcome to start Jill's day. Seeing co-workers everyday helped lift her spirit. Or did she?

I've been doing it for so long, I just never bothered to throw something on even though I knew you were coming. Dan could probably swing by with it after work.

They'd eat lunch together regularly and discovered they had common tastes in music. Just, don't tell the people at work.

Jill also remembered sensing his disappointment after telling him she was going to be coming into the office less often. At that time, Jill was still going to the office everyday which was actually a good thing.