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National Nude Day Photos

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It's July 14 and nudist groups are all set to celebrate this day, which is observed as National Nude Day. Even though the origins of National Nude Day remain hazy, it's a fun way to cool down in the sticky, hot summer days. But the National Nude Day, as Refinery29 explains it, is a day to highlight the misconceptions surrounding nudism with the idea to promote there's nothing wrong with it.

Name: Madelon
How old am I: 32
Nationality: I was born in Argentina
My hair: Strawberry-blond hair
I speak: Spanish
What is my body features: My body type is quite fat
My favourite drink: Red wine
What I like to listen: Rap
What is my hobbies: Marital arts
Smoker: Yes

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Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Who uses National Send a Nude Day? Redefine your inbox with Dictionary. Where does National Send a Nude Day come from?

What's hot. As NationalSendANudeDay starting ballooning on Twitter on May 19, some users sent photos of themselves or other people in various states of undress, others took the opportunity to hint to their followers that they would like to receive nudes, and yet others grew increasingly flabbergasted with the entire concept or decried it as the ploy of users desperate for nudes. This is not meant to be a formal definition of National Send a Nude Day like most terms we define on Dictionary.

The nude in National Send a Nude Day refers to nude photographs. Others warned Twitter users, especially women, to be on their guard against a higher-than-average amount of inappropriate behavior.

Reactions on news websites varied. God forbid if we reach the second anniversary of National Send a Nude day. The ambiguity of the intended recipients of the photos and the broader public reaction to it helped transform it into a trend on social media.

National Send a Nude Day is a joke hashtag and holiday dedicated to sending nude photographs. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Regardless of its exact spread, the hashtag caught the attention of Twitter Moments.

National nude day: how to pose naked like a celebrity [photos]

The earliest attempt was October 5, One user tried for January 16, ; another aimed for August 17, Most of these attempts appear to have been regarded as perverse, if not predatory, pranks. While National Send a Nude Day and its hashtag is widely used with a sense of irony, some people may use it to share or solicit graphic content.

Some dismissed National Send a Nude Day as a fake holiday intended to trick people into sending nude photographs.

A of sites took a more tongue-in-cheek approach in covering National Send a Nude Dayembracing the ridiculousness of the concept. We've Added New Words!

National send a nude day

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The hashtag is a prompt to send such a photograph of yourself or someone else. Many, though, treated the event with a sense of absurdity and irony, posting pictures of sphynx cats, chicken breasts, nude shoes, classical paintings, and other creative definitions of nudes.

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