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My girlfriend likes to be spanked, I searching girlfriend that likes spanking

Start smacking her ass lightly and work your way up to slapping it.

My Girlfriend Likes To Be Spanked

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When my girlfriend and I first started having sex I asked her to put me over her knee and spank my buttocks with her hand. Q When my girlfriend and I first started having sex I asked her to put me over her knee and spank my buttocks with her hand. She was willing and then we progressed to using a strap, a belt and a riding crop and I encouraged her to use it on my back too.

Name: Leyla
How old am I: 67
Ethnic: Chinese
Body tattoos: None

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I rather just playfully mention it when we're making out or something. Sounds like she could want a bit of roleplay fun, where you're the authority and she's the naughty girl and you need to bend her over your knee and spank her My wife has a thick ass, she loves getting spanked. Then give her a firm, not hard, smack on the ass. Ill slap that ass hard enough to hurt my hand. True I think we should talk before doing something pretty hardcore, thanks.

Girlfriend wants a "spanking"? OlderAndWiser Yes, you need to talk to her. Like, "so what's that spanning you were talking about earlier? Bend her over your knee. I guess I'll just have to find out if she's into the submission or not, I feel I don't have the ego to go about it as serious as you suggested here tho. Ask playfully when you two are about to have sex.

Or some variant of that. Tell her your goung ti give her a bare bottom spanking and tell her to take down her pants or lift her ddrew. Sorry for the incredible of typos. Have her suck your dick while spanking her. So when me and my girl get intimate I've always given her the occasional spank on her ass maybe once or twice each hook up.

Foreplay as usual.

Use that tobgauge whether she wants more or not. Remain seriius. Up Now! Related Questions.

I would definitely broach the subject again and ask what she wants and what her limits would be to see if you are comfortable with it. Sounds like a good idea, I'll probably try this thanks. My girlfriend wants me to spank her? How do you usually initiate and go about giving her a spanking? Women who are submissive will become more so after a spanking.

Should I do it? Good luck :. That was sent from my phone by the way. Then make love to her. Get naked.

Women who just like the sensation don't. I can safely say I've never had to give a spanking before so I'm just confused by this whole concept honestly. But I know a lot fantasize about it. She may laugh nervously.

Girlfriend wants a "spanking"?

Be authoratative. Bend you over my knee? Not all do. Either way give her a fewnswats and say, are you going to be good? If she gets over your lap meekly, she's probably into the submission.

Does my girl like spanking me too?

Make her assume a different position such as on her tummy on the bed and give it to her until she is begging you to stop. Fuck her senseless. Ask her what she means just to be sure, and if she really does mean a full on spanking session, set a safe word for her to use if things get too real for her. Put her over your knees. Now here where you nwed to judge her reaction.

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Sit down, and tell her to come over to you. Pull her clothes aside so she's bare bottom.

Begin alternating fingering and spanking. Sort Girls First Guys First.

Jjpayne 4. She likes it and and I do as well. Spank more. Babygirl Xper 2. Intraluminal 5. What does she mean by spanking? Should I given to my girlfriend I begged her to give mr q mouthsoaping? Warm her butt up gradually until it's nice and pink and warm then tell her to go fetch an implement such as hair brush or wooden spoon. Then, yes, proceed to "go ham" on her ass. Rub her ass and finger her for a bit.

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If she is submissive, remember that doesn't make abuse on your part OK. Yeah haha, I've done this so many times when something awesome was said but subject was sadly changed. I know people will say "just ask her what she meant" but it is too late because I already changed the subject to mundane things and we aren't talking sexually anymore.

Is this still revelant? However, today I made a joke about spanking and she said "Can you give me a spanking, it'd be hot?

For : spanking girlfriend

Shaft50 Guru. Any tips of how to initiate this, or tips in general? Wait till the mood is right and bring it up again, either asking for future reference or giving her the smack down right there. Does she want me to bend her over my knee and just go ham on her ass? That's when you bring up what safe word you should use. Tell her, "I've never really given a spanking before and I need to work myself up for it and I really want to please you but I also don't want to go too far, so can you give me an idea of exactly what you want me to do?

A few slaps of the hand on your ass? I already do spank her, but does she mean like a full on spanking session? If she says something that annoys you just tell her come come lay across your lap so you can teach her a lesson. And tell her she's been bad and you're going to teach her a lesson she's never forget. Birthday spanking for girlfriend? Shouldn't we have some foreplay before I just say "take your pants off I'm spanking you". Give her a lecture and lead onto an over the knee spanking with your hand. She needs a proper spanking.

Hope this helps. If not, then she may just like the sensation. Show All. My girlfriend wants hardcore spanking, should I do it? Add Opinion. Some girls really do want that dominant male figure to take them over their knee and spank them.

VirginiaBeachBum 3. Now some women who like spankings like the submission involved, while for others its the stimulation. Share Facebook.

Then just slowly increase the strength of your spanking until she tells you to stop. Spank you with a hair brush? Blitzkrieger Guru. As long as she is turned on bwfore hand it seems I can't spank her hatd enough.