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The woman recoiled. As the woman hurried away, another teacher in the hall was stifling laughter. Jess rolled her eyes and walked back to her classroom.

My Daddy Touched Me

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It was a secret I had decided to carry to the grave. But in the late fall ofI found myself spent in all ways: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Name: Emilie
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My kindergarten teacher caught me gritting my teeth as I pretended to strangle an imaginary attacker. Her solution was for me to carry a little white sweater to school with me every day. There was whispering, never substantiated in any way, that maybe their father had been "messing around" with them and they ran away from home, or that he killed them to protect himself; this theory stuck with me. Later in bed he would hold me close and we'd laugh. Yet it was something being done to me all the time. After a while, the snapping of the sheet stopped and I knew it was time.

Shortly after I started spending nights at my dad's house, two girls in my neighborhood disappeared. I'd wake up and feel his warm skin, his erection against my bottom, his breathing in my ear, the slight scent of Budweiser on his breath.

No longer ashamed

But sometimes the incest felt good -- that special feeling, all that attention and love and affection from my nice daddy. The day they ran the dogs in the woods across the street, the day they dragged the pond searching for their bodies, those are two of the most vivid and horrific memories of my youth. And he was, in my young mind, my nice daddy; he hugged me and put Band-Aids on my skinned knees and sang Sinatra songs to me. Somehow, the lie he'd told my mother to explain why I was often in their bed when she came home from work -- that I was too scared to sleep alone -- became truth.

Report gender based violence

He'd ask, "Who's my No. I could hardly wait for him to reach into my panties and give me that tingling feeling. Other times, the routine was different. Sometimes I used the stream of water from the bathtub spigot.

Once I made my best friend, Jane, pull down her pants and lie across my lap as I pretended to spank her. It was what had been done to me. I didn't know then that I was having orgasms; it would be years before I learned that word, and even longer before I admitted to myself that what I experienced was orgasm. I have no memories that predate his abuse -- his rubbing and touching, his forcing me to touch him.

The abuse stopped when I was 9, and I became a voracious masturbator. He'd tell me how nice I made Daddy feel. I worried for my life, that I would disappear or that I would be killed. I learned to be quiet. With my father, in his bed, I first experienced the bump and grind of sexual relations. I was 4; it was At night, while my mother worked, he took me into their bed and made me believe he was doing me a favor, giving me a special privilege.

‘i was 4 years old. i had on my plaid dress. he interrupted my nap and locked the bedroom door. when i told my dad, he said, ‘why did you need to share this? can’t you see how upset your mother is?’: woman finally admits to childhood abuse, encourages others to do the same

Those nights, I stayed in his bed with him, all night long. The abuse was the center of my universe. Eventually, my father remarried and the whole thing came to a halt. I started writing my will. We would devise elaborate strategies, some plotting to get rid of my dad so he'd stop doing it and others scheming to get rid of his girlfriend so he would never stop thinking I was special.

He would work up to things slowly. Despite how horrible it was, I lost something when my father stopped being sexual with me.

I felt like I lost his attention, his affection and his adoration. Once when a friend and I were playing at my house, I stuck my fingers in my vagina and asked her to sniff them. It took me a long, long time to really believe there wasn't anything special about it, that it was all just sick.

One afternoon, there was a spanking after a sexual encounter and the link between sex and shame became permanent in my brain.

He would grope me, run his giant hands under my nightgown and into my flowered panties -- the kind that little girls wear, with yellow and pink daisies on them -- and he'd talk to me. Meanwhile, at Dad's house, the abuse continued. For many years I held onto the notion that in some way, his attention and his obsession with me made me special.

And sometimes I liked the way it felt, but a lot of times I was scared. I don't know if I was truly scared or if I simply came to believe I was, but I rarely spent a night in bed by myself until I was 13 years old. I learned to "behave.

Recognizing sexual abuse

My "friend" Charlotte disappeared and I experienced a strange combination of relief and grief. In bed he would watch TV, snapping the edge of the sheet between his fingers and the mattress while I pretended to fall asleep. And I knew that if I told anyone, he would hurt me.

At times I fought with him, begging him not to touch me, and he responded by scaring me further, pressing his hands too firmly against my neck, ordering me to be quiet, to behave. Sometimes he would leave me alone in the closet until I begged to come out, but when he let me out it was more of the same. It was his genitals I first explored; he was the first to touch my body sexually, and those hands have left an indelible imprint. I told her she was a bad girl. He spoke in the harshest voice I knew from him, as if I had started screaming in church.

One of the other theories surrounding the girls' disappearance was that they had been sold into "white slavery. As a young child, I was hurt again and again and led to believe that it was my fault, and that if only I weren't bad, my dad wouldn't do those things to me.

I longed to relive the sensation that had grabbed me between the legs and had felt so good. He was always talking to me, whispering things, telling me he loved me.

My whole life, I have been haunted by an intersection between shame and pleasure. It was terrifying. It was traumatic; their disappearance spooked me horribly. My father once walked in on me taking a bath and masturbating in that way, and he didn't say a word about it. And I could tell that it was something bad, shameful, and not to be talked about. I acted out my distress in myriad ways.

My father touched me inappropriately when i was younger and now its hurting my relationships!

I created an imaginary friend, Charlotte, who was the only one I confided in. We'd be wrestling, rough-housing playfully, maybe in the living room, and he would casually, repeatedly touch my vagina through my clothes. He never penetrated me with his penis, but his fingers would routinely enter my tiny vagina.

I told my mother that I was cold -- that I was shaking because I was cold.

Lookie here:

Knowing what was ahead, of course I could not sleep. I believed that I had let the sex happen, and that it was my fault; I believed that I was the bad one. In my neighborhood, a small group of us kids used to expose our genitals to each other, but only I let one of the boys try to put his penis in me.

One was 11, one was 9. It's ugly and, even now, more than 25 years later, difficult for me to say. It was the first sexual encounter I had ever seen outside of my father's bed, and it was tremendously erotic for me.

‘i was 4 years old. i had on my plaid dress. he interrupted my nap and locked the bedroom door. when i told my dad, he said, ‘why did you need to share this? can’t you see how upset your mother is?’: woman finally admits to childhood abuse, encourages others to do the same

I'd go to sleep, genuinely fall asleep, and he'd get in bed. But at the same time, I thought I was special because it was happening. Eventually my parents separated, meaning I spent two nights a week at my father's house. She notified my mother, who questioned me. It traumatized me in all new ways.

I would lie on my stomach and rub around the outside of my vagina until I came. I'd tell myself, "Look how much my daddy loves me," but still I knew it was bad and that I should be ashamed. Adults did not so much as pause before discussing the kidnapping of the girls and the possibility that they had been murdered, but their hushed tones and grim faces when "white slavery" was mentioned made me know it was about sex. I was 6. Even at home with my mother, I would crawl into her bed to sleep at night. I had conversations with Charlotte in my head all the time about the ways my father touched me.

Those feelings, wrapped up so tightly in those interactions with him, had become my world, and suddenly that stopped.