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My brother wears my panties, Fatties wear look up panties to meeting

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My Brother Wears My Panties

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We grew up in a devout Mormon family. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that my younger brother wears bra s and knickers. This came up 25 years ago when some of my knickers were found in a suitcase hidden in a closet. Now he is 40 and I just found out he wears them every day.

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You should tell him you're his sister and you love him, but clear boundaries need to be set and you might want a lock on your door. You're brother jacked off into your panties. Something else that was immensely helpful was having my sister teach me to do my nails and makeup.

I want to help him and support him, so I promised him that I'll lend him some of my clothes and undies and even help him buy feminine stuff for him. I didn't want to sound like a dick and suggest this, but this was honestly my first thought. Obviously it means an awful lot to him to have you there to support him and be a friend. He could be straight and just like dressing up sometimes.

About 2 weeks ago, I came home one day from school earlier than usual because my wear let us go early, and when I got home, I heard moaning noises in my bedroom. He's only 16 and sounds like he doesnt really KNOW what his identity is yet gay, bi, transgendered, transvestite and he isn't really free to explore this side of himself yet. First of all, dress up is fine Second, if he is trans doesn't necessarily mean he likes boys though he might I think you would be amazed at how many guys become girls and decide they are into other girls and live as a lesbian.

Ok, so they might be trans and it's good to be supportive but you don't masturbate in other peoples underwear, that's icky no matter your gender! But I also think it's important he realizes how much of a violation it is for him to jack off in YOUR panties. Continue this thread. Also, me, I'd buy him some clothes if you're going to support him this way. Please do not automatically jump to something else just because she was masterbating. When I was younger there was a couple times when I had done what your sister did and it honestly helped with the dysphoria.

I want to be the best big sister and be there for him, ever since he came out about 2 weeks ago we started hanging out more and connecting on a more personal level. I re-read and see you are connecting brother him and so maybe it really is that he wants to cross dress, but you really really gotta define your boundaries, your room and your underpants and clothing are personal items All that aside, you could be supportive by buying him his own panties and stuff?

Obviously he didn't tell anyone else, and our parents are honestly the biggest obstacle because they are the strict Asian types we are 2nd generation Viet. So he could be gay, and just experimenting with drag, or dressing up sometimes. At 16 he has very little he can do if the parents go crazy and force him to do things against his will like conversion therapy. That's just a thought from seeing other people aka 4chan write about similar fetishes though. So it might be a good idea to keep this all under wraps until he is an adult and able to strike out on his own if needed.

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So my brother has never told anyone until now. Best way to go about this. Rebuying an entire wardrobe can get crazy expensive. Reply Share. It just worries me the whole incident was dropped to go into support mode with no real consequences of the whole masturbating-into-his-sis's-underwear bit, so I think it's really important that OP deals with it appropriately.

I think he has an underlying fetish. There are straight, gay, and bi transgendered people.

Your parents may never come around but as long as he has some sort of support he should be okay. Another aspect to consider is the reaction the parents might have to her brothers identity. Right there and then I thought things aren't gonna be good, I found my brother masturbating while wearing my panties, clothes and heels. If you are comfortable I would suggest doing the same. At night when our parents are asleep he would just sneak over and we would have "girl talk" and play dress up, I know it might sound weird but it makes him happy and I am happy for him too, knowing that the only time he can be himself is with me.

Doesn't need to borrow your underwear. Just food for thought on how to approach the parents situation while being a minor and financially dependent.

Found my underwear in my brother’s room (update)

But if he wants to be a girl, that has nothing to do with being gay, bi, or straight, it has to do with what gender he or she sees their self as. I hope you see this but it might be too late. But we sat down and he begged me to hear him out. Obviously I don't know what's going on in their head, but the fact that they were masturbating in your clothes sounds more like a fetish than anything else.

We seek posts from users who have specific and personal relationship quandaries that other redditors can help them try to solve. It feels to me that there's more to him than just being gay and liking women's clothing. I wouldn't want them back after that.

Your brother needs a therapist, like, yesterday. Found the internet!

But most of all be happy for her and yourself, you have a sister to share things with and talk about boys or whatever else. How can I help him further, I know its hard for him to hide it and he just seems to enjoy life so much more whenever hes in my room being himself? He should probably spend some time talking to a therapist. I think you need a lock on your door. I am a transgender woman who did this exact same thing growing up.

Sort by: best. His exact words were "I want to become a pretty girl like you sis". Saves you both from awkwardness. Look, you can be supportive all you want if your brother is trans, but can we talk about the real issue here?

Keep doing what you're doing. He basically came out saying he is gay or bi but he doesn't know? Gay or bi are sexual orientations having to do with what gender you are attracted to, trans is what gender YOU are. I ask because I went through this myself. You might want to check out www. Posted by 6 years ago. Bingo, only I didn't know the proper subreddit.

Caught the panty theif

I'd get them into counseling if it's possible, and if not, find them some friendly forums or subreddits to chat with while they figure this out. My little brother stole my undies and cut What was he planning to do with the dirty clothes after he wore them and uh, soiled them?

I just wanted to point out that transgendered is different then gay or bi. At 18 he can go out on his own and not have to live under the parents roof. What else can I do for him?

Created Jul 9, Top posts may 5th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top. Maybe you two could wear out to your schools or your local communities LBGT groups :. Edit: used male pronouns bc she said he came out as brother, not trans, even if thats in the process of coming out though. I don't really know what else I could do for him considering our parents will likely kick him out of the house if they found out about his sexual orientation. Continue to panties supportive - youre a really great sister. Buy them their own underwear!

Also, I would let them know that it is possible to be turned on by the idea of being or looking like a girl, without being trans or having gender dysphoria. If it all comes out now he might be kicked out, ostracized, forced into therapy, hurt emotionally,etc. However I think it's wise that you've chosen to keep this from your strict parents, because who knows what kind of shit storm that'd cause. Acting on fetishes to the harm of others is wrong. As I got older I also came out to my sister first and she then gave me her older clothing and it helped an immense amount.

Maybe have a girls night, watch a chick flick and teach her things you have learned that she might not have been able to about beauty, friends, posture anything. Immediately shit turns awkward and at first I was creeped out like no tomorrow.