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Muscle morph stories, I muscle like seeking friend who stories grabbing

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Muscle Morph Stories

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With every gulp, his body swelled out drastically.

Name: Nicoli
Age: 19
What is my ethnicity: Austrian
Who do I prefer: Hetero
Tint of my eyes: Brilliant green eyes
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark-haired
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
What I prefer to listen: Easy listening

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The once scrawny kid now was eye level with the high shower head and was just as wide as the wall it was on.

He flexed his biceps and said to maybe get XXL shirts for these guns. The archeologist sent him this new piece, what looked like a simple crystal. I say yes louder with more intent. I spent an arm and a leg getting this hard to find soap. When I opened the door, my roommate called me from the bedroom.

I asked him how he did it and he just flexed his massive bicep and said discipline and dedication. I could hear the deep groans from the bathroom. I asked him how his law degree was going and he said he was doing great, at the top of his class even. We arrived in his apartment and I asked for the restroom. He pointed to the door on the left and I entered. Well, he was my college roommate before the pandemic.

Now you might be wondering, how do I know this man who looks like he competes as a strongman? I kiss his neck and he lifts me up and onto the bed. He asks if I want to feel him.

I scream out faster and he began to pick up speed. My roommate began to deeply moan. He said he needed some clothes. My now extremely hot roommate has now invited me to his place. His once clean face now had a thick beard and the chain on his neck barely held on his massive body.

Adam brought his chipping tool out. He was screaming out that his dick had become massive. His massive frame was so intimidating along with his sexy bodyhair covering every inch of himself.

The extremely massive man brought his hands up and lifted me up high in the air. He was an expert in identifying samples obtained from big asments like this and determine what each new discovery was. Man he was hot, so hot that I began to get hard. My sex drive has also bursted through the roof.

He needed a small piece of the crystal to place under the microscope to see the crystalline structure that it has. I immediately get enraged and scream at my brother why did he use my soap?! He said he ordered a complete weight lifting set online and lifted every single day.

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My hand travels down, slowly going under his strap and feeling his hairy crotch. He also said his body pumped out so much testosterone that he grew bodyhair like crazy as he scratched his extremely hairy chest. But the one thing I could see was a large shadow standing in the bathtub. My body measurements were below average now they have exceedingly quadrupled.

Muscle stories

An hour had passed and we were in the bed under the covers. He towered me and it was so intimidating. He stood it up on a stand and observed it. I was flustered, I had never thought a situation like this would happen to me, but here it was.

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I wash my face and wash my hands. My hands travel across his massive body and his larger hands travel over my smaller one. He groaned about me being such a stick up his ass and was looking down at his now massive body. He pointed out I was hard and I got extremely red with embarrassment. He now had added on like lbs of muscle. Was my erection showing? I stroked his pipe more, and began to speed up the process.

I had to get errands done while my runt of a little brother was forced to mow the grass. He slowly went in and out. I kissed him and said that his wait was over. Covid forced everyone off campus so we had to part ways as I went home to Texas and he went to New York. Out of breath, I asked if he was coming back to campus. I gotta keep these muscles pumped for the experiments.

His chest was round and pillowy, scratchy with all the dark hairs rounding around down to his stomach which had a dark trail go to his massive junk. He looked at me and said yes, that he was now in his last year of undergrad before going to law school. Adam opened the shipping box that arrived to his lab to find the crystal surrounded by soft cushion that protected it on its travel to the States.

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I take off my clothes and rip his underwear right off. It felt so good we both cummed out massive lo. The ones he had were not able to even cover half of his big torso. Hope you all like it. He said it was ok, and that he himself was getting hard just by seeing me after over a year of no contact. Adam was a biochemical engineer, and he was on asment to analyze samples obtained from an excavation in Africa.

His pipe felt so good inside me. He wrapped a magnum condom on and slowly slid his pipe in my hole. I hear the water shut off and the door unlock. He places my hands over his pecs and I am ecstatic.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Adam took out his tools and continued to look at it, thinking about what he would do to start the process of identifying the crystal. I slowly walk to him and am straight in front of his big hairy pecs. I stroke it morph. My brother entered my room with the towel wrapped around his waist. I immediately say yes and we walk to his building. He got closer, and began to hold my very smaller hand. I did months of research on this early stage body soap that can help with growth and I took the chance on this deep web seller. He asks me if I muscle his big, fat pipe and I scream yes.

I smiled and asked if he had a roommate. Soon as I got home I see the box the soap came in was empty and I could hear the shower running. The steam began to fall down and I could really see what my brother had become. I look up at him and he looks at me. He said that when he grew up, everything grew up, and he placed his massive story over the outline of his also massive junk.

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I try to cover it naturally and my now massive roommate smiled. God he was so beautiful. We both get in a state of erotica. My hand felt a very large pipe. I also now pump a large amount of testosterone so the body hair seems to have been a side effect. We slowly got face to face and swap a kiss with each other.

He tells me to grab his dick. Hey guys! He said he was shocked at how his morph naturally took this diet and exploded with muscle. My teammate Jimmy has witnessed this firsthand as I plowed through his tight ass in his apartment. I was amazed at his transformation. I rush to the bathroom and slam on the door telling my brother to not use my story. My roommate said that covid really forced him to look at his health and make a real change.

I throw my hands up in muscle and slam the door.