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Mount of venus female, Female am seek men that venuses teachers

Mount of Venus is located at the base of the thumb and is encircled by the lifeline as shown. If the mount of Venus is well-developed and pink in color indicates that the person has strong sex drive towards opposite sex and has got a magnetic personality to reckon with. Such person will enjoy a luxurious life provided the mount of Venus is clear and without any defects.

Mount Of Venus Female

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Love Sympathy Music Grace Passion.

Name: Shannen
Years old: 25
What is my nationaly: Senegalese
Eyes: I’ve got enormous gray eyes
Hair: Chestnut
My body features: My body type is athletic
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Although Mercury is closer to Sun yet Venus has a higher temperature on its surface. Horizontal lines on Mount of Venus it is a negative. The mount of Venus is called big when the lifeline encircles the mount making it a bigger semi-circle. Whereas a hard and harsh hand for them the priority is not fashion and style. A person is warm if the mount of Venus is prominent and well padded. Yes, we do require money to avail all the good things in life but many things can be used with limited resources.

Excess working of any mount makes that particular planet malfunction, therefore negative quality. What lines do is bring. A good deer or tailor will have a well-padded Mount of Venus.

Meaning of "mount of venus" in the english dictionary

Lacks of warmth is seen in people with a flat mount of Venus. So it all boils down to our liking. It makes the mount and the qualities representing a particular mount overstretched. Hard and harsh people will be comfortable in harsh clothes for them cloth quality is not a priority. A poor person is able to eat better rich food than a rich person.

The outcome of being warm is that the person is able to attract people, relations and love towards themselves. There are two components to a particular big mount it is surface area and size therefore it means volume.

As they themselves like to wear clothes with the best cut and stitching, so what they like for themselves they will try to provide for their clients as well.

Although both these words sound similar they are totally different. Remove love from their life and everything is lost. Misusing of energy mean that the person is wasting his energy therefore the person who wastes his energy person is likely to be unsuccessful.

Everyone gets attracted to love beauty grace. Many lines on the mount bring many purposes. For example, if there are too many lines over the Mount of Venus it will ify that the person is misusing his energy levels on wrong issues. A person is likely to be a lover due to the warmth within.

Therefore the person who has a grill or crisscrossing lines over the mount of venus will waste energy, stamina, vitality. The bigger the semi-circle better it is considered. Mount of Venus is indicated of the energy levels and the warmth they may have. These people want to give love and receive love.

This part of the understanding of deing comes from the mount of Mercury the planet or skills and calculations.

Mount of venus palmistry – reading and meaning

The person is also likely to have many relationships and partnerships in life. Fewer lines over the Mount of Venus is always better than more lines over it.

The placement of the mount of Venus is on the base of the thumb. All the vices do come to this particular person, the person may eat in excess, excess drinks, excess food. Planet of Venus can be well padded yet they can be bad indications on it to give negative. A relationship does not necessarily mean only sexual relation. A person may be rich but this does not mean they have excellent taste.

The mount is also called big if it is well padded. One of the meanings of Mount of venus is the sexual part of our life. An impression is created that venus just means sex.

Venus in palmistry represents style, love, beauty, art and music. Everything is about a larger surface area it relates to more qualities to that particular mount. A person is likely to waste his fuel where it is not required. The horizontal line creates blockages in our energy.

Mount of venus in palmistry

Another meaning of many lines over the mount of Venus means that the mount is working overtime and in excess. A rich person with bad venus may go out and eat in a famous expensive restaurant but a poor person with the good mount of Venus will have good rich food on a daily basis. If the mount is positive, padded without any confusing lines over it, the person has positive energies, vitality and stamina.

Mount of Venus is the warmest and hottest planet in our solar system. Our life requires fire and fuel to run our machines.

Mount of venus – reading and meaning

Fashion and style also come to people who have a soft palm. Horizontal lines pointing towards the thumb destroy our energy. Some people go in extreme and only sex is in there mind, that too addictive. But for deing you do need calculations and how to remove the flaw in the body with clothes.

The flat mount of Venus ifies that the person may not have everlasting energies even at an old age. A rich person, with lo of money, may not be able to enjoy good rich food, as the desire are lacking.

Just to hide the lack of knowledge about good products these people try to buy branded clothes watches and homes. Moreover, we try to relate this quality of Venus in palmistry as well. If for instance, the mount is negative meaning lack of padding, grill like formation, horizontal lines, the person may have negative energies or lack of energies.

Mount of Moon is water and for life to survive and grow water too is required. People with well-padded at Mount of Venus have excellent taste. Badly marked Venus gives a lack of understanding of taste. So people with good markings on venus have the ability to make relationships and partnerships. People who are warm and friendly tend to attract everyone towards them.

Do you have these special s on the mount of venus?

A well-padded mount of Venus indicates that the person is likely to be warm and friendly. Due to the love of the body, they have a better understanding of the curves and the fitting. We must consider other aspects as well before we come to final conclusion. For example, a person leaves a car idle for a long period of time it ifies that the person is wasting his fuel.

The average temperature on Venus is degree Celsius. Being sensitive is different from being warm. A flat mount of venus reduces the desires, energies and warmth but the long heart line female on the mount of Jupiter makes the person sensitive, idealistic. Mount of Venus and Mars are encircled by the lifeline. Adjacent to the mount of Venus is the mount of the Moon at the base of the palm. Even in sex there are two parts, one part is for enjoyment the other part is for propagating our species. A better understanding, love for the human body, may come from a well-padded Mount of Venus.

Even when young they may have limited mounts compared to a person with the well-padded mount of venus with goo markings on it. They will also enjoy wearing good clothes, eating at the best outlets and staying in the best locations. Fire in palmistry is Mars while the fuel in our body is Venus. Purchase and understanding of good fabric come from good taste and good taste comes from the mount of venus.

For example, a person is likely to destroy life by drinking, overeating, masturbation or self-stimulation. This trailer for deers will try to give the best fitting and they would try to buy the venus fabric for clothing. A person may not be poor yet due to a prominent Venus will wear clothes that are better than a rich person.

Perpendicular lines pointing towards the fingers instead of horizontal lines pointing towards the thumb. Its red colour is due to Iron Dioxide, and maybe not due to the heat and fire. Soft hand means they have a knack for fine things in life.

These deers will try to give the best cutting and stitching.

Venus mount and meanings of other areas of the hand

The overworked mount of Venus means that the energy represented by the mount of Venus is being misused and wasted. Crisscrossing lines on the mount of Venus is a negative. A tailor or a deer generally do have a prominent mount of Venus, but not every tailor or deer may have a good mount of venus. Mount of Venus ifies beauty, grace, warmth, desires, energy, vitality, stamina, good health, and vices.

Venus Mount in palmistry ifies warmth in a good way provided it has good indications on your palm.