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Modern family sex story, I'm story male who like sex

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Modern Family Sex Story

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All participants are 18 years or older. In the days of old, titans appear The characters in my story are based on The Addams Family television program which originally aired on broadcast television for only two seasons in the Note to Reader: This story centers on mother and daughter, the daughter name is Asya and the mother name is Funda.

Name: Joanna
How old am I: 32
Meeting with: Gentleman
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Lady

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Alex, in or out! I take it that our hall pass is not revoked, then?

Abuse on a story

She licked her lips with a wink, still very attracted to her own grandfather of late and eager to please him. I love it!

We clearly wanted that. You know, the kinky kind. Having her salad tossed by a luscious Latina was a secret fantasy come true, making the Dunphy matriarch entirely her willing prey.

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How about it, guys? On the other hand, he was apparently quite the success with his mouth, judging from how her mother enjoyed his tongue in spite of her loathing of the guy. Eat me anytime, mama!

Her whole fucking family, or so it looked at the moment, was engaged in a serious oral clusterfuck! The Latina who married her father was just too damn delectable not to crave!

She could never imagine anyone lusting after her culo this badly that she would go to such extremes to tongue her crack. Despite her resentment and jealousy, Claire now realized, she had always been attracted to and had a crush on Gloria. Claire rimmed her stepmother like she was the most delicious dessert ever made, kissing and licking between those wonderful buns of hers as if afraid that it was her last taste of booty on Earth.

It was far too sour of a load, very gross! I might lose your stepmother to you if you were! No wonder she prefers Daddy and Grandpa!

For Claire, it was pretty simple and basic She kept rimming the holy hell out of Gloria, putting the Colombian MILF entirely under her spell, unable to resist or deny even the slightest advances from her own stepdaughter. The secret is out now. His tongue was a lot nicer and she had to admit that his size was good for sodomy, but he was rather puny for her slit.

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Feeling her grandfather lick away at her cunt, Haley realized that while some men were great for pussy lapping and some men for rough sex, other men were good for both and some not at all. It was the sexiest thing ever, far better than porn! Even her annoying habits were undeniably adorable now, even consciously, to Claire, much as they often were to her father and husband. When Gloria lay down to free his prick and begin sucking it, being less than impressed by it, but it was still a dick.

Modern family sex story

While the menfolk watched them in pure fascination, Claire Dunphy reduced the Latin cougar to a puddle of her own lady juice and a gelatinous state, slumped over the ottoman and unable to move for a moment. Before it gets too dangerous for the babies. Mom, why is Dylan eating your ass?

Now, it appears that you three want in on the fun, but we should talk about what this means. She straddled his chest for a moment and planted her delicious ass on his face, forcing him to tongue it.

Abuse on a story

I want to drink your pee sometime soon, too. Haley now knew even more than before that if she wanted gratification, she needed to mostly keep it in the family.

This is between a mother, her daughter, and her husband! Even Dylan was family now, as her husband, but it was her father and grandfather who could really get her going. Why were they having an incest orgy, even if only a suckfest? When this story gets more text, you will need to Log In to read it.


Take it, baby! Maybe make out with her, too? Gloria was complete putty in her hands and shuddered repeatedly as goosebumps formed all over her skin from the pure, crazed, intoxicating lust that consumed every part of her like a raging blaze.

I figured out that Haley had the hots for her old man and was the girl who threw the breaker and seduced him in the utility closet earlier this morning. Look, Gloria, baby, we have a hall pass for the both of us. Gloria vowed that Dylan would get only handjobs and maybe titty-jobs from her after that, amazed that she was even open to that now, but it seemed that all boundaries had blurred in the family sharing circle.

It was clearly a mutual thing for them, and the Colombian hottie proved it when she dove in without any kind of embarrassment and began rimming her stepdaughter with complete abandon. She was utterly weak in the knees now, giving into the endless pleasures of Claire eating her that way. Claire got angry and grabbed her worthless son-in-law by the hairs of his head, pushing him down to the floor before sitting on him.