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Minions erotic fan fiction, Francais erotic seeking minion fan escorts

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Minions Erotic Fan Fiction

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Episode The Incredible Hunk. Mar 18 55 mins. Then we get a little bit sidetracked on our quest through Mordor. Austin and Cameron get trapped in a disgusting time loop with Dr. Strange and his friend Wang, then we get the show on and get paid with Shrek and all the usual memes.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Episode Horton Hires A Ho. Apr 02 41 mins. Apr 15 48 mins. Also we read the final chapter in Lightning McQueen's sexy adventures. Jul 17 44 mins. Mar 05 51 mins. Jan 21 72 mins. Austin and Cameron blaze it with Darren the D. Lock and load and stay safe out there because Zac Efron is sick of being typecast. Austin and Cameron ruin your favorite fictional characters by reading their awful reimaginations courtesy of the Internet.

Austin and Cameron sold their souls to get an Apple Pay sponsorship. Apr 09 52 mins. Items required: 3 eggs; 1 butt. Episode The Suckees. Episode Trainsphobic. Austin and Cameron and special guest Dan get a glimpse into the mysterious mind of Yeezus.

We found a Storage Wars fanfiction! Austin and Cameron have finally done it! Episode The Boob Enlargement Ray. May 28 54 mins. Austin and Cameron witness the repercussions of loving pizza too much, then we Diners Drive-ins and Dive into a tasty fic featuring Danny Devito. Oct 29 60 mins RSS feed Share Share. Also we discover Hugh Neutron's special omelette recipe. Lots of butt stuff this episode. us as we dive into the dark world of bad fanfiction and discover things we never wanted to read.

Lana in macondo — frosted tips

Austin and Cameron investigate some of the scummiest sea creatures in Bikini Bottom, sing along to everyone's least favorite band, and realize how hard it is to craft a compelling narrative about Shaggy because he's just too powerful. Austin and Cameron get their minds out of the gutter and into the sewer because it's turtle time! Mar 11 71 mins.

Austin and Cameron are back from a brief unplanned hiatus! Then we read about the world's most purple cult leader. Feb 11 64 mins. Episode SmokeBob SeaweedPants.

The minions in me: an erotic short story

Then we sympathize with Filch when we read about how the Hogwarts castle is sentient and sexual. Austin and Cameron use the power of poetry to meditate with one of our favorite Dogs. Jun 27 67 mins. Episode Boyz Night. Episode Imaginary Friends With Benefits.

And after that— Is that a wocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Austin and Cameron are awarding their favorite moments on the show. Feb 04 66 mins. Want to know which Rule 34s and fics made us want to puke?

After that we are summoned to the Headmaster's office for a magical night of destroying whorecruxes. Also we address our scandal and give an update on what the hell we are doing. Then Tom Hanks puts more than just his handprint on Wilson the Volleyball's face.

Austin and Cameron visit Sesame Street. Jan 14 61 mins.

What makes the hottest fan fiction/slash fiction?

Austin and Cameron are just takin' it easy, man. Mar 26 52 mins. Subscribe on Podcast Addict. And you get a fanfiction! Episode From Dust To Crust.

It's all right here! Then we submit to our Glorious Overlord Air Bud who has somehow conquered earth through the power of sports.

Also, Darth Maul is feeling cute, might kill your Jedi Master later, idk. Your browser does not support the audio element. Episode Air Bud: Death of a Nation. Austin and Cameron are saving people and hunting things, but get detained at the airport by a handsy TSA agent.

Austin and Cameron wrote their own fics this week! Austin and Cameron ponder what percentage of genie wishes are used for weird sex things. Featuring Lord of the Rings characters and a very special Comic-Con encounter. Episode Gross Hobbit Cum Lake.

Episode Pizza Bitch. Episode Weezer Wagon. Austin and Cameron find out that Darth Vader is technologically illiterate and then we find ourselves searching for that handsome beast who wears them size 25 shoes. First we read some The Office fanfic and flip through Jim's HR file, then we find out what Blues Clues would be like if it was an action movie.

May 06 46 mins. Austin and Cameron learn how to deal with bullies from Thomas the Dank Engine. Jan 28 53 mins. Jun 11 47 mins. May 13 79 mins. Then we see what Dexter is really up to in that laboratory. Aug 26 44 mins. Austin and Cameron fall head over heels for The Incredible Hunk, then Sam from Transformers crosses beams with Slimer and also the X-men are there for some reason. Then we make a deal with two different bald headed television personalities.

Feb 25 51 mins. Instead of going to see the new Avengers, just listen to this fic and spare yourself the horror of seeing Ant-man crawl up Thanos's butt on the big screen. Apr 22 61 mins. Feb 18 55 mins. You get a fanfiction! Everybody gets fanfictions! Then after, use that crazy good app to buy as much butter as you can get your grimy mitts on before Paula Deen buys it all up and crashes the market. Oct 29 mins.