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Let's start with the announcement we made this morning, I'm pregnant.

Meat Sauce Falen Divorce

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Paul "Meatsauce" Lambert b. September 15, is a co-host of the PowerTrip Morning Show.

Name: Hedvige
Age: 18
Tint of my iris: Brilliant gray
What is my hair: Honey-blond
Favourite music: Classical
My tattoo: None

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But hey, thanks for reading! Love it. Yup, I read it. Some form of the morning show has been around for many years now with and without the Superstar, so they are obviously doing something right. My problem with you is that you posted this anonymously. He really does take his job seriously and has improved immensely since he started at the FAN. That's my biggest oversight of the blog, not mentioning his Saturday show. I don't get Meatsuace, but his high pitch bride isn't a big of a catch as people seem to think.

She'll soon be looking like one of the ladies from KS95 or the B52s.

I'm pregnant.

You're a coward and you're jealous. But despite that, nobody claimed my comments were incorrect.

Two anonymous cents: 1 - Agreed, Meatsauce offers nothing for me as a radio listener beyond filler. A little too ironic? It's nice to see that somebody actually took the time to read it, rather than assume since the third paragraph doesn't kiss his ass, the entire blog must be filled with insults and hatred. How should I have spent that 58 minutes of writing, playing Call of Duty?

Don't you think? You probably spent more time watching Internet porn the night I wrote the "entire blog. I love his bit on the power trip but his TRUE talents are shown on "Saturday's with Sauce" You can see the effort and professionalism in that show.

Maybe put the effort you put into hating Sauce and writing shitty blog posts into improving your own life so you don't have to take others down to feel better.

The two of them getting married know gives those A Holes at Chump Channel a chance to rake them over the coals. Byeeeee Steve!

Falen agrees to extension at kdwb

And putting thoughts into words is a positive exercise. Get over yourself and move on.

Not in the United States. People seem to think that spending an hour writing a critique is some kind of evil. From morning show just looking for entertainment. Yup, I agree. At least in my opinion. But I guess people are always looking for those who appear to be worse off than themselves to make them feel their pitiful existence is worth while.

Many in radio should be so lucky. There's a place for the "common man," we have all learned, and Lambert is enjoyed by many, obviously. Perhaps we'll see Lambert anchoring the I might enjoy that. He assumes the blog is "hating Sauce. There are moments that I enjoy, but not enough that I listen regularly. Spoken like a true professional.

If it were up to me, I'd give him a falen. The second to last graph spells it out: "I'm at a loss to explain the aura of Lambert, but you can't hate a guy who lives a charmed life, even if you don't root for him. Your 30 twitter followers are probably extremely proud of you.

But my belief is that you could spend the time doing something positive. Clearly Lambert doesn't annoy everyone, as he has built a nice career for himself. I'm not ready to sauce he gets his own weekday show, but the Saturday show is a nice respite from national sports feeds on the weekends. Thanks for reading, even if your comment is illogical.

Spend more time worrying about yourself instead of divorce infatuated with Sauce. I appreciate what Chris and Cory bring to the show, but every time Paul opens his mouth it's cringe worthy. I honestly can say I don't get how people find this individual somewhat amusing. Good meat on the next contract. People think David Letterman is brilliant, others think he is not the leas bit funny. What is original about a buffoon talking on a radio show conveying an IQ of less than the average shoe size.

The dynamic of the show as a whole doesn't work for me. And yet, you also post anonymously Isn't it ironic? You took the time to write an entire blog bashing someone you have never met. When you have nothing intelligent to say in return, offer mindless drivel like that. Dont give two shits about "professional talent" or the likes, it's entertainment. So commentary on public figures should be limited only to those who we worship wholly? You can't reason with lazy people like "Anonymous. Seriously, would it make you feel somehow better if the guy posted as "Steve Buttreaks?

Again, a true loser posting. I seriously don't get how anyone can enjoy listening to Paul Lambert. Well said, I found this post entertaining and insightful coming from someone that doesn't enjoy Sauce's character. I don't get it, either.

Could I have been a little more kiss assy in my characterizations?

Falen bonsett

Whatever you think of Meatsauce, that's your opinion. If he is being paid minimum wage for being on the Power Trip, he's still being paid too much.

If you don't like him or the morning show, don't listen. Don't try to reason with a clown who doesn't actually read the blog.

Paul "meatsauce" lambert

While I'm not a fan of the KFAN morning show, and I don't hold his talent in high regard, I hear a decent amount of his stuff on Saturday afternoons, and it's usually entertaining. And sauce makes me laugh. Couldn't agree more. The days where everyone has to be a slick, polished radio professional are long gone. The only reason that anyone is reading this garbage is because the guy who had no business on major market radio station mentioned you.

Clearly enough people myself included enjoy his bit to keep him employed. How many hot pockets did your mom make for you in the 8 hours it took you to write this blog? An entire blog? He brings nothing to the show. I'll re-evaluate my own agenda and try to do the same now that I've got this out. Why bother with this blog post? You're a creep.

Are we that stupid as a society that we find this amusing?