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Maxima vs wonder woman, Wonder woman look up woman to maximas

Everyone knows that Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful women in the DC Universe, and would even give any woman in the Marvel Universe a very fast run for her money.

Maxima Vs Wonder Woman

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You can follow him on Twitter samstoneshow and ask him about Nintendo, pop punk, and Star Trek. But with Warmaster teasing the next Horsewoman of the Apocalypse being one Wonder Woman is familiar with, Maxima may be an unwitting pawn in a larger plot. Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles.

Maxima (dc comics)

This version would continue to appear in the DC Universe into the DC Rebirth era where she defeated an older Maxima more closely resembling the original, pre- Flashpoint Maxima with the help of Supergirl and Superwoman. While this doesn't appear to be a factor in her upcoming team-up with Wonder Woman, the precedent has certainly been established.

However, after Superman married Lois Lane, an embittered Maxima would leave the Justice League to the Superman Revenge Squad before heroically sacrificing herself to stop Brainiac after the cosmic villain absorbed the destructive powers of Imperiex. By Sam Stone Published Mar 16, Share Share Tweet 0. Marvel's Eternals Forever 1 Comic Review. Fortunately, as the younger, more noble incarnation of Maxima, the two princesses are likely slated for an epic partnership, bringing Diana from the world of myths and monsters to one of interstellar intrigue in a very different kind of adventure.

Dissatisfied with her intended betrothed Ultraa, Maxima instead arrived on Earth after falling in love with Superman and deeming the Man of Steel worthy enough to help her conceive. As one of the most hot-headed members of the Justice League, Maxima has been both friend and foe to the heroes of the DC Universe, constantly driven by unrequited romance.

Wonder woman vs. maxima

Diana Prince recently had an impromptu team-up to battle against invading mythical monsters with Valda, the time-displaced daughter of Charlemagne, who has taken on the moniker of Iron Maiden while running afoul with the Boston Police Department. A younger incarnation of Maxima was introduced during the New 52 era by K. In a twist from her earlier appearance, this version of Princess Maxima had been banished from Almerac for not selecting a heterosexual partner to produce a royal heir.

Despite Maxima pointing out that Kryptonians were genetically compatible with her race, Superman refused as he had no interest in siring potential tyrants, enraging the hot-tempered Maxima. Meanwhile, the Four Horseman of the Apokalips have quietly been forming, with Warmaster recruiting Armageddon and Devastation to her fiendish cause.

After briefly entering an alliance with Brainiac after he destroyed her home planet, Maxima ed the Justice League in order to prove herself worthy to Superman through the team's heroic actions, and she was even on the ill-fated team that tried to stop Doomsday. Advance solicits for upcoming issues reveal Wonder Woman will embark a very different kind of team-up with the Almerac princess, taking her across the cosmos for an epic adventure involving alien intrigue while Warmaster continues to gather her forces back on Earth for an inevitable showdown against Diana with apocalyptic stakes for the fate of the planet.

This younger version of Maxima crashed into Wonder Woman's Boston home, physically battered and apologizing to the Amazon superhero for not knowing where else to turn. Upon her arrival on Earth, Maxima fell in love with Supergirl but her romantic advances were politely declined.

And, as the villainous ensemble begins to take shape in Wonder Womana classic DC Comics character has literally crashed back into Wonder Woman's life: Maxima.

After recently relocating to Boston, life has only gotten crazier for Wonder Woman.