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Maybe you didn't notice that, in the remastered version of Mass Effect 1points of interest on the galaxy map—random hidden asteroids worth resources if you found and scanned them—didn't twinkle to let you know they were there like they had in the original version. Instead, completionists had to mouse over every single asteroid belt just in case.

Mass Effect Corporal Toombs

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This subreddit is the unofficial source for people who love the Mass Effect universe including the games, books, comics, and DLC. Created Nov 8, Top posts november 14th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top. Continue this thread. Or, as OP suggested, maybe he's part of the merc army trying to retake Omega.

It's possible he may have a Cameo at some point in the future or may have just been killed in a Reaper Attack. Dropped like many other thre. He's the person holding the Cerberus scientists hostage, He's someone that every shep can see, Sole Survivor just has extra dialogue.

You could headcanon that he became enhuskenated after realising that Shep was no longer "with" Cerberus and going after the org directly. I understand that the dev team can't put in every character, but given the sheer amount of cameos in ME3, I was quite surprised that Toombs didn't make a reappearance or even get mentioned.

Whatever happened to Corporal Toombs?

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Does anyone else find it odd that he doesn't appear in Mass Effect 3 assuming he survived the first game? He sends you a mail in ME2 saying he's started his own Mercenary Squad and threatening Shepard because he's with Cerberus saying he won't hesitate to kill Shepard the next time they see each other.

Found the internet! Oh well, maybe they're saving him for Omega.