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The Photoshoot Part 1: Maisie Williams.

Maisie Williams Sex Stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 11th of August Report. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

Name: Vinny
What is my age: I am 59
What is my nationaly: American
Sex: I'm female
What I prefer to drink: Cider
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An eternity seemed to pass. Morgan returned his gaze to Sophie. Finally, I make no money from the distribution of this work. However, it was odd in its representation. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you, Mal. Morgan Price looked down in awe at the sight before him, a vision which just a day earlier had been the lone province of his masturbatory fantasies.

There was a loud rumbling, as dust fell from the ceiling, then with a crash the cave collapsed all around them. But, perhaps the most interesting thing the scroll said was that this vault was supposed to contain the power, no, the very essence of Janus himself. Where am I? You can go where ever you chose. The correct interpretation of this scroll referenced a reliquary or vault beneath the Ianus geminus, a place that before his discovery no one knew existed. The light within the orb died down a moment later, returning it to a dull innocuous state.

The orb burned in his hand, it threated to consume him. As the earth shifted, it tossed the orb into the air.

In his work, Morgan discovered a mistranslation of an ancient scroll. I think that would help. It was like being struck simultaneously by a thousand bolts of lightning. He felt his skin burning to ash and his eyes melting in their sockets as the rainbow-colored light burst from every pore in his body.

But, since he could see into the past as well as the future and could affect beginnings and transitions, could he have held power over reality itself? Janus already held a special place in Roman mythology, as his name, his very presence, served as a gateway to the other gods. The following is a work of fiction. The ancient Roman god was often seen as a guide, as he could see into the past and the future. Licking her full lips, Sophie leaned forward. While real people do appear in this work, I, the writer of this work, in no way wish to see these individuals actually put in any situation contained therein.


It is not, in any way, intended to reflect reality. He still had eyes… He felt different somehow, changed, connected. He only hoped he might prove the questions speculated upon in his dissertation. Normally, the two faces of Janus looked away from each other, one looking to the past, the other to the future.

Then, everything went black. Past, present, future, they were all the same. Anyone who would do any such a thing to a real-life person deserves punishments reserved only for those in the deepest circle of hell.

He was in Rome, in a newly discovered vault beneath the Ianus geminus, or as the tourists would have called it, The Temple of Janus. The versions of them that appear in this story are fictional and purely based on their celebrity persona. Furthermore, I do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone rape, kidnapping, violence, or any of the other questionable acts that appear herein.

The orb flared to life, casting its multitude of colors all about. The orb dulled as its rainbow light was reabsorbed into its surface.

Morgan however, was searching what he believed to be an altar of some kind. He reared his head back to scream as the sensation overwhelmed him. It was a tight, cramped area barely ten meters across and a meter tall. This clue was the reason he was granted the right to excavate beneath the temple, it was why he had been given a huge grant to fund it and why he was now deep underground in a cramped little cave with three other archeologists. My intention is only to entertain. But, the room was exactly the way he remembered it.

It is purely a fantasy originating in the deepest recesses of my mind. He felt connected to everything all at once.

Somewhere, in the vague corner of consciousness, Morgan heard his colleagues scream as they were crushed under the weight of a thousand tons of rock. Morgan always wondered what the ancient Romans believed of the two-faced god.

The pain died away and Morgan was able to open his eyes. But here in this statue, they faced one another. Before him, on their knees and gazing up at him in what could only be described as unadulterated lust, were Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.

In a further oddity, balanced between them on a small stone pedestal was an orb roughly five cm in diameter. Time, came to a halt. That was it. It had long since collapsed under the weight of debris and time, but curiously an undamaged figure sat atop it.

This work is not intended to endorse or condone anyone who would perform such vile acts. It was complicated. He found himself in a familiar place, the basement of the home where he grew up. This would be the real test to see if he could control the power of the orb.

Every moment in time, all realities, he could see them all simultaneously. The orb appeared to be made of plain brown clay.

His theory was that Janus might have served a greater role in Roman mythology than was first thought. He looked at each in turn, knowing they would now do whatever he asked. It was a response that Morgan both expected and did not. He reached out a hand, his rainbow-colored vision could see the orb in all its magnificent glory, still balanced on his palm.

One of his colleagues was inspecting a crumbling mosaic on the floor, while another carefully cataloged the pieces of an ancient ceremonial tablet.

It had taken them weeks of tedious digging and excavation, but Morgan and his team finally found what they believed to be the long undiscovered vault of Janus. Morgan tentatively reached out to pick it up so he could inspect it further, when suddenly, the earth shifted. He poured his will into it, using the immense power it contained to reflect the reality he wanted Sophie and Maisie to see.

Janus, the two-faced God had province over many things including, gates, boundaries, duality, even time. An hour ago, Dr. Morgan Price had been nothing but a skinny, geeky, glasses wearing, twenty-six-year-old archeologist, fresh out of school and on his first real dig.

Give what you can.

Morgan looked at the orb in his hand, concentrating on it. The debris however, passed right through his body, leaving him completely unscathed. Sophie looked over at her good friend, seeing only the sister she knew as her character. This figure was an ivory and ebony carving of what appeared to be Janus.

He quivered in anticipation as Sophie again looked at Maisie, this time with the same longing desire in which she was looking at him.

The two girls leaned forward and their lips met in passion. They were in a cast trailer on the season 7 set of Game of Thrones and the girls were dressed as their characters Sansa and Arya Stark. I apologize if that offends you. As he focused, it flared to life, shining with an intense bright light while reflecting a thousand different colors from deep within its core and casting a million rainbows across the room.

Looking around, Morgan took in his surroundings. But it was clear, the voice was his own. Power unlike anything he had ever experienced rushed through his body. But rather than having a smooth rounded surface, it had a thousand tiny, distinct facets.