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Lita and john cena, I'm Lita for lady cena loves and

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Lita And John Cena

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The rivalry between Edge and John Cena certainly elevated both men to new heights. John Cena Rivalry, Explained. Their matches certainly captivated the audience, and despite Cena being the babyface, he received a hostile reception in some of his matches with The Ultimate Opportunist. They have an outstanding 27 World Titles between them and there are some things in their rivalry that go under the radar.

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Haas knocks him back down and punches Vis. Viscera accidentally splashes Haas. Side slam by Kane after an Irish Whip into the corner. Vis misses a splash. Shelton and Coach are talking.

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Kane starts by throwing Nitro right out of the ring. Edge spears Candice Michelle right away and Lita gets the win. They do their spiel before the match, and get a big ovation. Estrada tells Kane never to touch him again. Nitro works over that leg in the corner. Mikey hits a dropkick for two. Haas hits some punches in the corner. DX is out for the Gauntlet match.

I would hate to be around Vince right now. HBK wonders why there is no ad for the DX merch, so they shill for shopzone.

September 25th – cena vs. lita

Kane throws him out of the ring again. Eugene comes up to Maria. Nitro did a 2. Cena puts over the Sooners. HHH tags in and hits some right hands. Edge comes out to tell Cena to shut up. Vis tags in. That match was lights out!

Robbie gets a pedigree. He works on Flair in the corner. Michaels tags in but Haas takes over in the corner with more punches and a charge to the stomach. Coach makes a match between the two. Nitro clips Kane while Melina distracts him. He tells Benjamin he should have come to him. WWE in Mexico. He gives Michaels the Boss Man Slam. Flair with more chops.

Haas gets a pedigree and Vis gets Sweet Chin Music. For ten dollars in bus fare, Lita can be yours. Lita gets on the mic and says she gets to pick the referee. Cena rags on Lita some more. Edge says he is going to celebrate with Lita. Haas and HHH start out.

Maria comes up to get their thoughts on them being in the gauntlet. Not only does he do that, he makes it a no holds barred match. The Highlanders are a surprise first entrant. Whipsplash in the corner by Umaga. The trade punches. However, Cena is not allowed to lay one finger on Cena, or he will lose his rematch. Andre put Monsoon out for the win. He is immediately thrown out. Michaels hits a few chops in the corner. She sounds a lot like the Giants defense!

Maria is confused by the catchphrase.

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He faints when she whispers the catchphrase into his ear. Raw pulled a 1. Edge comes out, natch. Nitro recovers and goes to the top but Kane gives him a big boot as he comes down. Mikey chokes Flair in the corner. Hardy comes up and speaks ebonics. Clothesline by Viscera gets two. Coach claims Shelton never capitalized on his chances.

Flair reverses and hits some chops. The controversy was settled when Thesz abandoned his title to go wrestle for Jarrett. Vis gyrates. The crowd is loving Cena. Vis falls on Haas. He slaps Flair, but Flair chops him.

Lita's recent wwe appearances

However, a two out of three fall match between AJ Styles and Low Ki steals the show, with Ki winning the first fall via submission, before Styles took two falls straight via pinfall. Cena blames Edge for the power outage to duck Cena. Mikey gets a headlock but Flair counters with an arm drag and a strut. Edge is the better wrestler, the entire locker room is in fact, even herself.

Cena vs lita match hd

Coach wants to know if Shelton was trying to embarrass him last week with his racial comments. Scoop slam by Mikey and a forearm from the second rope. Flair goes for the figure four, but Nicky runs in. Candice is sent out to stall some more, I think.

Flair rolls up Mikey with some help from the tights for the win. Lita calls Cena the joke. He talks about his wacky facial hair.

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Back from break, Michaels is fighting out of a Haas submission. Facebuster by HHH. A double clothesline knocks him down. Umaga, who was supposedly banned from ringside, comes down and attacks Kane with a steel chair. Cena says Lita has no D, to use a football analogy. Knee drop by Flair and a chop block. Thumb to the eye by Haas.

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He kicks Flair some more in the corner. Edge comes up and wants Coach to make the match official. Right hand by Viscera. Reverse elbow to Flair as he comes off the ropes. HHH counters an irish whip with a clothesline.