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Jillian the bachelor butt, Thai bachelor Jillian male to the

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Jillian The Bachelor Butt

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Jillian Michaels hilariously proved she wasn't afraid of anyone on Tuesday's episode of Just Jillian. First on the show, Jillian decided to make Giancarlo mad by pretending to post a butt selfie on Instagram. We have to admit, his reaction was priceless!

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Then, there are the things we c. I mean, take this shot — that's definitely a full-coverage swimsuit bottom, right? This begs the question: How much butt cheek is too much butt cheek for ABC? And why now, all of a sudden, am I seeing so many blurs?

Despite the prevalence of bathing suits, I've never really found myself thinking about butts while watching Bachelor In Paradise. Inthe black bar constantly hovering over Jillian Anderson's butt became kind of a running joke due to her revealing swimsuit, and it followed her to Paradise that same year. The Korean drama is quickly becoming on.

Skip ! I've noticed Jenna, Chelsea, Bibiana, Krystal, and Kendall all getting the blur at one point or another, and it's forcing me to think about butts way more than if they had just After all, that's what my other favorite show, Love Islanddoes:.

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However, this season is a different story. One of the first jokes in the premiere came from Bibiana, who said "If my ass gets blurred, I'm doing something right" in reference to her skimpy bikinis — and now all I can see are blurred asses.

However, Anderson was just one woman. Groundbreaking No, What might have been the most chaotic season of Bachelor in Paradise has finally come to an end, and although the process was more tumultuous than it neede. Even though the finale promo hints that Kendall Long returns to.

The thing with Bachelor in Paradise promos is that they are often purposefully misleading. So They Came U It helpe. I'm more preoccupied with who is kissingwho is fighting, and which person probably stinks most strongly of sweat and seaweed.

Story from TV Shows. Free the butts, ABC. Free the butts!

Instead of having. What was perhaps before an every so often thing is now occurring every episode because the women are getting cheekier with their choices. There are some things we expect from Bachelor in Paradise: Love triangles, lying, people making out in front of each other.

This year on BIPit seems like every girl is getting their butt barred and blurred, sometimes for seemingly no reason.