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Interactive tickling game, Interactive game picking female who ticklings chasity

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Interactive Tickling Game

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Name: Blakelee
How old am I: 36
Where am I from: Peruvian
My figure type: I'm chubby

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Some tickle games good for kids :)

Mi piacerebbe vedere in futuro anche dell'audio nel gioco. And also you are gonna add more tools, animations and stuff in future updates right ;D. Just asking. How's the progress on v0. You're right, this is a great idea, maybe he will add it in the future, but it depends on how big he intends to make this game. Thank you for your support! Please report and bugs and feel free to leave suggestions for future features! Good work, but about to add tongue?

Tickle the girl

Or on the other hand you have the arrogant tich girl who doesn't even know she is ticklish and when you touch her soles she will act like "Oh p-please stop this nonsense" and gradually over time she will ask more and more for you to stop until she breaks.

Man I love the variety! Mayne add a ballgag and blindedfodded next update. I have many more idea to share and I love this game so please don't take this as pushy or annoying thanks for this wonderful game you have brought into my life. I started to post on instagram about the game.

What do you think about adding bullet vibrators as a tickling tool? I love this game and everything about it, I would like to suggest a few things to improve the game. Loving it! Pr0tklfck days ago.

More information. KosmoX days ago.

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Interesting suggestion, though I think I will probably implement that in the form of another character with her own personality. Well, I wouldn't post this, but would anyone like to have access to it? If you enjoy what you see, consider leaving a donation. Check link below v0. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Tickle Kuri! Download Now. Game is also available in app form on Google Play for free! I don't know, to give it a little bit of detail.

Tickle apk

Kuri lost a bet with you and now is at your mercy in a pair of stocks! It will probably be a while before I start work on that project. Also I have an idea for the whole "armpit tickling game",how about it is in days now here me out so the first day she would be confused and scared and over times days she would begin to struggle more and more and plead for mercy until you let her out on day 7, and the stock idea would fir perfectly tickling the early levels in basic stocks and the later levels in complex stock deed for armpit tickle torture.

This game is currently in development. Restore game. Not really suggestion but more of a question from me. You can literally spend 16 hours a day, every day, adding in things that they want, but don't want to pay for. Thanks for the game! Are you 18 years of age or older? Only if you can strip them off too though! That would be cool. Not too game on interactive male characters, but if the community really wants it I won't refuse. A bit of friendly advice: if the beggars want you to add something to solve their sexual fantasy, have them pay for it in advance.

I love this game with all my heart and I am pleased to say this game has changed so much since the first time I played it. Thanks for this game, usually games like these get deleted or not get updated. These are mostly about the "new characters" idea btw. Thank you for making this awesome game! Ciao, ho scaricato questo gioco da Google play mi piace un sacco. Think you can add other places to tickle her other than her feet?

Thank you for the offer, but I I'm also currently learning webdev so I would like to use this project to practice my own skills. Run game.

About interactive tickling game

Comments Log in with itch. The second thing I would like to see in the game is some more tickling tool, for example a feather duster or an electric tooth brush. Currently busy with school and stuff so v0. First one almost everyone has asked for tickling kuri's armpits, it is probably the best feature that could be added to the game but that might need a separate game. I think a bit earlier to replied to someone saying you'd be willing to do pateron related contests for new characters to be added game Hello, have you considered adding a pair of socks?

Some more things to consider adding are different types of stocks, we only have the medeival stocks how about adding an x shaped stocks or a chair for tickling? First time load may tickling a while. I'll see if I can find a way to add those. Characters with interactive personalities have been suggested and game likely be implemented once I get the base features down. So nice. Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. I just want to ask When will the next update be? Saludos y seguiremos apoyando.

She has such cute reactions.! I've been playing this game for a while now and I love this game and seeing the development of this game and I am back with more suggestions. BTW thank you for your support! Different personalities would be interactive as well as styles and "laughter types", for instance you have a cute shy girl DEADFULLY ticklish, she will burst out in laughter as soon as you touch her feet and or armpits in laters games, and as soon as you stop tickling her she tickling plead to be let free and see daylight again.

Different personalities and styles mean a lot so I hope you take some of my ideas into consideration. Saludos y excelente trabajo en verdad. I believe adding the ability to tickle her armpits would be a great addition to the game, as well as adding a feather duster of some sorts or a even the ability for her to pass out if she gets tickled to much. By the way if i may ask. Time to have a little fun with those ticklish feet of hers!

But don't delete old version please, i beg you. Thank you for making such a good game! I would love to apply my skills as a web developer and graphic deer let me know :. Thank you. I think it would be fun seeing her laughing her ass off while you are not doing anything:.

It's very interesting experience. They are loving, soon it will be know for all the tickling groups. I broke her 4 times today, usually I don't get there but I made her say "red" that was super sexy and I was surprised how quick it happened when I focused on just one toe, like I do in real life.

Feet tickling games online

I think the game should start by taking off Kuri's shoes and socks. Hey maybe could you add a lick option? Also most of us are anticipating when your new game will come out. Can I help at all? Next idea,gagged and blindedfodded. Maybe adding speech corresponding like in the original game. I agree! By the way, I love your game! Download Now Name your own price. I know its by all means far in the future and won't probably come into the bigger picture during developing of this game or maybe even future ones but would you be inclined to add male characters too given enough interest from the community?

Kurtboi 2 days ago. Is it possible to add tickling items such as lotions?

Interesting idea, will add that to list of suggestions.