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I want to diaper my boyfriend, Bbbw girl picking boyfriend especially want lapdance

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I Want To Diaper My Boyfriend

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If he cried, it's apparent something is bothering him about it deep down. He also told me that he was attracted to girls in diapers or girls with wet pants.

An exploratory study of adult baby-diaper lovers’ characteristics in an italian online sample

I am really confused. You then decide whether - 1 you take him for a wee wee to a public toilet, pull down his pull up, sit him on the toilet, pull his pull up back up, wash his hands and yours. Hi maryjane1 Are you comfortable with it? I've red an article once about a woman who's made it her bussiness to accomodate some people's need to wear diapers and act like babies.

‘i like to wear diapers’

Although it should be something he checks out if you two decide to have real babies. It is not for me to say whether this is a good or bad thing.

Since then he has done this a couple of times. This thread is ten years old. I gave in and did. One on hand, you say you like it, but on the other, there is something about your post that makes me feel you're not certain whether you're OK with it.

Should i diaper my boyfriend for his diaper fetish? is this wrong?

I don't think you need to learn to be ok with it, I also don't think you need to discontinue the relationship providing this is the only major issue. And by him asking you to encourage this, he's not dealing with the issues that cause him all the tears.

She said it's usualy men with high pressure jobs. This is typical behavor of someone who does something psychologically damaging, feels guilty, then asks another person to do that thing also to 'fix' his guilt. But I'm getting that the thought of wearing diapers didn't mind until he showed up.

What does it meaning boyfriend, wearing, diapers, in the dream?

Would you have a boyfriend that wanted you to wear diapers? I reckon most people wouldn't be able to cope with it, but if it doesn't bother you and you seem to even like it, don't worry about it. He also told me that he liked to where diapers too. I also have to admit that find it very cute to see him in a diaper and acting like a 4 year old.

Post a reply Back to top. He even drove me home without changing. You could also, from when he says "mummy I need a wee wee" pop a dummy in his mouth, until - 1 10 minutes after toilet or 2 20 minutes after he says "mummy I did a wee wee in my pull up". Home Self Help Relationships My boyfriend, me and diapers.

Savage love: my boyfriend digs diapers

It's something you might consider encouraging him to deal with by talking to someone qualified about it, if you truly have his best interests at heart. He tries to get me to wet my pants by tickling me or pressing on my bladder when I have to pee. I'd advise that you move on. Main Menu. I would set limits for him about peeing his pants in public, for instance. We don't need to wear them but we enjoy it we both agreed not to use them for fecal matter but Will happily wet them for each other but depends on what turns you on try everything once that's what I'll say. I asked him if he should change and he said it didnt matter and spent the rest of the evening in wet pants.

Active topics Unanswered topics Search info forum. Since then I have been treating him more like. I think this is something that you might accomodate short term in a new relationship but in the long term,its a non starter.

Outside of all this he is a very normal guy. I am very attracted to him and we have a very good sex life. I didnt say any thing at first but then we went back to his place and finally I did because I just couldnt hold my toungue any longer.

We went out to a bar and were drinking then I happened to notice something. Also give him his a dummy when changing his wet pull up and do this in public if you can or in a public toilet. He said he didnt realize he did.

Return to Relationships. If you're going to play this game, be sure it's private.

I know this all sounds really strange. Relationship Resources. I do think he needs to see a psychologist to determine the root cause of this behavor, I would guess something happened in his past that lead him to act this way, and now this behavor is not healthy for him even if he doesn't see that.

He told me that he didnt know why he did it. He even bought some diapers and plastic pants and wanted me to wear them. As long as it doesn't interfere with regular life, and you and he both like it- I think its fine. But if any tinge of doubt or discomfort shows up, it's best you have a talk with him about the importance of being able to enjoy sex for what it is. After we went out for about a month a strange thing happened.

My boyfriend, me and diapers

I have kind of fallen into this mother role and he this child role. Whats more when he does this he starts talking like a baby before he does it. I'm not sure they would understand. I think it's a little ridiculous that by asking you to wear diapers, he's asking you to help him normalize his behavior. Since that night he has been wanting me to wear diapers for him. My boyfriend, me and diapers Post a reply. I am going out with this guy. You mention a very key word. She even has a big cot and specialy made baby pyjamas.

It's pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things. When I pressed the issue he started crying.

What would you do if your boyfriend confessed wearing diapers?

If this is a fetish you've considered before, that's one thing. Finally I needed to confront him about it. This guy had no right laying this on you the way he did. I personally enjoy a guy Putting me in a diaper and returning the favour it's brought me and my husband closer together both physically and sexualy. Do you think anything is wrong with this? I am 21 and he is He is a really nice guy asnd I am really in to him.

But I say indulge his kink. He wet his pants. If this is a genuine post then think about it. And start thinking about how you'd like him to indulge your kinks! If you're both having fun, heck, have fun. If it inhibits him -- like urinating in public than ultimately it is not a desirable behavior for him. I have to admit that I kind of like it cause we dont do it all the time.

Make my bf wear diapers

So your boyfriend is definitely not alone. Make him wear a pull up diaper when out and he has to tell you when he needs to urinate by saying "mummy I need a wee wee". When you can enjoy sex as just sex, that's when I believe the kinks can be thrown for that extra spice Also, I say normalizing the behavior, not to make a judgement on the act, but because he cried when you confronted him about it.

He must get some kind of thrill about wetting his pants in public. I would never 3.