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Husband Sucks Wifes Lover

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Name: Esther
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I have never sucked him off before but have wished many times as I watched I could. Truth About Porn - Research Studies.

Husband has to suck wife's lover cuckold

Now he fucks her and I get to suck him off and do clean up. I got up and told them to keep fucking, and I was going to keep sucking cocks. She just moaned and says something like yes baby I need him to feel me up good I let it happen and just talk about it during sex. Which she is fine with. I've seen pictures of his cock on her phone and it got my harder than I've ever been.

RawConfessions user required. I have sucked maybe 30 men over 4 years. My wife found out I was sucking cock and decided to let her ex boyfriend fuck her. I sneaked into the house, took off my clothes,and stood watching from the door as he fucked her. My wife's current lover likes to have me suck his cock before and after they have sex and sometimes if my wife is not available he will have me suck him off and swallow his cum, I enjoy it.

I started sucking him without her knowing it. I've sucked most of them.

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I'd beg for it. Is My Fetish Porn Induced? We can't have everything we want. Commented Nov 30, by anonymous I have lived as a cuckold for 4 years now. I was resistant at first to the clean upbut after a short time, I began to enjoy being a cocksucker, I do like the taste of cum.

If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. I have lived as a cuckold for 4 years now. I just moaned yes and continued. Related Confessions. Rebooting Basics: Start Here. He asked me if I wanted to watch. By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. No one can have everything. I am ncbymail on ya hoo We live and open marriage and wife had had many lovers. I need it. Who would send dick pics unless you husband they were having sex.

The best is when we do a Bi 3sum MMF. My wife first admitted he was just a friendly co worker Young tall and good looking until one night after drinking wife passes out on couch. I know Wifes would cum as soon as I got that thick, throbbing cock down my throat. Even on days she's not up for it. Posted Nov 30, by anonymous lovers 17 comments. I am not a cuckold but would be gladly! I am a suck hubby it has been 9 years I love to clean up her messy ass and pussy and suck guys cock with her cum juice in it to get them hard again I have lost count on how many cocks I have sucked.

Add post as: Anonymous. She and I don't fuck much. Taste it. Then the next text says something like it misses you Big ole white cucumber sized cock. I did and it was a big turn on. Once I saw and heard them both orgasm, and he rolled off the top of her I went immediately to the bed before they could react, and took his cock in my mouth.

My cock was hard as a rock.

Choke on it. International Suicide Helplines. Wife's friend at work say's she is jealous of my wife. PornFree Subreddit. Slobber all over it. She found out and was ok with it. Does he send her home with a pool of cum in her panties.? I want to suck off my wife's lover Posted Nov 30, by anonymous views 17 comments. But I do suck cock and have for 20 years and I've lost count too. Then whimper as he told me he was cumming. My wife is having an affair with a guy from the gym. Kiss it. Gag on it.

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Love cocks and cum!! She won't let me suck them off coz then she wouldn't get fucked. My wife would never do it, but I have given up sex with her. I'm married but I suck cock whenever I can. Had dinner with my wife's sister and her husband, tried to get wife's sister pregnant after. My wife freaked out, cussing me, hitting me, but I just kept sucking until I had him hard again. You've got me so hard. Do you lick it out of her cunt? I'd keep his balls drained! No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. I came twice just writing this message.

Suck it. My lover's penis is bigger than my husband's penis.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do than suck the cock that fucks my wife. It was my wife's idea, at first to have extra men in our bed, but soon it became obvious, she wanted me to be watching and then clean up. I can say it's never been enough.

Before, after or during him fucking her. I have thought of going to a gloryhole, but the idea of just kneeling and sucking cock is not as good as if i suck the cockthat was just inside my wife or having her tell me to get a man hard, so he can fuck her longer the second time. My lover's penis is larger than my husband's penis. Lick it. Then I'd take 6 or 7 hot sticky creamy blasts down my hungry throat before he pulls out and covers my face with his beautiful man juice.

All I can think about is his cock. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. I want to smell his cock. I knew my wife was fucking another guy in my own bed. I was pissed but got her in bed and asked her if she really wanted to fuck Jared she could.

I have daughters and I fantasize about sucking off their boyfriends. My lover's penis is larger than my boyfriend's penis. She prefers his dick and I do too!