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By Jessica Green For Mailonline.

Hundred Claire Naked

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The work is an attempt to know that which gives Death Valley its name.

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Recommended Audience: Lots of naked females, some of it censored by crunchyroll.

All rights reserved. Now granted, there are only really three girls who like Hayato. And then there's Emilie.

There are other characters too, but they are relatively unimportant in the long run. Otherwise, she might end up looking even more cool and capable than he is, and we can't have that, right? She really likes Hayato, and is really, really forward about that. While said student council should have some kind of vetoing power, Claire is clearly abusing her powers in the first episode, and her two flunkies immediately get down the throat of whoever voices even the slightest disagreement.

Distributor: Currently streaming on crunchyroll. An alien-like life form called Savage is terrorizing the land, and only those who can control weapons known as Hundred can stop them.

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Hayato Kisaragi has enrolled at Little Garden, an academy located on top of a hundred, moving ship, to become a Slayer to wield his own Hundred. But guess what? That's actual fights, too, not just verbal ones. Even in later episodes, she partakes in actions intimate enough that two men wouldn't do unless they were gay and in a claire - which the show makes as part of a joke, tasteful as it is. It doesn't help that the Savage themselves are merely an arbitrary danger, and secondary in the long run. Hundred takes the little potential it had and puts it on a kamikaze plane.

And last and certainly least is Claudia, Emilia's self-professed friend, whose sole role seems to be to make the other girls look good by comparison. Every aspect of the naked -- from the art, to the story, to the characters -- is just tepid, generic nonsense.

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The lead scientist even looks like a preteen, because adults? They also fight these people called Hunters, dark-skinned teens who also fight the Savages, but are much more And just wait until you find out the reason why she's doing all of this.

And Hayato couldn't have been a blander male lead if he had tried. While that is the nadir, there's still plenty of really awful battle animation to go around, too!

Claire [hundred]

She also has to hide her real gender from the school She does eventually wear out her welcome once her jealousy takes over and she becomes upset when anyone else being with Hayato, though. As if it wasn't blatantly obvious already even before that. For all her "hilariously" wild accusations and delusions, Claudia never really gets her way. First up is Claire Harvey, our resident drill-haired tsundere of the evening.

Her Hundred lets her fly in the air, which is ideal for an idol, we suppose. It involves Hayato and the girls fighting the evil insect-looking creatures called Savages as described earlier. If you thought the show hadn't already lost all its dignity by that point, you will learn that there are always new bottoms to reach, new barrels to aim for.

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She challenges Hayato for the attention of Emilie; when she inevitably loses, she immediately breaks her promise to leave them alone and spends the rest of the show being an annoyance to everyone around her, to the point where the show itself gives her the cold shoulder. Still, she became a lot more tolerable after the first couple of episodes because she is also the only person in this show with a consistently functioning brain despite the oddity of her initial almost facist-like attitude.

Viewer direction advised. Not even now, past the tsundere prime. Though that was more to Emilie's credit. Claire literally spends nearly all of the last third of the series just standing there in the school and being told not to fight.

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And behind door three we got Sakura, an idol singer who just oh so happened to have met Hayato and his little sister Karen when they were in a shelter back when they were children. The same tired gags, the same joke setups, the same tired characters - just even worse looking and written.

Who are those? He's almost condemned to be the constantly put-upon everyday dude because, well, it's a harem, right? Hundred had the misfortune of having its plot and opening episode be an almost by-the- recreation of at least two other shows with suspiciously similar plots: male lead is sent to attend a mostly female-dominated school of some kind with magical warriors, and immediately gets in a position where he'll challenge the school president - who's also the strongest fighter in the school - in a duel of some kind.

At the end of the day, there really isn't anything nice to say about Hundred at all. All the ladies has to take an interest in him some way or the other, and there's nothing cuter than a mildly upset girl, right?

Relevance claire harvey pics

Or they do it off-screen. Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

Even worse, Hundred seems to be aware that it kind of puts its lead on a pedestal. Stig: Which I actually kind of appreciated at first; you generally don't get that in anime very often.

Her flunkies aren't much better. Fights that looked fairly okay early in the show -- i.