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How to turn into a girl overnight, I am How for overnight that into scars

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How To Turn Into A Girl Overnight

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Name: Tabina
My age: I am 19
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My gender: Fem
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Would there be a better understanding of what it's like to be the opposite sex or would the fact that people still had the thought process of their original gender not change anything at all except maybe more people fondling themselves? IyzCampbell 0 Reply.

I know what it's like being hit in the testicles. Create. Pregnant women would not turn into pregnant males. StickCaveman 0 Reply. But going back to the shock value of everyone suddenly changing sexes for no known reason, any cultural shifts and changes would take time and it would only come after the shock has died down and scientists have either come to conclusions as to why the change happened or people will just accept it and adjust to the change.

However, in our current situation we cannot simply define which is really more painful. Also, this is completely unplanned. I see the world coming to a halt. My whole family would be altered, and we would all be confused. Of course, after awhile, we would get used to it, and I'm sure we'd find ways to get children other than reproducing with the unpreferred gender and I know there's already ways, like donating sperm, surrogate mothers My main focus is just that it happens and nobody will know how long.

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to Your Amirite. If forever, then I think my family would probably break apart, because my mom turned male would have the preference of a male, and my dad turned female would have the preference of a female. Since each gender would be another gender, we really wouldn't be able to understand the subtle and not-so-subtle prejudice that each side faces. I personally, would love to be in this situation.

What if i turned into a girl?🙍‍♀️

People just wake up the next day and they're a different sex. No, there would be a general idea.

VicZinc Just a guess: all the girls formerly guys would immediately do the "girls gone wild" thing up and down the Would this be just a switch for a day, or forever? I would probably argue now that childbirth definitely lasts longer and comes with the addition of carrying a living thing inside of your body for 9 months.

And babies wouldn't really be affected much, since it's only a week. I thought it was ridiculous before, but I get it now. Which is more painful: Being hit in the testicles or childbirth? Would babies born that weren't born when the switch took place be effected? She in the boy's body would not be crying at the drop of a hat. Forgot username? They got it wrong in the second movie I listed. In countries where women have no rights simply because they have boobs and vaginas, I see the men now women suddenly changing their views in order to maintain their power as now women.

StickCaveman My main focus is just that it happens and nobody will know how long. Each side would probably more clearly understand what it likes to go through life with certain levels of hormones, distribution of fat, etc.

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Hair color and hair length would not. Recent Topics. I think that if there is an answer that one gender may feel smug about it and say "we have it so much harder". Men with beards would have no beards as women. All males turned into females and all females into males. A boy and girl switch, but it shows the boy with the girl inside crying at the drop of a hat.

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Assuming sexuality and personality of each individual remained the same, what do you think would be the result? And of course pain and pleasure are subjective. And when it comes to getting hit in the testicles there really isn't much of a difference like you would think in getting hit lightly and getting hit hard. That doesn't make sense because the girl in the boy's body would be influenced by the hormones in the boy's body.

Who has the most pleasurable orgasm: Men or women? Hmm, well, I think the same that would happen in a day would probably happen in a week.

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Just a guess: all the girls formerly guys would immediately do the "girls gone wild" thing up and down the street. Let's say the entire world changed gender overnight. But since we have omnipresent with everything BlindMist 0 Reply. Example: Men with short hair cuts would wake up as women with short haircuts. But in the hypothetical equation we're discussing, there would be the opportunity to have experience being hit in the balls and also having childbirth, thus answering this age old debate. BlindMist Would this be just a switch for a day, or forever? The only thing I could think of to explain why that was done was for entertainment purposes or maybe the girl in the boy's body was habituated to that action.

I think it could make a difference.

The girls, after a day or two of slutty debauchery would be overwhelmed with shame and self-loathing, a nunnery and devote the rest of their lives to convincing younger girls to save themselves for marriage. Having remembered the orgasm assuming they had one of course from our original sex, we could now have orgasm from the point of view of the other gender and then decide which one brought us the most pleasure.

It's a general idea I'm looking for, not conclusive. It would definitely answer a few great questions: 1. More Topics. General insanity, playing with oneself, simply living life as if nothing happened, confusion, but it won't be as crazy and hectic as it would if it went on. You would have a general idea because the current barrier is that we are not the opposite sex and cannot know exactly how it feels.


The thing that might not work with this post is experiencing prejudice. Ask questions for specifications as to what exactly changes. Males who had gotten a woman pregnant would be pregnant women. But since we have omnipresent with everything in this scenario, let's say it happened for a week. It would be near impossible to have children, because females and males are meant to mate together.

If just for a day, then not much would change. That's probably still enough time for families to come a part, but I think we'll all have a general understanding of what the other gender goes through. People would probably have a better understanding of the opposite gender, but this switch could cause a whole series of problems.

Many are habituated to certain actions and many are also influenced by other factors that they faced pre-change.

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If I turn woman and have a baby, I could then compare the two different types of pain and determine from a personal perspective which one hurt the most. I think behavior would be different too. I can't speak Yes, babies would switch gender as well. Nine months later there would be a massive overload of the maternity wards around the world as millions of devoutly religious nuns give birth all claiming immaculate conception.


The only people who would be able to have children are homosexuals, who if had a gender change, would be in their preferred genders, and so would still have the same preferences. As for the people fondling themselves, that their choice.

I think there would be a somewhat better understanding, but not much because I don't think people can change their total mindsets for a day. That's another thing that would be a problem. But, once all of the children and teens now get older, they wouldn't be able to reproduce with the same sex, and so human population would decrease dramatically.

Like, is my mom my dad now, and is my dad my mom? After mass panic, I think because they retain their original thought process not much would change, and there would be better understanding between genders. Women with long, dyed hair would wake up as men with long dyed hair, however, their facial hair would be much more thick than before.

Of course, things wouldn't drastically change. Don't Have An ?

After a few days the guys former girls would discover that if the think about sports and such their willys will shrink again and eventually they would regain control and composer. Things would be chaos in the outside world too. Didn't quite answer your question, but that's what popped up in my mind.

I can't speak for everyone, but I would freak out. Even with personality staying the same, I think people would have different thoughts. Forgot password? For the sake of simplicity, transgender people remain the same and go on a field trip so they are absent during this event. People would look similar to as they did with their original sex and would be recognizable to a certain extent. I know the term mate mainly refers to animals and I know we're animals too, but you know what I meanbut just prefer using it. I chose not to get too specific.

Highest Score First. The guy yesterdays girls would be initially shocked and confused but would quickly be overcome by testosterone fueled madness and start poking their now turgid pointers into those crazed women. It really depends on the person. Obviously there would be mass confusion.