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How to get cum out of hair, How girl out friend get for cum

From texture to terrible aim, read on for 10 not-so-secret reasons why semen is our least-favorite part of sex. So sexy, in fact, that his jizz went right for it at climax.

How To Get Cum Out Of Hair

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on thiswe may earn a small commission. Between the kissing, the sweating, and the other bodily fluids that make an appearance during outer- or intercourse, sex is an inherently messy process. And the chances of yourself, your partner, and your bed or wherever else you decide to have sex getting anything from stains to watermarks are high.

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ed: Jun 18, Messages: 10, Likes Received: 18, Just shave your head and start fresh And tell your bro to work on his aim a little better.

ed: Sep 2, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 8, Try using battery acid, that should do the trick. Maybe that's just a cover story and you're really asking how to get dried cum out of your hair. ed: Oct 30, Messages: Likes Received: So I work in a factory and I got a shit ton of industrial strength resin in my hair.

Money shots are for the face. ed: Jun 24, Messages: Likes Received: ed: Mar 19, Messages: Likes Received: 1, I'm not high enough to deal with this shit!


Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? I know you guys get cum stuck in your hair all the time and it's probably a similar situation.

ed: Sep 2, Messages: Likes Received: ed: Apr 13, Messages: 1, Likes Received: It usually just comes out with shampoo. Do you have any tips for me?

ed: Sep 6, Messages: 1, Likes Received: I git that shit all over my hands once, I used a bunch if acetone in a rag and it took awhile, if its in your hair your just fucked, gotta buzz it. We use it for infusing sheets of fiberglass together into one solid sheet of glass.

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This shit is crazy the resin has hardened into a glass like consistency around strands of hair. Share This Tweet. Really sounds like haircut time. ed: Sep 21, Messages: 44, Likes Received: 75, Wash your hair with bitch shampoo. Show Ignored Content. ed: Apr 17, Messages: 5, Likes Received: 6, Why are you comparing dried cum to industrial strength resin?

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Get proactive about that stuff. To the ladies: How do you get dried cum out of your hair?

All bitty and it gets everywhere. ed: Mar 5, Messages: Likes Received: I hate the way cum goes when you go in the shower.

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ed: Sep 1, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2, ed: Sep 19, Messages: 1, Likes Received: ed: Jun 22, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, ed: May 2, Messages: 13, Likes Received: 24, Can't you wear a hat or a bandana or something? It feels like shards of glass are permanently stuck to my head XD. So whats the trick?

ed: Nov 19, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Maybe use a solvent and try combing it out.