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He was in a perfect place for a wedige!

Girl Wedgie Stories True

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Wedgie Girl School It was about three years ago that I was humiliated by 3 of the nerdiest girls at my high school. I was about 16 at the time. Eventhough I was pretty shy and quiet, I was one of the 'cooler' girls because I was an pretty. So I was walking through some woods on the way home and saw two of the girls on the other side of the chain-link fence. I slid through the hole in the fence and said hi to them. We walked a little, and then suddenly two of them grabbed me and pushed me backwards towards the fence.

Name: Darsie
What is my age: 24
Hair color: Black
What is my body type: My figure type is quite thin
Other hobbies: Mountain climbing

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The tagger came around the corner full speed and saw me standing there looking at my phone. I was hanging from my embarrassing undies with my pants around my ankles! The rest of the time while I was finishing up the course, going gocarting, having cake, and opening presents I felt like my butt was being flossed : I did get made fun of a few times for getting a wedgie at my own party, but we still had a fun time and I did make more friends out of the party, so that was nice.

Related myTakes. So embarrassing. I was a little embarrassed but I got over it quickly. GrlNxtDoor what were you wearing haha? So I bent down and yank! Why bragging is dangerous - Bible talk. Sort Girls First Guys First. So it was my brithday and my friends came and so did my sister, So me my sister and my brother went out for lunch, we got burgers we eat we talked and we had fun we joked around.

Wasn't expecting that

This is kind of an embarrassing story but I thought it might be funny to just laugh at each others experiences. When I bend down in the middle of my Jr high hallway, my underwear peeked out and a group of girls noticed and giggled at me. Unknown Xper 5. We bought a cake and went home i went and cleaned my glasses since I droped them in my drink. Get over it, and go somewhere appropriate with it.

Girl self hanging wedgie stories

Me and my best mates were at a waterpark and I was at the edge of a pool TOM he's a wanker, he needs his name in caps to describe how irritating he is XD decided it would be a good time to give a fuckin wedgie and then push me into the pool. Up Now!

Related Questions. I always have my boxers waistband above my pants so I changed my shirt and was in shorts and my boxers sticking out and I was next to this kid who was younger and looked innocent. Roberto69 Xper 2. Share Facebook. If you don't have a wedgie story share any other embarrassing moment of your life.

She took some off my face and eat it, it tastes good.

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All wedgies are embarrasing, one of my worst was when I got wedgied wearing a skimpy black thong in the middle of a diner. My underwear gave in after 10 more minutes. Is this still revelant? I just moved to a new school about a month before so my parents thought it would be a good idea to have my full class go to the mini golf course to get to know the other kids better.

Mine was at a mini golf course for a birthday party I had when I was younger. All my friends hanged up on my and gave me an all a round wedgie.

Ouch, what made them do that lol? About halfway through the course when I went to put the golf ball down one good friend I had made over the last month must have seen my underwear when I bent over because apparently he thought it would be funny to pull them up as hard as he could.

Humiliating wedgie girl stories

And then she said soo sad we wasted a good cake. GrlNxtDoor Xper 1. Show All. Is it fair to keep making out for an extended period of time if your partner has an erection? Then she dumped eggs on me and threw flour on my. Learn more. So yeah that's my very embarrassing story. You have a shame fetish.

Once when I was 13 I was at a friends house for a bonfire.

Believe all Women! Then she took my head, by my hair and smaked the cake on my faces, my glasses were covered in vinilla I said Katrina!!! He got them way up to my shoulders and I think he even ripped them a little. I got one at the beach. What are you talking about anon?

So I change in gym class and I remember the first time I wore them: I changed and it was like wow I'm doing this.

The catch was when you got caught you weren't the "tagger", you got a wedgie and had to sit out. Of course everyone laughed and I was so embarrassed in front of all the people I would be spending the rest of the year with and many more school years to come.

Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Samanatha Xper 5. Are girls ever even given wedgies?

Add Opinion. What God taught me in my dream about Pizza.

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So I washed my face and my shirt had cake on it but I left it since it wasn't that much, just a little bit of cream. My underwear didn't rip so she hung me by my underwear. I didn't notice him and next thing I new I was being wrestled to the ground and wedgied in front of all the girls there.

We decided as a group about 6 of us to play tag. When I was bout 10 my 3 older sisters lifted me up by my speedo at a public pool and completely ripped one of the leg holes.

What's the most embarrassing time you've ever been given a wedgie? BayHarborButcher Xper 7. Ling-Ling Xper 4. And was that your first wedgie? So when I went down, I sat and played the piano, so then My sister pulled up my shirt a bit and acted like she took the cream off and my underwear was hanging over my jeans, and she grabbed it with Her nails and she yanked them up, I tripped over and I fell on my piece cake again and she took some and threw it down my underwear and kept pulling and pulling.

Yes briefs immediately wedgied up my ass And I was being wedgied and the whole hallway turned and laugh at me. Anyway, it eventually came down to me and two others. Hannah Xper 6. So I came back my sister cut a piece of the cake and gave it to me. Yes No. I was so embarrassed I just tucked them back in a little and didn't want anyone who might have missed the wedgie to notice me picking at it. It's long but if it made you laugh please share yours.