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We tell the same stories to ourselves over and over.

Gender Reversal Stories

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The alarm jarred me awake.

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With the introduction of a third sex, Butler disrupts heteronormative sexual practices by taking away any sexual power dynamics between male and female. Not only does Stone reimagine a society in which women pull all the strings, but when the human men arrive, she also slips in some strong criticism of imperialism and colonialism, which Stones shows as both exclusively masculine and destructive.

The ooloi gathers gametes from both the male and female, induces fertilization within itself, and then plants the zygote in the female womb. Sexual reproduction requires three parties: a male and female, either Oankali or human, and a ooloi.

Both male and female are rendered passive during this exchange, whereas in heterosexual sex, men have historically been seen as the active agents of intercourse and reproduction. Issue Archive.

Ultimately, what these stories do is reveal how deeply gender orders our world, establishing systems where inequalities are primed to flourish. One of the first recollections I have of tackling these themes was in a Fantasy and Science Fiction course taught by a professor who always wore tight leather pants and had a mustache that even Nietzsche would envy.

About Us. Aug Leila A. For the Oankali, nothing about sex is moral; the goal is only reproduction. Stone would have us imagine a place where patriarchy was replaced with a matriarchy all the while pointing out the absurdity of the inequalities among the sexes and the injustices of colonialism. The ooloi, in turn, present us with an interesting dilemma.

The greater part of the race faces forth to conquer, lay waste, to struggle and fight as the animals do over a morsel of worthless territory. In another view, the ooloi receive the male sperm for reproduction, which is the human female role. Octavia Butler, however, tears down sex and gender relationships as we know them and forces her readers to reimagine sex and gender as something more fluid and complex.

Stonewhich first appeared in Wonder Stories in In the story, Gola, a matriarchal planet ruled by female aliens, is under siege by human men from Earth who seek to colonize it. Without a definitive sex to as a subsequent feminine or masculine gender to at birth, inequalities in gender-based relationships cannot persist like they do in a human society.

The Oankali have three sexes: male, female, and ooloi-- neither male nor female. In one view, the ooloi can be seen as male since it uses sensory arms, calling to mind a male penis, to penetrate the skin to gather reproductive material.

Gender role reversal books

The sex roles of males and females on Gola are completely reversed to that of Earth in an early twentieth-century Western society in which Stone was writing. By sexualizing this encounter, Stone draws a connection between rape and colonization as an act of male violence and violation. The Oankali not only look very different than humans, but their culture and social structures are completely foreign too.