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Furry rape story, I'm hunting Furry boy that rapes story

At this point, I have over erotica titles to choose from! I have two associate degrees; one in Writing, and the other in American Literature. Master's in Creative Writing.

Furry Rape Story

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This is more of a anime con story than a furry con story but it kinda comes into play. There was a fairly big anime con going on in the city and a few of my friends invited me. I had been to a few furry cons before and figured it would be fun all the same as this would have been my first anime con. One aspect that I like from both types of cons is the night dances and the EDM they play, as I like glowsticking. My friends also assured me that they had seen others spinning at the dances so I took my gear and went. During the day the con went well.

Name: Nady
What is my age: 38
Available for: Man
What I like to listen: Jazz
I like: Reading

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