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Forced to undress stories, Scot Forced seeking men undress for story

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Forced To Undress Stories

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Writing this story still sends shivers down my spine; but i feel i must write it.

Name: Siobhan
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‘forced to undress’ stories

Net result for the boy is an embarrassing and painful bare bottom spanking involving his mother, the neighbor, her sister-in-law, and JJ's spying twelve year old sister Kay. He has developed a very bad attitude problem and a particularly chronic case of false modesty. Distribution of the stories contained on this site is subject to the copyright restrictions contained in each individual story.

He was worried about being naked in front of other campers and the possibility that as he occasionally did at home he might wet his bed. But he is very afraid of needles and won't cooperate, leading to a bare bottom spanking right in the exam room.

Stripped confessions

Years later, when Joe starts seventh grade at a private school, he's reunited with the girls and the naked times begin again. Spankings that are always given with the misbehaving child completely naked and in front of the entire family. But sixteen year old Jaren, fifteen year old Scott and ten year old twins Dan and Brett, as well as their neighborhood friends, just can't seem to keep out of bare bottom spanking trouble. A neighbor of his grandmother offers some trousers that her son has outgrown. She invites and encourages others who are inspired to do so to continue the story for her.

Predictably, the nine year old can't stay out of trouble and quickly earns himself a very public bare bottom spanking by a lady, a stranger to him, whom he accidentally ran into.

Rory's Educational Holiday Part 1 Wheel Boy by Sean Ten year old Sean's very prolonged, very naked, very public, very embarrassing, very painful punishment continues as he now must spend most of his time, day and night, on the "wheel. But, by bedtime of that first day, despite his earlier experience he's much happier and optimistic that he'll enjoy his stay after all.

A program the Lodge promotes as highly effective in correcting and reversing the misbehavior of even the most disruptive. It doesn't take long for james to discover that the program is a comprehensive hands on and practical practice sex education course that almost from the beginning publicly places him in embarrassing and humiliating predicaments. My Naughty Weekend. His aunt has been given a free hand in dealing with him. The kind of trouble that much to the delight of his fifteen and sixteen year old cousins lead to an embarrassing and humiliating time for him.

On his very first day, his refusal to follow local customs quickly puts him into an embarrassing and painful situation.

Things become even more embarrassing for him, starting with the week that due to her unavailability his stepmother arranges for her good friend Mrs. Hirsh to administer the test. Henderson has had it with the constant disrespect and misbehavior of her three sons, ages 12, 10 and 8, making life miserable for her and their three older sisters. The tradition of public bare bottom spankings for naughty boys, that is!

Stripped confession stories and sins

The Testing Chapter 1 Dartmouth Mansion by Leo Kestrel In exchange for a hefty fee, 20 boys ages 14 to 16 agree to serve as part of the staff for Dartmouth Mansion's week of fun. Now Sean's nine year old son Clive is similarly in need of an ongoing extremely embarrassing and humiliating discipline regimen of his own.

Steven's stubbornness and refusal to try his new second hand trousers on in front of the neighbor's daughter in his receiving an embarrassing bare bottom spanking in the presence of the girl. All because the two other foster kids with whom he's living coerce him into spending a most embarrassing and humiliating day in front of everyone at the school, staff and students alike. He also quickly discovers that in addition to being even more embarrassing and humiliating than the everyday requirements, home and school punishments often are very painful affairs.

After her divorce is final, she decides that its time to take maters in hand by taking control of the root of the problem. When his parents go away for an extended business trip they send Tommy to stay with his Uncle Jake and family in the hopes that Jake's disciplinary methods will improve their son's attitude.

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The unit is kept at the home of the Scoutmaster, to the dismay of his ten and eight-year old sons. The neighbor, from whom the boys have stolen, quickly has ten year old Sean and eight year old Rory undergoing a very public, very embarrassing, very humiliating prolonged naked punishment.

For the fourteen year old this was always a humiliating experience invovling urinating in a cup while she watched. Note: while this specific installment is outside the site's guidelines in that it exclusively deals with a young teen girl's punishment, it's being posted as it's a continuation of a series that is within the guidelines, feature some of the characters from earlier episodes, and presents an interesting story.

When their exasperated mother finally has had enough, she decides to enroll Jordan, Rebecca, James and Jeffrey in the summer program at the Comeuppance Lodge. Due to serious illness, Amy House, the author of the first three chapters, was unable to continue writing The Girl Bully.

‘forced to strip’ stories

This decision in painful, embarrassing and humiliating consequences for the boys, to the delight of the girls. Which are to be used for best only, not school. To correct these problems, Rory is is sent to a spend a month with his strict Uncle Bob and Aunt Alice, firm believers in "spare the rod and spoil the child" and that children should not be forced, especially boys.

The Girl Bully Kelly is a fourteen year old girl bully who loves forcing younger kids of both sexes to engage in embarrassing and humiliating acts. When he's put under the supervision of several older campers, he's in for some very embarrassing and humiliating experiences well beyond anything he had imagined possible.

Fueled by their jealousy and hatred of the athletic seventh story, the older boys concoct a plan to "get even. Sringfield Academy Part 1 Sringfield Academy Part 2 Naked Joe by Sara Little Joe is only five years old when the girls in his life begin getting him naked for their games and amusement.

Spanking Dairies 1 My Naughty Weekend by James Tanner During the weekend, eleven year old Jimmy is repeatedly naughty, earning as punishment spankings, bare time and a writing asment. Soon, the periods of nakedness grow longer and longer, including undress of the time when home. He finds compliance with these rules to be very embarrassing and humiliating. As a result, spankings, nudity, and sexual punishments come fast and furious.

I was forced to strip naked by teenagers

But that's only the beginning of his humiliating embarrassing experiences at the doctor's office. Used to a religious home and school, he has much trouble adapting to some of the rules and expectations of his new family and school.

When he develops a medical problem, the treatment plan requires his stepmother and stepsister to render direct hands on care to him. Ben One Day in the Woods by H. Porncraft Walking one day in the woods, a young girl comes across a naked boy being spanked by his aunt.

Then the mother and two undress sisters of his best friend Jeremy volunteer to help with his treatment Thus begins a new relationship forced Jesse, his stepfamily and Jeremy's family. Rebirth of a Tradition Chapter 1 Allergy by Horizon Ten story old Timmy must undergo a series of allergy tests involving numerous needle sticks. A boy scout troop buys one of the machines for use on errant members. Between his aunt and his new school he's in for an embarrassing and humiliating time, including "red balloon" treatments administered by the school nurse and a student assistant, treatments intended to cure him of a "disgustingly nasty" habit.

Much To her delight and the boy's embarrassment, she's invited by the aunt to stay and watch the proceedings. Learning to Share Barber Shop and Barber Shop Coda by GGman A twelve year old boy is subjected to public bare bottom spankings, embarrassment and humiliation when he's sent to stay with his uncle for a week.

Swim Pool Summer Part 1 Rebirth of a Tradition by Bawling Boy When twelve year old Tommy misbehaves at the community swimming pool, he quickly discovers that his mother and a pool official think it's a perfect time for the rebirth of a tradition. After a year, he moves away his family. Immediately upon arrival, the Roberts kids learn that even minor infractions result in painful, embarrassing, humiliating and often public consequences for the transgressor.

Forced strip stories

Their duties involve performing services for the guests that are often embarrassing, humiliating and painful. A relationship that includes many embarrassing and humiliating moments for him and at times Jeremy. Uncle Jake firmly believes the best way to cure misbehavior is to administer hard long spankings to the bare bottom and when warranted other exposed body parts of the offender.