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Forced smoking fetish stories, Smoking story fetish men Forced fucked

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Forced Smoking Fetish Stories

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Just did this a week ago, combined some forced smoing. Incredible orgasm and rush knowing I was feet away from other people using units. Driving on hwy on an out of state trip, stopped a rest area with long row of portable toilets. Fortunately just cleaned earlier in day. One of the big HP units. Wearing a short business dress, pantyhose and pumps.

Name: Latashia
Age: I am 41
My orientation: Guy
I know: Russian
My hobbies: Reading

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Smoking, in combination with dominance and submission, bondage, discipline, or the less obvious forms of the dark side - that's all fair game here.

Vaginal smoking Jakob Dec 18, My wife smoker hellc. If you have posts related to smoking videos, please visit Tampa's Video Talk forum.

And if you have a suggestion for a new Smoke als forum, please let us know! Please, no obscenity, personal insults or personal otherwise, have fun!

Scooter - Any plans for Part 4 of serving Ms. Nov 25, Strict mom plus your barmaid SS May 10,This forum is for posts about dark side aspects of the smoking fetish.