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Female assassin stories, Swiss baby assassin for story to Female

If it wasn't for Killing EveI definitely wouldn't have spent my weekend diving into the world of assassins.

Female Assassin Stories

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As series two of BBC Three thriller Killing Eve kicks off, we take a look at some of history's most lethal women killers. Spy dramas, especially ones that thrive on cold-blooded murder, usually make you howl with terror rather than laughter - but when the show in question has Phoebe Waller-Bridge of Fleabag fame as the Executive Producer dark humour comes as part of its DNA. Which is why Killing Eve - which returns for a second series on 4 March - is both a taut cat-and-mouse chase between psychopath Villanelle Jodie Comer and intelligence officer Eve Sandra Ohand a dark comedy featuring the kind of throwaway one-liners you might expect from a sitcom.

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Though some of their assassination strategies may have been bizarreall of these women were effective in their mission to take someone — or more than just one — out.

We tend to think of assassins as being men, but there were plenty of historical assassins who were women. Shi Jianqiao isn't famous for killing lo of people; rather, she's known for offing one specific person who had wronged her family. Shi Jianqiao tracked Sun Chuanfang for 10 years before shooting him three times.

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There's no historical evidence for any of this other than rumors, but they paint a fascinating picture of a woman whose outward persona was one of piety and purity to conceal her power-hungry nature. Lopez was given the nickname La Tigresa — the tigress — because of her rumored sexual prowess, as she was known to seduce policemen prior to attacks. ETA, the organization to which Lopez belonged, has since disbanded.

Though Idoia Lopez Riano has since renounced violencethat doesn't erase the 23 people she's accused of assassinating in the s in her quest for Basque independence from Spain. Women throughout history have held lower statuses than men, but that often gave them an edge in espionage or assassin work — few people suspected that women were capable of such things when they were looked upon as being inferior.

Her family's enemies spread stories that she had a hollow ring that she would use to poison people at dinner parties when she could not persuade them to her position through more peaceful means.

Some were downright nasty, and the people they killed were those who could have had a great positive influence on the world. Of course, not all female assassins in history were fighting for causes one could truly call noble.

Instead of fleeing, she stuck around the scene to explain her actions by means of pamphlets, and, instead of being punished, she was freed because the act was determined to be an example of filial piety. Her numerous killings led to a 1,year prison sentence in when she was finally apprehended in France and tried for her crimes. Marat had been in power during the Reign of Terror, and specifically the September Massacres, in which some 1, people were executed as potential enemies of the state.

She was executed just four days after the assassination, with her actions consolidating a new era in gender relations in France. Though it's possible that Lucrezia Borgia — a member of the inimitable 15th-century Borgia clan — never actually murdered anybody, she's long been painted as a homicidal woman known for poisoning her enemies and unwanted husbands alike. But societal expectations didn't stop any of these women assassinswith many of them changing the course of history through a well-placed poisoning or strategic stabbing.

InSun Chuanfang, a warlord in China, beheaded Shi Jianqiao's father for leading an opposition force against him and paraded the head in public. Still, any person who resorts to killing others for political influence or social gain is a captivating figure, especially when so many deliberately used the fact that they were women to avoid suspicion or achieve their ends.

Corday entered Marat's apartment by claiming she had information of an uprising elsewhere in France and stabbed him with a kitchen knife in revenge for the massacres, knowing she'd be put to death for it.