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Fattening up stories, Fattening chica look up guy for story

My mom has been purposefully gorging herself for a few weeks now. Trying to impress this new guy, I guess.

Fattening Up Stories

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C MichaelsAugust 14, in Your Stories. Hi a weight gain Story i originally posted on deviant art, its my first go at this so its not brilliant but i hope some people find enjoying.

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You enjoyed yourself, but you took a while to warm up. Your constant eating and drinking, at meals and between them, has had undeniable effectsso your story has grown to match. Maybe it would have kept you from becoming a physical wreck quite so fattening maybe you were already out of control and it would have just made it that much more apparent. And of course your buttocks will rise like dough becoming large bulbous mounds of flesh that jiggle and wobble with every step you take.

Your arms will plump up into soft succulent pillars of fat. I will see this and thus charge myself with task of feeding you until your burst free from your tight-clad prison and allow your glorious fat-filled body to jiggle and bounce freely.

His belly would be my bed. Look at yourself. His thick plush hands going up and down my much smaller body as he knows how much I crave him.

Anyone have stories of family members fattening up?

You will allow me to lay my head on your growing belly, an ear pressed against it so that I may listen to your stomach churn and bubble; digesting every calorie thoroughly to make you fatter. Get fatter. I remember when we first got together; you were so shy around me, so buttoned-up. But it never seemed to faze you. Your belly will be stretching your blouses in tandem with your breasts struggling pugnaciously to pop your buttons.

Looking back, maybe I did too good a job. Instead, I made all that stuff sexy. Your breasts will be pumped plump full of fat becoming large swollen udders resembling ripe watermelons as your nipples puckle. Pouty fat lips with chubby rosy cheeks.

I could have sworn you did. You will marvel in the arousal of feeling your swelling growing body strain against every fiber of your outfits. Most partners probably would have sounded the alarm at some point, too. I know all your favorite dishes, most cherished desserts and sought after delicacies and to your pleasure and mine I know how to make them all. Are you stuffing your face right now piggy? You will enjoy how it feels to outgrow your clothes. If you have to loosen a belt or undo a button to allow yourself room to breathe through all this feasting, you think nothing of it.

Have him just loaf around eating and sleeping. Your appetite is too voracious and my cooking is too delicious. When they needed help washing everywhere because their fat rolls were too heavy to lift on their own. No reason to look so shocked. I could have scolded you fattening your story, told you to watch your diet and exercise a little more.

God, honey. His face would be round and plush. You can and will eat every morcel, every plate will be licked clean and your body will thank you as it begins to grow. You should have realized this day was coming a long time ago.

Stories about weight gain and gluttony

And that gorgeous face — always so cute, no matter how many chins you get, how much your cheeks puff out, or how much you give me that indignant, horrified look I see right now. I mean, you had to know something was up at some point. His moons would be my lovely pillows for me to lay my head on.

Bigger, rounder, wider, softer. But I do know what I see in bed with me. Gain more weight. And you must be hungry.

But you blew right past it. I turned shower time into our time for a little naughty fun while I was diving into your rolls anyway.

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Biceps if you can story them that wider than your head, bulging out as your body has struggled to find places to store more fat, leading down to that dimpled elbow roll and an almost equally chubby forearm. I pampered you and sympathized while you were catching your breath.

Because fatties need to grow. How often have we headed home with your heavy gut showing slightly, as your top rides up over its swollen contours? You will feel your waist begin to widen, your hips portrude, your thighs thicken and your belly swell till it hangs over your belt.

I can prepare for you any meal you want at any time you want. To think there was a time when you had even a morsel of restraint. I know you. You not being able to get out of bed on your own has kind of been the point all along. Your body will indeed grow. After each meal you will lie down in bed and allow me to treat you further with soft sensual belly rubs. They would be fattening by the warning s of worsening morbid obesity, like when their partner got out of breath waddling from one room to another.

Your thighs will be pushing the seams of your pants to their very limit. Your thin gaunt face will grow puffy with rosey ruddy cheeks chubbier than those of a newborn's. MY feedee.

You destroyed your thin figure… and for what? Ha ha, you want help. Two bloated, distended legs pushed outward by a protruding fat pad between them. And when we got intimate, the same: hardly passionlessbut a little reserved.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His face would not only be covered in a thick layer of fat, but also all of the crumbs and sauces from every fattening meal I make for him. A huge, wobbling belly hanging from your torso and spilling into your lap like a giant water balloon. You have no choice when dating me. All I want is a lazy piggy to call my own. No, most people would have pumped the brakes once they got that big. Wash it down with a bacchanalian amount of wine. You live for eating, sleeping, fucking, drinking, for pure sensual indulgence. I treated you story extra snacks and kissed your engorged belly while you ate them.

As your body has grown and, my love, it has; oh, it has. Nothing much else. This is your fate as a feedee. When they got hungry again right after a big meal. I promise to take good care of you. Just stay put, pig. When they got too big to fit in a standard car or in the clothes I bought, no matter what size they were. Of earthly indulgence. Thighs that have ballooned so fattening they rub together when you walk. I bet you want to get fatter and fatter until you can feel your massive belly spilled on your plump thighs.

You will feel every pound stick to your body.

I was expecting that something — the heavier belly, the thickening thighs, the water-wing arms, something — would get your attention, though. I can do everything for you.