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Erotic hanging stories, Erotic story looking up friend for hanging

So they submit an audition tape in the hopes they will be accepted. A young woman volunteers to hang at a nightclub.

Erotic Hanging Stories

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The human neck is too fragile to play at death. The story is presented here as a fantasy story and in no way should the scenes contained be attempted in real life. She thought he was very handsome in his western jacket, string tie and boots.

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Fran had fair skin, with full breasts supported by an uplifting bra. A fat stool protruded between her full round buttocks, its firm dark meat contrasting beautifully with her pale skin. It is the favorite implement of many paid assassins, who are able to get close to their victims in private.

This pretty girl was clearly well experienced in the craft of providing pleasure to the sex organs of men with that hanging young mouth and throat of hers. She at last awakened, groggy and disoriented, as the judge ejaculated into her with moans of passion.

The attractive girl, not yet fifteen, had been arrested during a drug raid at a nightclub. Her knees were spread and bent, with her ankles out to each side, cuffed to her wrists. He was disgusted when they awakened before he had completed his erotic release. She was tall and slender, displaying the Spanish stories in her bloodline.

‘hanging’ stories

I would like to show you how it works. It has been more than a minute now, has it not? Fran had yet to see if she had also been able to influence the members of the jury.

She was unable to see it, with her face buried against his lower belly. It is said that what you are feeling at this moment is not unlike being hanged. Regis Undergrad Posts: Merits She was a frail looking girl with light blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail, with a puff of arched bangs that hung over her eyes.

The judge drew his organ quickly out of her, and pulled up his pants. The young woman opened her mouth to scream, but the device was tight enough to constrict her air passage, and only a very quiet gurgle was emitted.

The loop tightens, and the thin wire effectively and silently strangles the victim. He liked the diversion of a little sex sport during the interval that the jury was out, and then make the cunt get rid of herself. Grace Icewell was also a blonde, with long bouncy hair.

In fact, she had cried most of the way through the three week trial, and had gone through nearly a box of Kleenex each day. They did, and there was a gasp of appreciation as these attractive young women got to their feet, on full view to those fortunate enough to be seated in front. She had not been found to be using drugs, nor was she in possession. Her eyes bulged, and the whites were becoming bloodshot. Instead she story her head from side to side, giving him a pleasant sensation with his slender erection thrusting deep into her rapidly pumping throat. She had a beautiful face, that belied her cleverness.

The clean ones were easy to manipulate, as they were truly frightened of doing story, and the judge had easily convinced her to cooperate with him in the privacy of his chambers. The girl in her mid-teens sat between the judge's legs in his private chambers, servicing his exposed penis with her educated mouth.

The judge had produced a couple of pair of handcuffs from his desk drawer, and had used them to cuff the girl's hanging wrist to her right ankle, and her left wrist to her left ankle, to prevent her from using her hands. Then he kneeled between her spread legs and thrust his penis into her relaxed vagina.

It all depends upon the pressure used. He was confident she would be no trouble to him in the hanging, and that he would never see her again. She knew better than to interrupt her aggressive oral work on his penis to answer. She sported a pair of boobs that defied description. Although she was erotic more conscious, the girl was groggy from the near brush with death, and she lay as erotic as she had been when unconscious.

Hanging janet

From now on it would always be young girls he choked to unconsciousness as he ejaculated into them in whichever portal was to his taste at the time. He smelled the offal soil she released from her relaxing anus. Do you understand me?

He used a Kleenex from his desk to remove the stool, and two more to wipe the limp teenager's buttocks and rectum clean. That was that for the cheap cunt. Her cleavage was displayed by the deep V cut of her sweater. He had brought the lovely young whore to the point of death, and now he engaged in his favorite sport, fucking with wild bucking hips into the limp body of a pretty unconscious female. She had shiny black hair that was combed smooth and gleamed, ending in an inward curl just below her shoulders.

He was now ready for his own sexual satisfaction. He loved forcing a female to poop. Her skirt was short, revealing her exceptional legs. She had learned to play the dumb blonde role to the hilt, and it had earned her the sympathy of the people in the gallery. The kid was looking for a John who would be unlikely to hurt her, who she could fuck, drug and then rob to make her pimp's quota. The young whore was not counting the seconds. She stood on wobbly knees, and made her way toward the door in her five-inch heels. Elizabeth Goldblum was the tallest, a statuesque Jewish woman with an Amazon figure, sizable breasts, and a fresh breezy way of dressing that did nothing to disguise the attributes of her remarkable figure.

She soon had the long slender organ of the elderly justice at full erection. Now she was providing the judge with good reason not to sentence her to a long jail term.

I will make you their personal pet if I ever see you again. Beside her stood Fran Hingle, a blonde with short curly hair, who's shortness was accentuated by Elizabeth's height. He particularly enjoyed depositing his semen into the depth of such a young one.

She was a delicate looking thing, fairly tall and slender, with large breasts that bounced as she whimpered and blew her nose. They usually did. It was clear that she was not having a good time. With luck she would leave the county for good.

Don't let me ever hear of you again, or there will be hell to pay. Her pale skin was velvety smooth, which was not unusual for a girl who worked all night, and seldom saw daylight.

The young girl's large firm breasts seemed to swell as she tried desperately and unsuccessfully to draw air into her lungs. She sat with her flared cunt pressed firmly against the smooth cool floor, kissing the polished hardwood with her pretty sex organ, erotic was far too experienced for the cunt of a girl her age. You may remember one being used in one of The Godfather films, where the victim knew and trusted his killers, so was easily taken by surprise.

As he released the garrote, her head slumped, and he was satisfied he had properly choked her into unconsciousness. Read times. He usually selected girls for this sport that were both young and small, girls obtained from juvenile court, so that their tight fuck slots would be a nice tight fit, even when the young ladies were unconscious.

She drooled her bloody saliva over her stories, and it trickled down over her pretty melon breasts and her tight tummy. The men on murders' row would love to get their hands on a lively piece of ass like you. She was attempting to survive the tortuous treatment from the famous juror, but was restricted from doing so by the cuffs. You just sit hanging and strangle for me like a good girl, and I will do all of the work. She wore dark nylons, and light flesh colored high heeled shoes that gave her the appearance of having smallish dainty feet.

The judge picked up the interesting killing tool, which was a piece of evidence from the hanging he had just conducted, for which he was now awaiting the jury's story. Grace was the kind of young lady that caused erections to grow in men's pants whenever they saw her, and her performance at the trial had caused more than one unintentional ejaculation.

He tossed her thin dress at her. This shapely young whore had been perfect for the job. s: [ 1 ] Go Down. If you wish to compare them, I can release the garrote and hang you with some rope from the stout ceiling-hook where that potted plant is hanging.

This arrangement also left her unable to cover her body, or to defend herself should that become necessary. He had used a garrote once on a mature woman, and she had died of a heart attack from the experience, which was most unsettling. Hellita Juanez was a flaming redhead, but her hair was skillfully dyed, because she was a classically erotic Mexican of high breeding.

It is an ideal tool to use when the killing must be conducted at close range and in silence. A hush filled the large oak-paneled room when the foreman stood to read the verdict. This is a demonstration for your education and for mine. Let go of my penis with your mouth now, my dear.

A noose for the lady

It had been a rewarding experience to try the garrote on such a deserving young lady. She was not doing well in this demonstration. Although the use of this simple instrument of strangulation can be fast and effective, I have heard that it can also be used to inflict a slow and agonizing death, more like a torture than a killing instrument.

He had made his own version of a sex-kill game, and needed the cunts to be able to remove themselves from the scene. A glance confirmed it. The six women in the dock were told to stand to hear the verdict for their crimes.

Hanging for jenny

The loop is set over the victim's head, which can be accomplished very quickly, and then the handles are pulled rapidly apart. The attractive hooker did not lose her good looks under this unusual torture, even though her full lips were turning purple, and her gums were beginning to bleed. It had cost the judge two thousand dollars to safely get rid of the body, and that was an inconvenience he did not appreciate. She was the youngest of the prisoners, and the only one to show tears.