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Embarrassing panty stories, I panty embarrassing up guy who stories naughties

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Embarrassing Panty Stories

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The Panty Revenge School I used to attend a school that was very strict in enforcing its dress codes. However, that never bothered me, because I always dressed very conservatively anyway. But there was a clique of girls who were always trying to bend or break the rules.

Name: Patrice
My age: 26
Sexual preference: I prefer male
What is the color of my hair: Silky hair
My Zodiac sign: Gemini

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Next Story ยป Got milk?! Jenny then taunted me about being overpowered and stripped by a girl.

I struggled but she was stronger than me. Karen then took her thumb and index finger and flicked my cock.

Her name was Jenny. Karen shouted, "Look!

My embarrassing stories

Lisa slapped my balls and then threw me off her lap. After classes one day I decided to cut through the girls' gym.

I was really embarrassed as I could see Jenny's mouth open amazed that this little girl was beating me up. Lisa, turn Gregory over! The other girl was a skinny, mousy girl named Lisa. She was staring right at my penis.

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School I remember an incident that happened to me when I was in highschool. They left me there on the floor crying, except that Jenny took my panties with her. You can see inside his butthole! She got real mad at this and then punched me in the stomach. I was quite embarrassed to be beaten up in front of the girl I had a crush on. The final act of humiliation came when Karen said, "Let's check him out. Lisa must have caught sight of my panties exposed above my jeans asshe was pulled on my T-shirt.

I could hear jenny laughing even louder than before.

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I actually started to cry from the pain and the humiliation. She was about 4 inches shorter than me. Karen then said "Nice little penis, Gregory, almost like a real one! I was devastated as I was being turned over I could see Jenny's the girl I had such a crush on face with its big smile.

Lisa furiously undid my jeans. I put up my hand to keep Lisa away but I accidentally caught her blouse and it tore slightly open.

Once she walked by be and whispered 'How's your tiny little panty-covered penis, Gregory? All of a sudden two more girls walked into the gym.

One of the girls was very pretty. I tried to keep it closed but I knew they all could see right in it. She exclaimed, 'What's this! Gregory, you're a Bad boy! I was so humiliated. Jenny shouted, "It's Gregory and he's wearing his Mother's Underpants!

I saw two girls talking to each other there. You should spank him!

Coloured bears and underwear

I doubled over, Lisa pulled my head up, hauled off and punched me right in the jaw and down to the floor I went. I was shocked and pretended it didn't hurt me so I wouldn't look bad in front of Jenny, but I was dazed from it. I couldn't stop. I could never look her in the eye again.

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She grabbed my tee-shirt. Caught in womens panties! I held on with both hands but with one quick motion she yanked my jeans down to my knees! I knew she was never going to go out with me now. I was totally humiliated as Jenny shouted, " Oh my God! Gregory's wearing his Mother's Underpants!!! I was so embarrassed.

Karen shouted, "Harder! This brought howls of laughter and more tears to my eyes. There I was in my women's flowered panties in front of four girls. In those days I was already wearing panties. All of a sudden Lisa grabbed my arm, spun me around and slapped me across the face!

Jenny said, "Look at Gregory's little penis 1 12" softno wonder he wears girls' underpants! As soon as they all saw it they all laughed and screamed. One of the girls watching called me a faggot for letting a small girl beat me up. My heart sank as Jenny gasped as she saw me laying on the gym floor exposed in my women's' white nylon briefs with little flowers on them and a thin lace waistband. My crying was constant now. They asked what was going on. Between the two of them they yanked my shoes off, pulled my jeans all the way off and Lisa then turned me over her knee.

To get a better view Jenny walked over closer to us. I was completely devastatied.