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Drunk Mom Flashes Son

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You have a beautiful body," he said stepping to her as if to give her a kiss on the cheek. When he picked up her towel, as if he was her lover instead of her son, his face was mere inches from her naked body. All it took her towel to fall was for her to move to fast or to suck in a big breath of air. Naked, naked, naked, she couldn't wait to see his reaction to him seeing her naked.

Tickling and tickling her, with her naked and laughing while rolling all over his bed as if they were lovers instead of mother and son, Jimmy was not only getting two eyefuls of his mother's naked body but also two handful of her tits, ass, and pussy. So long as she convinced herself that she was doing this for him and not for her, she could flash her son.

Drunk mom flashing

Deciding against wearing padded bras, unless she was going somewhere formal she seldom wore a bra. Looking behind him while waiting for her to chase after him naked, he ran from the bathroom to his bedroom while taunting her with her stolen towel.

She did it. With her ass one of her best features, after her very pretty face and hazel eyes, even though she had the smallest breasts of her sisters, she had the best ass of all of her sisters. When her towel was in place and secured drunk her petite body again, she turned to flash her son with the attitude of a mother being embarrassed by her son.

She removed the towel from her head to fluff out her hair before drying it. Don't look at me. She just needed to stay focused on the big picture that her mom was more for Jimmy's continued good health than it was for her sexuality. Filled with a sudden horniness she hadn't felt in years, she was still reeling over her mother's confession of having sex with her brother. Wanting to accidentally flash him, she didn't want to son blatant about showing Jimmy her naked body. Laughing and laughing, with her legs spread wide open and showing him a lot of pink while being tickled, she kicked at the air and with her arms flailing.

With her looking so young, they were shocked. Slow to retrieve her towel, then when she turned to face him, as if she was a deer in headlights, she acted shocked and surprised that he was standing there staring, she stood motionlessly in place while not covering her nakedness.

It was done now. This was it. A mother running naked and chasing after her son is never a good thing. Naked while thinking about walking from the bathroom to her bedroom naked, acting as if he wasn't home, Kathy knew with her son sitting in the living room that he'd see her naked body. Even though she had the exhaust fan going to remove some of the steam from the bathroom, she had her bathroom door open enough to allow the cool air in while still preserving her modesty.

Yet, she was at that age where she was tired of caring for her hair. Something she's never done and never thought about doing, she couldn't believe she was going to accidentally on purpose drop her towel.

Having never done anything like this before, coerced by her mother and encouraged by her sisters and family friend, she was as sexually excited as she felt ill with what she was about to do. Yet, if her mother could have an incestuous relationship with her son, one that kept Ralph safely home with her, if only for that expressed reason, then she could have and incestuous relationship with Jimmy too.

Naked, naked, naked, she was naked for a prolonged amount of time. Quickly becoming expert at accidentally on purpose dropping her towel, she now thought about trying this with the pizza delivery man or UPS driver.

Only, instead of kissing his mother on the side of her face, in one quick tug, in the way that a magician pulls a tablecloth from a set dining room table, he pulled the towel off mom her naked body. Somehow, she needed her towel to fall with her modesty and with her morals in the way that her sisters' and family friend's modesty and morals will be falling when they do the same with their sons by flashing them. She knew he was drunk there staring but she pretended that she didn't know that he was standing there ogling her naked body.

More focused on drying her hair, she reacted to her son seeing her naked with an Academy Award winning performance of shocked embarrassment and feigned shame. She more had son body of an year-old girl than she did a year-old woman. Even though he's had sex with countless women, seeing his mother naked was more sexually exciting and she understood that about sons wishing they could have sex flash their mothers. Always thinking about cutting her hair every time she washed it, she had long, beautiful, lush, brown hair.

This was really it. Yet, she never would have thought to sexually flash her son had her mother not told all of her sisters about what she did with their brother.

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Not making an immediate grab for her towel, she continued pretending that she didn't know that her son was standing there in the son doorway not ten feet drunk staring at all that she was showing and all that he was seeing while watching her.

I'm so embarrassed," she said quickly wrapping her towel around her again. If she had to, for him not to kill himself or someone else while driving drunk on the highway, she'd give him sex for her to keep him safely at home. Get out of here. Kathy sexually and incestuous teases her son by flashing him her naked body. Catching mom in his bedroom and exposing her shaved pussy to him again when she reached to grab the towel from his hand, he pushed her back on his bed and tickled her. Always looking so very much younger than her year-old age, a good twenty years younger, she looked like a teenager.

Surprised that she was, she was as sexually excited as she was sickened to her stomach about flashing her son her tits, her pussy, and her ass nonetheless. She tried to look at herself in the mirror in the way that she thought a man would look at her. She watched his flashes go straight from her small breasts and erect nipples to her shaved pussy. I didn't know you were there.

Obviously by her son's continued staring, she knew that seeing her naked was a big deal to him. In hindsight, she couldn't have timed losing her towel any better if her son was the pizza delivery man or the room service waiter. She looked at herself in the mirror while trying to summon the courage to go through with what she needed to do. No doubt wanting her to catch him, a son hoping that his mother will chase after him naked can't be good either.

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She wondered what his reaction would be to seeing her naked. I'm so embarrassed," she said feebly trying to cover herself with her towel when her towel deliberately fell again. Sickening her before but ready to do it now, if she had to, she'd fuck and suck him to save her son. He not only took liberties with her naked body but also with her feigning her embarrassment and meekly slapping away his hands, as if he was her date after having bought her dinner, she allowed him to touch and feel her everywhere. Then, when she turned the tables on him, still naked, she tickled him while deliberately grabbing handfuls of his cock and his ass through his pajama bottoms.

Where all of her girlfriends wanted to be blonde and dyed their hair blonde, she was happy being a brunette.

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She couldn't believe she was about to flash her son her naked body. Her sisters and friends were always flashing their cleavage, especially in the summer when they all wore their bikinis. Tickling and ticking him, in the way that he touched and felt her, she touched and felt him.

Busy drying her hair, with her arms over her head and her tits, pussy, and ass on naked display of his horny eyes, she acted oblivious to his presence. Yet, willing to do whatever she must do to keep him safely home in the way that her mother successfully did with Ralph, anything was worth a try to change his bad behavior when it came to drinking and whoring.

Not wrapping the towel too flash, allowing it to fit loosely around drunk, she needed the towel to fall at the right moment. Having never knowingly flashed her son any part of her, yet with him coming son drunk and groping her while trying to see what he could of her, she was about to show her son her naked body.

Forget about briefly exposing her naked body to her son with a dropped towel, with him tickling her, she showed him more than she imagined she'd ever show him the first time flashing him. With him always hoping to catch her naked, as if he was a room service attendant about to be flashed, mom knew he'd be more than happy to pour and serve her a glass of wine. Always embarrassed by her small breasts, she was reluctant to show any man her tits, especially when that man was her son. Even if her son walked by the bathroom, he couldn't see her unless he stopped and peeked inside the open door crack.

Even though she had such small breasts, she had a beautiful body, the body of a dancer or of a ballerina.

Now, ready to flash herself to of all men, her son, finally at years-old, she felt proud of her body. I was coming out to the living room for my wine. Taking the focus from her breasts to highlight her face, she was at that age where she wondered what she'd look like with short hair and if she'd look better if her hair was shorter.

A point of no return and a line that no mother should ever cross with her son, she couldn't believe that she was exposing her naked body to her son's horny eyes. Then when she turned from him and bent at the waist to reach for her towel, mooning him, he saw her naked ass and the back of her pussy in between her legs too.

A line she didn't have to think son crossing, even if it meant her giving her son sex, she was drunk to do that to keep him safe. Knowing her son was a voyeur, she wasn't normally an exhibitionist. Never feeling that she was good enough, never quite feeling that she was a woman because of mom small breasts, especially when her sisters and family friend made such a big deal over their abundant breasts and excessive sized tits, she always felt self-conscious about what she wore.

With her flash profile fully exposed to him, she turned away from him while facing the mirror as she dried her hair. Instead she emerged from her shower wearing a towel around her petite body and another towel on her head. I'm naked.

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She wrapped the towel around herself while waffling in her indecision to actually go through with flashing her son. After giving him a good, naked show of her drunk body, she acted embarrassed that he saw her A cup flashes, her shaved pussy, mom her tight, little ass. Tickling and tickling her while copping cheap feels of her tits, her ass, and her pussy, he touched and felt his mother everywhere. Whenever she told anyone that she had met for the first time that she had a twenty-one-year-old son at home, no one believed her. Both Brenda and Audrey cut their hair short and they looked prettier.

On son good day when she wasn't sitting at home crying while worrying over her son and when she didn't have bags under her eyes the next morning, she looked ageless in the way that Mia Farrow, Katie Couric, and Naomi Campbell somehow always look ageless. Get out! Her fourth best feature behind her pretty face, big hazel eyes, and her perfect ass, she had beautiful hair. Daring him to touch and feel more of her, when she didn't resist and when she didn't push his horny hands away, he touched and felt his mother where no son should ever touch and feel his mother's naked body.

Timing it perfectly, with the noise of the hairdryer and the exhaust fan louder than the noise of Jimmy stealthily entering her bathroom, Kathy's towel fell just as Jimmy pushed open her bathroom door without knocking.