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Dog with a blog fanfic, Blog seek fanfic that loves Dog

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Matt and Trey. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Stan groaned.

Dog With A Blog Fanfic

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He said he knew what he was doing. And he meant that, mostly. Those dogs sat; they stayed; they rolled over; they listened; they were wonderful, loyal, obedient companions.

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They looked and smelled so good. It took about three rings until he picked up.

You looked up just in time to see him close the door behind him. At the Disco album. You sighed as you read his text messages, knowing that you should probably call him and try to figure out what to do.

You really liked Tyler, and you wanted it to work out, but him not liking dogs was a huge red flag. The sight of Tyler trying and putting in effort made you feel so happy. I hope you enjoy!

He pulled away and placed your cheek in the palm of his hand. Your walk took about an hour, and by the time you headed back home, both you and Mercury were out of breath.

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Tyler started to scratch behind his ear making Mercury fall to the floor and flop over onto his back. No guy has ever done that for me.

You took a deep breath and bit your lip, trying to figure out what to say next. Request: Ooh maybe a fic, where Tyler hates dogs and the reader has one and its angst at first but then it turns really cute n fluffy at the end. Mercury layed in the bathroom with you, chewing on his toy while you rested in the water. You gave him some water, and helped yourself to some iced peach tea.

You put in your headphones and shuffled a Panic! Go to bed! You waved Tyler in the house and closed the door behind him. He looked at you with a confused look.

Its a good day to be a dog! (webtoon fanfic remake)

You placed your phone on speaker, and listened to the noise of the ringing. You opened the door and Tyler stood there with a bouquet of roses. Your two year old boxer lab mix came hopping over to your feet. You grabbed a towel and started to dry yourself off.

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Mar 10, — 46 notes — Tags. You made yourself a tv dinner and watched two episodes of Friends before deciding to go take a bath.

Those words made your heart sink a little. You threw on a giant Panic!

Guilt immediately came flooding over you, and you wanted to run after him and apologize, but you looked over at Mercury who was playing in bed looking up at you with puppy dog eyes. You decided that maybe you could clear your mind by going on a walk. You and Tyler had only started dating about a month ago, and you fell hard for him. You watched the cars go past you, and looked at the trees and flowers that you passed.

It was nice to get outside, listen to music, and just clear your head. You looked at the clock and it was a quarter to seven.

You leaned down and gave him a little kiss and he tried to return it but you moved your head before he slobbered all over you. You filled your tub with hot water, and plopped in a Twilight bath bomb from Lush.

Dog with a blog porn

Mercury kept on bringing you one of his toys to throw for a little game of fetch, and you could tell Tyler was getting annoyed. You heard your phone buzz so you dried off your hands and picked it up.

He started picking off the dog hair that had stuck to his black jeans. He yipped and you took that as a yes.

A fanfic blog — adopting a dog with seokmin

He rested his head in your lap and kissed your hand as you petted the top of his head. You heard Tyler stand up from the couch and walk to the front door. The doorbell rang making Mercury start barking and running to the door. Originally posted by itshannahdale. You dialed hisand sunk lower in the bath water so that only your head was out.